Terry Taylor

From the old territory system to NWA, WWF and TNA he has been around the world and a legend. He now is working behind the scenes at NWA-TNA and helps to guide them to new heights. This week we will explore the current state of TNA with the recent announcement on their TV Deal.

Terry Taylor

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Terry Taylor
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This article is about the pro wrestler. For Terry Taylor, songwriter, see Terry Scott Taylor.
Paul W. Taylor III
Ring name(s) Dr. Feelgood
The Red Rooster
Terrance Taylor
Terry Taylor
Taylor Made Man

Billed height 6 ft 1 in (185 cm)
Billed weight 239 lb (108 kg)
Born August 12, 1955
Atlanta, Georgia
Billed from Vero Beach, Florida
Trained by Johnny Powers
Debut 1979
Retired 2006
Paul W. Taylor III (born August 12, 1955 in Atlanta, Georgia), better known by his ring name, Terry Taylor, is an American retired professional wrestler. Taylor is currently the Director of Talent Relations in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

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[edit] Career
Terry Taylor was a popular fan favorite for much of his early career in the Mid-South region and other Southern professional wrestling territories in the 1980s. Taylor was originally selected to be part of The Fabulous Ones tag team with Stan Lane. Taylor was then bypassed by Florida wrestler, Steve Keirn, for the position.

He made his way to the NWA in 1985 and feuded with "Nature Boy" Buddy Landell over the NWA National Heavyweight Championship. Moving on to the Mid South Region in 1986, Taylor became one of that league's biggest stars and eventually defeated Freebird Buddy Roberts for the Mid South Television Championship in September. This title was represented by a gold medal hung around the neck. It was later replaced by a conventional championship belt after the medal was thrown into a river. Later that year, he defeated Ted Dibiase for the North American Heavyweight Championship, the Mid South region's top title at the time. He vacated the Television Title upon winning the NAHC. He also won the Mid South Tag Team Championship with "Gentleman" Chris Adams in early 1987 before breaking up their "Dream Team" to begin a heated rivalry. After Jim Crockett Promotions took over the Mid South and renamed it Universal Wrestling Federation later that year, Taylor initiated a dispute with Nikita Koloff over the NWA Television Championship before abruptly leaving the promotion.

In early-1988, Taylor debuted in World Class Championship Wrestling, where he and Adams continued their feud, which lasted until early-June. Taylor did win the Texas heavyweight championship from Matt Borne and defended the belt against Adams, Kevin Von Erich and others. Taylor eventually departed WCCW when his feud with Von Erich was about to kick into high gear.

In 1988, Taylor signed with the World Wrestling Federation, where he was managed by Bobby Heenan and dubbed the Red Rooster, a gimmick which saw him don red tights and ring coat, and style his hair like a rooster's comb). Early in his Red Rooster stint, the heel Taylor was portrayed as a novice wrestler who could not navigate his way through matches without constant instructions from Bobby Heenan. Eventually, Taylor (who was actually a very talented wrestler) grew tired of Heenan's constant coaching and turned against him, defeating Heenan in a thirty second squash match at WrestleMania V. Taylor became a face as a result, though he retained the Red Rooster gimmick, and even began referring to his fans as "Rooster Boosters." He remained in the WWF until 1990.

It was common for wrestlers to have colorful gimmicks in order to be successful in the WWF in the 1980s. For some wrestlers it worked. For others it didn't. McMahon's typical booking practice in this era was to give a wrestler a gimmick, work them for a couple of years, then job them out to the next batch of new talent. Few wrestlers escaped this fate and Taylor may be the best example of a career gone bad as a result of his time with the WWF. Prior to his stay in the WWF, Taylor was regarded throughout the wrestling world as a legitimate talent. At one point, he was even labeled "the next Ric Flair". The Red Rooster character was absurd at best and Taylor's career was never the same.

Taylor received a lesser push in World Championship Wrestling in 1991, when he became Terrence Taylor of The York Foundation. He feuded with Dustin Rhodes and Bobby Eaton, and won the WCW World Six-Man Tag Team Championships with Richard Morton and Thomas Rich. Taylor was the senior member of the York Foundation throughout its existence. After the York Foundation disbanded, Taylor formed a tag team with Greg Valentine in 1992 and held the WCW United States Tag Team Championships for three months.

In 1993, Taylor returned to the WWF as "Terrific Terry Taylor." He continued wrestling as a heel, coming to the ring to his old Red Rooster theme, minus the rooster crowing. He later did interviews before leaving for WCW again.

Taylor turned up in WCW again, wrestling as a face. He was featured in mid-card feuds for awhile. He left the business for a while before becoming an announcer for the American Wrestling Federation (AWF) in 1994.

Taylor returned to the WWF in 1998, doing interviews backstage. He lasted in this capacity for about a year, before leaving for WCW yet again.

During this stint in WCW, Taylor co-hosted WCW Saturday Night with Larry Zbyszko. He remained with the company until WWF bought it out in 2001, and left the business again for about a year.

Taylor later became a road agent for World Wrestling Entertainment after his wrestling career was cut short by injury. Before his injury, he was often a regional title holder and became a major contender for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship before leaving for WWE.

After leaving WWE due to friction with other employees, namely Johnny Ace, Taylor began working for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling in 2003. He is the current head of talent relations, and has worked as a road agent, trainer and interviewer.

On April 12, 2004, Taylor had three vertebrae in his neck fused together. Two years later, on April 3, 2006, Taylor underwent a three hour cervical fusion surgery in which his sixth and seventh vertebrae were joined. Following the second operation, Taylor announced his retirement from professional wrestling.

Terry is a born-again Christian and has appeared on some of the wrestling and religion shows that Ted DiBiase produces.

Since then he has become one of the most important men behind the scenes in pro wrestling. He has served as a writer or road agent in WCW, WWE and TNA.

[edit] Wrestling facts
Finishing and signature moves
As Terry Taylor
Five Arm (flying forearm)
Figure four leglock
Rolling Boston Crab
Gutwrench powerbomb
Sunset flip
As The Red Rooster
Chicken Wing (elevated back-to-back hammerlock)
Cock o' the Walk (sharpshooter)
Bobby Heenan
Miss Alexandra York
Eddie Gilbert
Stevie Wonderful
The Mecca of Manhood
The Taylor Made Man
The Computerized Man of the 1990s

[edit] Championships and accomplishments
Border City Wrestling
BCW Can-Am Tag Team Championship (1 time) – with Cyrus
Continental Wrestling Association
Mid-Southern International Heavyweight Championship (2 times)
Mid-Southern Heavyweight Championship (3 times)
Mid-Southern Tag Team Championship (1 time) – with Steve Keirn
Mid-South Wrestling / Universal Wrestling Federation
Mid-South North American Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
Mid-South/UWF Television Championship (4 times)
UWF Tag Team Championship (2 times) – 1-time with Chris Adams and 1-time Jim Duggan)
National Wrestling Alliance
NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
NWA National Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
NWA North American Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
NWA Central States Television Championship (1 time)
NWA Central States Tag Team Championship (1 time) – with Bob Brown
NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
NWA Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Championship (1 time) – with Rick Steiner (current)
NWA Southeast Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
NWA Southeast Television Championship (1 time)
Pro Wrestling Illustrated
1980 Rookie of the Year
PWI ranked him # 197 of the 500 best singles wrestlers during the "PWI Years" in 2003.
World Championship Wrestling
WCW United States Tag Team Championship (1 time) – with Greg Valentine
WCW World Six-Man Tag Team Championship (1 time) – with Richard Morton and Thomas Rich
World Class Wrestling Association
WCWA Tag Team Championship (1 time) – with Iceman Parsons
WCWA Texas Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
Wrestling Observer Newsletter
1991 Most Underrated Wrestler
1992 Most Underrated Wrestler

[edit] External links
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Terry Taylor at ObsessedWithWrestling.com
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1979 – Championship Wrestling from Florida
1980 – Mid Southern Championship Wrestling (Knoxville)
1980 – Ga. Championship Wrestling
1981 – All Star Champ. Wrestling (Kansas City)
1981 – Mid South Champ. Wrestling (Memphis - Jarrett)
1984 – Mid South Wrestling (La, Miss, Ark, TX, and Ok)
1986 – Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling (Carolinas)
1986 – Mid South (Watts)
1987 – World Class Championship Wrestling (Dallas - Fritz)
1988 – World Wrestling Federation (National/International)
1990 – All Japan Wrestling (Tokyo - Giant Baba)
1990 – WCW (National TBS – owner)
1992 – WWF
1993 – WCW - New Japan (Antonio Inoki owner)
1995 – 8/21/95 Retired from wrestling
1995 – 1999 – Office personnel WCW
1/8/99 - WWF TV Writer, Producer, Scout, Development, Commentator
9/8/99 – 3/28/01 WCW TV writer & Wrestling Producer

Wrestler/Booker: Terry Taylor
Real Name: Paul W. Taylor III
Birthday: August 12, 1955
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Marital Status: Married since 1985 w/Kids
Height & Weight: 6'1" - 250 lbs
Trained by:
Debut: 1979
Previous Gimmicks: "Terrible" Terry Taylor
"Scary" Terry Taylor
"Terrific" Terry Taylor
Red Rooster
Terrance Taylor
The Taylor Made Man
Dr. Feel Good
Finishing Move:
Favorite Moves: The Five-arm (Forearm)
Sunset Flip
Flying Chickenwing
Cock of the Walk (Sharpshooter)
Notable Feuds: The Matador
Dutch Mantel
Dennis Condry
Mr. Knoxville (Gorgeous George Jr.)
Kevin Von Erich
Kevin Von Erich
Chris Adams
Nikita Kolloff
Bobby Heanan
Brooklyn Brawler
Arn Anderson
Diamond Dallas Page

NWA National Television title (August 22, 1980 in Atlanta, Georgia);
NWA World Junior Heavyweight title (June 7, 1981 in Roanoke, Virginia);
Southern Heavyweight title (November 29, 1982 in Memphis, Tennessee);
Southern Heavyweight title (February 14, 1983 in Memphis, Tennessee);
Mid South Television title (June 16, 1984 in New Orleans, Louisiana);
AWA International Heavyweight title (December 30, 1984 in Memphis, Tennessee);
Mid South Television title (January 2, 1985 in Shreveport, Louisiana (Vacant on 3/13/85);
Mid South North American Heavyweight title (March 13, 1985 in Shreveport, Louisiana);
AWA International Heavyweight title (July 15, 1985 in Memphis, Tennessee);
NWA National Heavyweight title (September 9, 1985 in Atlanta, Georgia);
UWF Universal Television title (May 25, 1986 in Tulsa, Oklahoma);
UWF Universal Tag Team titles w/Jim Duggan (December 27, 1986 in Ft. Worth, Texas (Vacant on 1/23/87));
UWF Universal Tag Team titles w/Chris Adams (February 2, 1987 in Ft. Worth, Texas (Defeated Sting & R.Steiner in tourney));
UWF Universal Television title (September 2, 1987 in Lafayette, Louisiana);
Taxas Heavyweight title (February 26, 1988 in Dallas, Texas) (vacanted July 4, 1988 following departure from WCCW);
World Class Tag Team titles w/Iceman Parsons (1988);
NWA United States Tag Team titles w/Greg Valentine (February 17, 1992 in Rock Hill, South Carolina);
BCW (Border City Wrestling) Can-Am Tag Team titles w/Cyrus (October 10, 2001 in Oldcastle, Ontario);

In The Beginning:

Paul Taylor went to Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina, where he majored in economics..
Terry Taylor formed a tag team with Andre the Giant early in his career..

Championship Wrestling from Florida - 1979:

Memphis Wrestling - 1983:

World Class / Mid South / Universal (UWF):

May 8, 1988 - Parade of Champions: Terry Taylor defeated Chris Adams to retain the Texas Heavyweight title..

National Wrestling Alliance:

November 28, 1985 - Starrcade: Buddy Landell defeated Terry Taylor to win the National Heavyweight title..
April 19, 1986 - Crockett Cup: Terry Taylor teamed with Steve "Dr. Death" Williams for the Tag Team tournament..
~~~FIRST ROUND: Steve Williams & Terry Taylor defeated Buddy Landel & Bill Dundee..
~~~SECOND ROUND: Steve Williams & Terry Taylor defeated Dino Bravo & Rick Martel..
~~~THIRD ROUND: Ivan & Nikita Koloff vs Steve Williams & Terry Taylor ended in a draw..
November 26, 1987 - Starrcade: Nikita Koloff (NWA) beat Terry Taylor (UWF) to unify the NWA & UWF Television titles..

World Wrestling Federation - Arr Arar Ararrrrrrrrrrr!!:

1988: Terry Taylor entered the World Wrestling Federation using the name "Scary" Terry Taylor..
Terry Taylor was originally considered for the Mr. Perfect gimmick, but it was given to Curt Hennig..
July 31, 1988 - WrestleFest 1988: Curt Hennig defeats Terry Taylor in a match that preceeded their "gimmicks"..
WWF Superstars of Wrestling: Terry Taylor took Bobby Heenan as him manager and defeated "Leaping" Lanny Poffo..
~~~Bobby Heenan then announced that Terry Taylor would be known as the Red Rooster..
Survivor Series 1988: Red Rooster, Bossman, Akeem, Dibiase & Haku vs Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Hercules, Hillbilly & Koko..
~~~The Red Rooster was pinned and eliminated by Randy Savage, and was the first to be eliminated..
January 7, 1989 - SNME: Tito Santana defeated Red Rooster w/Bobby "The Brain" Heenan..
~~~After the match, Bobby Heenan jumped into the ring to yell at the Rooster and then slap him for losing the match!
~~~The Rooster got fed up and then slapped Heenan back and then threw him around the ring and then tossed him out..
A week later on Prime Time Wrestling Heenan offered to make up with the Rooster. Heenan shook his hand and then slapped him..
~~~Suddenly, jobber Steve Lombardi showed up and knocked out Gorilla Monsoon and brawled with the Red Rooster..
Terry Taylor feuded with Bobby Heenan's new protege, The Brooklyn Brawler..
Royal Rumble 1989: The Red Rooster entered at number 25 and eliminated by Ted DiBiase..
March 11, 1989 - SNME: The Red Rooster (Terry Taylor) defeated The Brooklyn Brawler..
WrestleMania V: The Red Rooster defeated Bobby "The Brain" Heenan in 32 seconds..
Survivor Series 1989: Rooster/Rhodes/Beefcake/Santana defeat Bossman/Martel/Brown/Honky..
Royal Rumble 1990: The Red Rooster replaced "Widowmaker" Barry Windham in the Royal Rumble match..
Terry Taylor spent the remainder of his WWF contract putting talent over before returning to the NWA..

National Wrestling Alliance - WCW:

Terry Taylor returned to the National Wrestling Alliance and was met with chants of "Rooster! Rooster!"..
Terry Taylor wrestled low card matches with names such as J.W Storm, the Iron Sheik and Johnny K9..
Terry Taylor often challanged Arn Anderson for the WCW Television title occasionally ending in a time limit draw..
September 5, 1990 - NWA Clash: The Nasty Boys defeated Jackie Fulton & Terry Taylor..
1991: Terry Taylor (Terrance) filled the void left by Michael Wallstreet in the York Foundation faction, managed by Alexandra York..
January 30, 1991 - WCW Clash: Terry Taylor defeated Ricky Morton..
June 14, 1991 - WCW Clash: Dustin Rhodes defeated Terrance Taylor by Disqualification..
September 5, 1991 - WCW Clash: Van Hammer defeated Terrance Taylor..
January 21, 1992 - WCW Clash: Marcus Bagwell & Brian Pillman defeated Terry Taylor & Tracey Smothers..

World Championship Wrestling:

1992: Terry Taylor went through another gimmick transformation, becoming The Taylor Made Man..
February 17, 1992: Terry Taylor & Greg Valentine defeat Ron Simmons & Big Josh to win the WCW United States Tag Team titles..
May 17, 1992 - WrestleWar: The Fabulous Freebirds defeat Terry Taylor & Greg Valentine for the WCW US Tag Team titles..
Terry Taylor went back to putting wrestlers over such as Marcus Alexander Bagwell and Van Hammer..
Terry Taylor was released from WCW after Bill Watts took control of the company..

World Wrestling Federation:

Terry Taylor returns to the WWF under the new moniker "Terrific" Terry Taylor..
Royal Rumble 1993: Terry Taylor entered the Royal Rumble at number 16..
Terry Taylor becomes a member of the WWF Announcing team..

World Championship Wrestling:

Terry Taylor once again returned to World Championship Wrestling..
Helloween Havoc 1993: Terry Taylor was the special guest referee for the Rick Rude-Ric Flair WCW International title match..
1994: Terry Taylor was once again released from WCW, this gave Taylor the freedom to tour independent promotions..

Herb Abrams' UWF - Dr. Feelgood:

September 23, 1994--UWF Blackjack Brawl: Sonny Beach defeated Dr. Feelgood by DQ to win the vacant UWF Television title..
1995: Terry Taylor officially retired from wrestling..

World Championship Wrestling - Upper Management:

1996: Terry Taylor was again hired by WCW as a writer and booker for WCW Monday Nitro..
Terry Taylor was the master-mind behind the surge of the WCW Cruiserweight division..
Terry Taylor also had a hand in the new World order..
Terry Taylor became a vital part of the WCW creative team was an instrumental factor for WCWs success..
Terry Taylor was rarely seen on TV, but his appearances would be in a role of a WCW official..

World Wrestling Federation - Upper Management:

1999: Terry Taylor suddenly jumps to the WWF due to the backstage politics in WCW..
Terry Taylor's duties in the WWF consisted of being a writer and a commentator..
Terry Taylor briefly subbed for Michael Cole on an episode of RAW IS WAR after he was attacked by Jim Ross..
Terry Taylor was responsible for the signing of Public Enemy, which didn’t go down well with many people in the WWF..

World Championship Wrestling - Upper Management:

2000: Terry Taylor and creative writers Vince Russo, Ed Farerra and Bill Banks jumped to WCW..
Terry Taylor resumed his role as a contributing writer for WCW Monday Nitro..
Terry Taylor stayed with World Championship Wrestling until it was sold to Vince McMahon..

Border City Wrestling:

October 10, 2001--Border City Wrestling: Terry Taylor & Cyrus (Don Callis) captured the BCW Can-Am Tag Team titles..
January 23, 2002--Border City Wrestling: Scott D'Amore & Simon Diamond & Nova beat Johnny Swinger & Cyrus & Terry Taylor..
March 12, 2002--Border City Wrestling: Scott D'Amore & Sabu defeated Cyrus & Terry Taylor..
May 2, 2002--Border City Wrestling: Terry Taylor & Cyrus defeated Sabu & Scott D'Amore by DQ to retain the tag titles..
May 4, 2002--Border City Wrestling: Terry Taylor & Cyrus defeated Gutter & Hacker to retain the tag titles..
June 13, 2002--Border City Wrestling: Cyrus & Terry Taylor defeated Gutter & Hacker to retain the tag titles..
~~~Later on the same show: Cyrus & Terry Taylor & Chris Sabin beat Scott D'Amore & Simon Diamond & Sabu..
August 15, 2002--Border City Wrestling: Terry Taylor & Cyrus defeated Tornado & Tyson Dux to retain the tag titles..
October 10, 2002--Border City Wrestling: Tornado & Tyson Dux beat Terry Taylor & Chris Sabin & Tracy to win tag titles..

World Wrestling Entertainment - Upper Management:

September 22, 2002 - Unforgiven: Taylor was spotted backstage and may get a Road Agent job out of it..
2002: Terry Taylor is hired back with WWE as a Road Agent for the Smackdown! brand..
July 14, 2003: Terry Taylor is released by the WWE from his Road Agent duties..


August 27, 2003 - NWA^TNA: Terry Taylor fills in for Scott Hudson as NWA TNA backstage interviewer..
September 24, 2003 - NWA^TNA: Terry Taylor (with America's Most Wanted) defeated Kid Kash (with Abyss)..
December 30, 2003--NWA Mid-Atlantic in China: Steve Williams b Terry Taylor in 32:19 for the NWA Mid-Atlantic HWT title..
April 12, 2004: Terry Taylor undergoes successful surgery to fuse three vertebrae in his neck..
May 24, 2004: Terry Taylor has QUIT TNA! (A few days later Terry Taylor returned to his position in TNA)..
September 3, 2004--Portland Wrestling: The Grappler & Moondog Moretti beat Terry Taylor & Scotty Mac..
January 22, 2005--Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (In Korea): Rikki Nelson beat Buff Bagwell when Terry Taylor interfered..
~~~In a Tag Team match later on, Dusty Rhodes & Buff Bagwell beat Terry Taylor & Rikki Nelson to win the Tag Team titles..
February 5, 2005--Georgia Championship Wrestling: Terry Taylor defeated The Masked Superstar..
February 19, 2005--Exodus Wrestling: Ricky Morton defeated Terry Taylor..
March 5, 2005--NAWF: Terry Taylor defeated Kamala..
May 7, 2005--Mark Curtis Memorial: Terry Taylor defeated Dr. Tom Prichard to win the Texas Heavyweight title..
December 16, 2005--Vince Russo's Ring of Glory: Terry Taylor worked as a backstage agent for the show..
February 17, 2006--New Generation Wrestling: Tim Horner & Brad Armstrong defeated Tom Prichard & Terry Taylor in 20 seconds
February 18, 2006--New Generation Wrestling: The RockNRoll Express (Morton/Gibson) defeated Tom Prichard & Terry Taylor..
April 2006: Terry Taylor underwent neck fusion surgery and retires from all in-ring active wrestling appearances.


Team: The York Foundation
Members: Alexandra York.
Michael Wallstreet.
Terrance Taylor.
Richard Morton.
Thomas Rich.
Mr. Hughes.

Titles: WCW World 6-man Tag Team titles
Previous Identities: Alexandra York=Terri Runnels
Notable Feuds: Bobby Eaton
Dustin Rhodes

[Axexandra York Gallery] [Michael Wallstreet Gallery] [Terrence Taylor Gallery] [Thomas Rich Gallery]

Initially, the York Foundation consister of Alexandra York & Michael Wallstreet, who quickly bolted to become I.R.S. in the WWF..
Alexandra York would sit at ringside with her lap top computer and predict, to the second, how long it would take her man to win!
November 20, 1990 - NWA Clash of the Champions: Michael Wallstreet pinned The Starblazer (Tim Horner)..
Terrance Taylor filled that vacancy to be Alexandra York's then only protege -- Richard Morton and Thomas Rich were added later..
June 14, 1991 - WCW Clash of the Champions: Dustin Rhodes defeated Terrance Taylor by Disqualification..
There was some hinting at Buddy Landell wanting to become a member, but that never came to fruition..
September 5, 1991 - WCW Clash of the Champions: Thomas Rich pinned Joey Maggs (dark match), Van Hammer beat Terrance Taylor..
October 27, 1991 - Halloween Havoc: Bobby Eaton pinned Terrance Taylor and Brian Pillman pinned Richard Morton..
November 19, 1991 - WCW Clash of the Champions: Big Josh pinned Thomas Rich in a "Lumberjack" match..
December 29, 1991 - Starrcade: Terrence Taylor, Richard Morton & Thomas Rich all participated in the Battle Bowl matches..
Mr. Hughes was the 'head of security' until they sold his services to Harley Race & Lex Luger..
January 21, 1992 - WCW Clash of the Champions: Johnny B Badd pinned Richard Morton, Vinnie Vegas pinned Thomas Rich..

"Terry, Thank you for being my teacher and my mentor in this business. But thank you mostly for being a great friend. I will always feel like a part of your family and consider you part of mine. Thanks",

- HHH "The Game"

"Man, you really know your stuff. You're a great (wrestling) producer."

- Tom Arnold of the Best Damn Sport Show Period

"Terry, you really have your *&^%$ together. You're a good producer."

- James Brown the God Father of Soul

"I'd have never been able to do (this match) without you. I owe you one!"

- All Pro, All Time Sack Leader, and certain NFL Hall of Famer - Reggie White

"Coach Taylor!"

- All time NFL Sack Leader at Linebacker and Pro Bowl Player Kevin Greene

"I've always been a fan of yours - even as a kid back in Texas. Thanks for getting me ready for this PPV."

- Two time NBA World Champion and NBA All Time Leading Rebounder Dennis Rodman

Throughout the history of professional wrestling, very few have been able to successfully make the transition to “sports-entertainment.”
The art of bridging the “old school”
to the new has eluded many talented wrestlers who have attempted to do so throughout the years. What worked in yesterday’s wrestling world is irrelevant
in today’s entertainment-minded society. When it comes down to it the psychology is completely different.
Psychology--perhaps the one, single word that best describes one of the greatest minds to ever contribute, and transform the mat game—Terry Taylor.
A ring veteran of some 25 years, Taylor has been a major contributor both inside and outside of the ring, with every organization with whom he has worked. From his early roots in Florida at the ripe age of 24,
to his industry altering psychology in both WCW and the WWF,
Terry Taylor has been the pioneer in marrying the two schools of thought. As a competitor inside the ring,
Taylor was—and still is—considered one of the best technicians in the game. Terry grew up in the business working with some of the biggest names in the sport including; Harley Race, Killer Karl Kox, Ric Flair,
Hulk Hogan, Dusty Rhodes, Kerry Von Erich, the Junk Yard Dog and Andre the Giant. But Taylor’s success goes ions beyond the sounding
of the bell. Later in his career Taylor turned to training young hopefuls
in the business. His hours and hours of expertise, patience, and understanding helped him transform unknowns into the biggest stars in perhaps the history of the business; the names include:
Triple H, the Big Show Paul White, Kurt Angle and Bill Goldberg. Amazingly enough, Taylor also trained non-wrestlers in preparing them for pay-per-view events seen by millions across the world.
Those novices included; NBA’s Dennis Rodman and Karl Malone, NFL’s Brian Cox, Reggie White and Kevin Green, and Hollywood’s own
Tom Arnold. From being a trainer Terry once again explored roads that were never traveled in the business before--when a part of WCW in the mid to late 90’s, Terry used his psychology to become one of the most successful writers in the history of cable television.
Under Terry’s pen, WCW achieved some of the highest television ratings in the history of the wrestling/sports entertainment business.
Doing all he could do there, Terry then went to Vince McMahon’s WWF, where he continued the magic in all aspects of the business.
But, there is much more to Terry Taylor than the wrestling genius.
There is the Christian man, the loving father and the caring husband. When Terry turned his life over to God 2 ½ years ago, he was blessed with sharing his expertise beyond the wrestling world.
Terry now works on helping others better themselves on both a personal and professional level through mental and physical training and also by helping develop their personal financial and management skills.
Terry also has inspired thousands of others by sharing his testimony while working with Christian wrestling organization’s around the country. Truly an inspiration to all who know him, Terry Taylor will surely go down as a true icon that has forever left his mark on a profession he
loves so dearly.

NWA National Television Title d. Ken Patera 8/22/1980 Atlanta, Ga

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title d. Les Thornton
7/7/81 Roanoke, Va

Southern Heavyweight Title d. Sabu 11/29/1982 Memphis, Tenn

Southern Heavyweight Title 2/14/1982 Memphis, Tenn

Mid South Television Title d. Krusher Kruschev
6/16/1984 New Orleans, La

AWA International Heavyweight Title 12/30/1984 Memphis, Tenn

Mid South Television Title d. Buddy Roberts
1/2/1985 Shreveport, La (vacated 3/13/85)

North American Heavyweight Title d. Ted DiBiase 3/13/1985 ***First man to possess both the TV title and North American title at the same time***

AWA International Heavyweight Title 7/15/1985 Memphis, Tenn

NWA National Heavyweight Title d. Black Bart 9/9/1985

UWF Television Title 5/25/1986 Tulsa, Ok

UWF Tag Team Title with Hacksaw Jim Duggan
12/27/1986 Ft Worth, Tx

UWF Tag Team Titles with Chris Adams d. Sting & Rick Steiner 2/2/1987 Ft. Worth, Tx

UWF TV Title 9/2/1987 Lafayette, La

Texas Heavyweight Title d. Matt Borne 2/26/1988 Dallas Sportatorium *vacated 7/4/1988

World Class Tag Team Titles with Iceman King Parsons 1988

NWA US Tag Team Titles with Greg Valentine
2/17/1992 Rock Hill, SC

Border City Tag Team Titles with Cyrus 10/10/2001