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Last show of 2003

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Show Line-up for 12/30

Honky Tonk Man

Honky Tonk Man

He was the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time.  Join us this week as the HTM tells us of all of his adventures from the Mid-South Days through the WWF years and what he has planned for 2004.

Evan Ginzburg

Evan Ginzburg

If you long for the way it was or want to learn about the history of one of your favorites, then this is the guy to ask.  Evan runs a newsletter called "Wrestling Then & Now".  Along with this, Evan manages several of today's stars and acts as their agent in bookings.

Wrestling Then & Now

Tiger Kahn

Tiger Kahn

If you never heard of Tiger Kahn, then by the end of this show you will hear what you are missing.  Tiger has traveled overseas with the likes of Yokozuna , Jerry Lawler and Konnan.  He is also a big star in the Harts Calgary Stampede Wrestling.

It is the Christmas Show Line-up for 12/23

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Nikolai Volkoff

Mike Trash & Nikolai Volkoff

This guy needs no introduction to wrestling fans.  He is a 2 time WWF Tag Champ and was around at the Time of the big WWF expansion.  He is a Legend in every aspect of the word and is still out there wrestling the Indys as well as hitting the comedy clubs.  Joins us  as we talk to Nikolai and his manager Nikita Breznikov .

Nikita Breznikov

This guy has Managed Nikolai Volkoff for 9 years.  He has also managed the Iron Sheik as well as Ivan Koloff.  Learn what it takes to manage such legends in this crazy business and how he got caught up in this crazy business

Marcus Dowling

Marcus Dowling

He has been a TTRS Fan almost since its inception. He has been a writer for Pro-Wrestling Between the sheets and now we welcome Marcus on his first assignment as one of  our new Correspondents.   

Pro-Wrestling Between The Sheets


This guy works indy promotions all over the east coast.  This Fan Favorite is one of  Trash Talking Radios favorite guests.

Show Line-up for 12/16

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Ole Anderson

He was part of some of the most elite respected teams in the world of wrestling. He also worked behind the scenes in some of the best angles and promotions that ever ran a show. A part of the Minnesota Wrecking Crew and part of the Originally Four Horseman, Ole Commanded respect from all his peers and never failed to deliver what Old School was all about. Join us as we talk with the legend himself and talk about his new Book "Inside Out" in a very rare interview from the one and only.


Mikey WhipWreck

He was there at the beginning of ECW and rode high thru the end. He has become a cult hero to many and had trained some of today's brightest stars. We will find out how Mikey Whipwreck went from paying his Dues setting up the ring to ECW Heavyweight Champion to his current life in the Indies and working with the Sinister Minister.

Show Line-up for 12/9.

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While Mike Trash is out of town you have

If you are easily Offended, do yourself a favor and do not listen to this show

Rockin' Rebel Radio

Bryan Reigel talked about Zero One.

3 Members of  The Fab 4 Stopped in

Calls from Greg Spitz, Doc Daniels, Marcus Dowling and Listeners Dan & Sherry, and Promoter Terry from WCICW


Listen here 1st SegmentListen here 2nd Segment

He's Mean, He's gruff, he's

Bruiser Graham

Bruiser Graham

Join us as we learn about the BWF, Bruiser's Exploits in the South and his stories of the road

Danny Demanto

Danny DemantoDanny Demanto

Up & coming Indy Wrestler Danny DeManto makes his way to the Show. See what he has in store for the Wrestling fans.

Meet Tiffani Monroe - This weeks Glory Girl. Tiffamania runs wild on you

We covered the WCICW Show in Shillington PA.

We will also pay tribute to Moondog Spot (11/29) and Dick Hutton (11/24) who both have recently Passed

We will have a return of the Glory Girl Report this week

11-24-03 Show

Listen here 1st SegmentListen here 2nd SegmentListen here 3rd Segment

Show Opened with an interview

 Agent Bobby Reidel & Indy Superstar Johnny Ova

Bobby ReidelJohnny Ova

Then we brought on the Winner of the Super 8?

Here are the Brackets

"How Could Something That Looks So Good…Hurt So Bad?"

April Hunter

April Hunter

In the Final Segment We Brought back the Legendary

Road Warrior Animal

We talked about Life after LOD and the WCICW Show that he is appearing on this weekend. Also about the History and future of his career.

11-18-03 Show

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USA PRO's Masked Maniac

The how opened with a visit from USA Pro's one & Only Masked Maniac. His views on the state of the wrestling world today as he sees it. Also talks about the success of possibly the #1 Indy Promotion in the US Today. He also talks about some controversial subjects.

Damian Adams

Whether it be NWA-TNA, NWA-Wildside, 3PW, WXW, ECPW, SSCW, NWS, this rising star is on his way. Recently crowned the SSCW Champion, he heads to 3PW on 11/22 to try to continue his winning streak. Meet Damian Adams

Handsome Jimmy Valiant

We welcome back to the Show Boogie Woogie Man and Trash Talking Radio supporter Jimmy Valiant  This guy has seen more ring time then just about anyone and has been part of this business for over 40 years.  He talks about his beginnings all the way up to today.

Top 20 Guys

If you started a promotion today. Who would you hire (Non WWE) to be in it? Here is our picks.

11-11-03 Show With Shocker

Listen here 1st SegmentListen here 2nd Segment

Show opened up with

Luscious Lily's Glory Girl Report

Our Glory Girl segment will be on Miss Michelle. Lily announced that she was leaving the show.

Next up was CMLL & LXW Sensation Shocker

He has been called the Rock or the Ric Flair of Mexico. Join us as we talk to this second generation Wrestler about Luche Libre style and His upcoming LXW appearance in NY.

We talked about the WXW Super 8, SSCW Shows from this past weekend.

We talked about the Anniversary Show for CCW in Marysville PA and the LXW Show coming up in the NY Area, as well as the CZW Show in Philly This weekend.


We talked about the "All Souls" List Published by Tom Burke.

Reports from Doc Daniels & Rob Dimension.


TTRS is saddened to hear of the Loss of Michael Lockwood (Crash Holly)

This show was dedicated to him and his life as a pro wrestler as We paid tribute to him.

11-04-03 Show With Road Warrior Animal & D-Lo Brown

Listen here 1st SegmentListen here 2nd SegmentListen here 3rd Segment

Road Warrior Animal

Talked about the Life of LOD

D-Lo Brown

Mike Trash & D-Lo Brown With the Uncle $am Band CD

LXW Wrestling's Angel

Also on the Show:

Eric Walker from Pro-Wrestling Between the Sheets & Wrestling Belt World


Tonight we did a tribute to Stu Hart and Road Warrior Hawk

Listen here 1st Half Listen here 2ndHalf


On 10-28-03

Scott Chong from Tough Enough 3

Luscious Lily's Glory Girl Report

We had a double shot of Glory Girl Fever with April Hunter and also showcasing Cindy Rogers

We also talked about events from WXW, NVW, and IWA fromt his past weekend

We heard from Carmine of Stars & Stripes as well as Rockin Rebel

Guests on the 10/21/03 Show

This week we showcased 3 guys who have all worked with Ring of Honor, including their Champion

Listen here 1st Half Listen here 2nd Half

Jimmy Rave

Whether it be NWA TNA, NWA Wildside, Ring of Honor, CZW, IWA Mid South, IPW Hardcore, NWA FL, NWA Battlezone, NWA Mainevent, his name is well known over the indy circuit

Slyk Wagner Brown

He is 6'2 232 from Boston.  He has been referred to as the Underground King.

His  Federation Affiliation:

Samoa Joe

In the US, In Japan and all over the world, Samoa Joe has made his Mark on the Wrestling World.  He has held number ious titles in many different promotions and it is only the beginning for this big guy.  This Tuesday we will see what the Ring Of Honor Champ has to say about todays industry

The Glory Girl of the week was April Hunter

Did Anyone record this show? My Recording Crashed and I need it for the archives

Info on the 10/14/03 Show

Shark Boy

What is that over there?  Is it a Bird,  Is it a plane?  No, Its a Shark Boy.  No one works the Indy Scene harder than Shark Boy.  He has worked just about every Indy Promotion out there.

Dusty Wolfe

He was one half of the Fabulous Blondes.  He w0orked every major territory including the WWF at one time or another.  He worked WCCW with the Von Erics, ICW, Texas All Stars, AAA, And EMLL.  He toured Puerto Rico, Singapore, South Africa, England, Japan, Korea India and more.  He worked with all the Legends including Dick Murdoch, Jake Roberts Rufus Jonesand Ken Timbs.  He has seen it all and shared his world with us on 10/14.

Frankie V.

They call him the Boss.  We found out more on this unique guy who almost became the WXW Women's Champion (Not a typo). 

Nutricious N D-Licious

Stopped by the studio and co-hosted

10/7/03 Show

Listen here 1st Half Listen here 2ndHalf

Carmine Sabia

Mike Trash & Carmine Sabia
He is the Driving force behind Stars & Stripes Wrestling in NJ. This Indy is making their mark. Using great talent such as Rob Eckos, Damian Adams, Josh Daniels, Low Life Louie Ramos, Dirty Rotten Scandels, All Money Is Legal. Find out what plans Carmine has for this promotion and how the next card is lining up.

Lily's Glory Girl Report Was Syren

Doc Daniels & Rockin Rebel talked about the Indy Wars in Philly

Updates on CCW, 3PW Urban Empire and More

9/30/03 Trash Talking Show

Listen here 1st HalfListen here 2ndHalf

The Blue Meanie

Who doesn't love the Blue Meanie.  This guy has come a long way in this business and has worked for the major promotions.  We got to see what makes the Meanie Blue.

Greg Matthews

Just how tough is tough enough?  Greg has been doing the Indy Scene since his departure from Tough Enough and in my opinion is going to be on the top.  This guy has it all.  Talent, Looks and Personality.  Join us as we explore what makes Greg Tough Enough.

Rob Dimension & Bryan Reigel joined us in the studio this week.

Lily called in from the Rocco Rock Memorial Card.

The Glory Girl of the week was Alexis Laree  

We talked about upcoming shows for 10/3 & 10/4

We talked with Rockin Rebel, Max Havok & J-Money

9/23/03 Trash Talking Radio

Listen here 1st Half Listen here 2ndHalf

The show opened with a very Rare interview from

Jasmin St. Claire

She is the real Queen of the ring.  Hear about 3PW's own Jasmin.  Find out all about the upcoming Events and plans for this Philly Based Promotion.

Trent Acid

He has won the Best of the Best.  He has won the Iron man.  Hi V Member Trent acid speaks his mind on todays wrestling scene.  This is another guy who rarely gives interviews.

Rockin Rebel

Talks about the state of todays scene and about CCW's shows from the past weekend.  There was also a message thread that talks about Rebel and Matthews as a team.

Go to CZW Message Board and Voice your Opinion

CW Anderson

"The Enforcer" is one of the Extreme Horsemen along with Steve Corino and Simon Diamond..    He has traveled all over the world and is a true superstar.  Hear how CW got into the business and follow along as he tells of his worldly travels.

Handsome Jimmy Valiant

This guy is like the cat with 7 lives.  He has re-invented himself so many times in & out of the ring.  This guy has seen more ring time then just about anyone and has been part of this business for over 40 years. 


Trash Talking Radio & Dinner with Johnny V

Listen here 1st Half Listen here 2ndHalf

Mike Trash made his way to New York City this weekend to have dinner with the Luscious One Himself. Johnny Valiant is indeed a one of a kind man. They spent time at the Odyssey Cafe exchanging stories (Well actually Johnny did most of the talking, but that is ok because he has all the stories anyway).

After that, they made their way to the Theater for the City to see the man in action. If you have not made your way to see this guy in person, you really should see this show. He takes you from his fascination with Pro-Wrestling as a child to his match a few weeks ago with Jimmy Snuka. Lots of Laughs and surprises.

We want to thank the Original Luscious One for his Time and calling in once again!!

This week we had a great show

Review of the "Evening with Johnny Valiant" Show

Above the Mat Radio

We talked with our good friends on the "Above the Mat" Wrestling Radio Show. These guys have been very supportive of our show and were great Guests. They interviewed Mike Trash this Past Sunday on their show.  Join us as we talk to Vic, Kurt,  & Marshall and hear their views on the state of todays Wrestling.

Papa Don

from the Solution (He worked TNA a couple weeks back with Big Havok)

Marcus Jordan

talked about a new Promotion called "Urban Empire Wrestling"

CCW News

Info on the Double Header CCW show coming up this weekend in Lebanon and Lancaster PA.

Doc Daniels

WXW News and Updates on upcoming shows


Rockin Rebel called in about CCW & CZW

GLORY Girl for the week was Becky Bayless.

Rob Dimension called in a special report.

The show is every Tuesday from 7-9 PM EST

-Reviews & Info on WXW, MLW, CZW, and more


09-14-03 Interview from AbovetheMat.com

Listen here With Mike Trash

9/9/03 Trash Talking Radio Lineup

1st Hour

2nd Hour

Here was the Guest list for this week.

Mikey Wrath

He was one of the best in CCW until his loss in a casket match in June of this year. Where is Mikey and what has he been up to? Find out this week.

Gabe Sapolsky

Booker of Ring of Honor. Find out aboutd the history and future of Ring of Honor.   Also we talked about the beginnings and demise of ECW

High Flying Chris Hamrick

This Veteran has a lot of history.  Lots of good stories and fun.  Buy Chris Hamricks DVD and experience the excitement. XPW, CCW, PTW, ECW Etc.

Bryan Reigel

Formerly of NVW, IWA, PWF, PTW. We will find out
how this guy got into the sport and where he is now that PTW is history.

"The Limit Breaker" Randy Walker

For every Triple H, there is a Randy Walker.  Young Randy shows potential to go as far as he wants.  Lets see how this guy grows in this sport of champions.  Can he follow in the footsteps of the legends that inspired him?

Lily's GLORY Girl for the week will be Allison Danger.The show is every Tuesday from 7-9 PM EST

9/2/03 Trash Talking Radio Lineup

1st Hour

2nd Hour

We are now on to the Fall Season with a change in the lineup. Luscious Lily has accepted a regular Co-Host Position and will be a calling in from location and making an occasional in studio appearance.

Here is the confirmed Guest list for this week.
The show opened with a commentary from Rockin Rebel about how the PTW Cancelled a show at the last minute and left him holding the responsibility. He called some special friends who came down to Quarryville PA at the last minute to give the people the best show they have seen.

Rob Dimension

Former owner of the Premier Wrestling Federation and heavily involved with the Prime Time Wrestling promotion. He talked about what happened this past week with the closing on of PTW a day before their show and how CCW at the Last minute.

Ken Timbs

Worked in such great territories as GCW, Mid-Atlantic, Continental, Central States and Southwest Championship Wrestling. This guy is a legend in every sense of the word. He also has a great site called Old School Wrestling which has been very good to our show!!

Luscious Lily gave her Glory Girl of the week report about Angel Williams.

We covered the CCW events from 8/29 & 8/30 and a special report on the CCW takeover of Quarryville PA from the

August 26, 2003 Show on Trash Talking Radio was the Birthday show

1st Hour

2nd Hour

It is Mike Trash's Birthday and who would have guessed what was going to happen on this show. This week we had a whole Bunch of surprises as we were joined by several unannounced guests.

The Show started with Mike Trash alone in the studio. JR was no where to be found. Shortly after the show went on the air, there was an knock on the door and Damien Destruction and Rob Noxious stopped in to wish Mike Trash a happy Birthday. This kicked the show into gear.

The first call-in guest was Low Life Louie. Louie talked about his days in the Dog house and growing up in the NY area watching wrestling and his yearnings to be a pro.

Rockin Rebel:

One of the Premier Indy Wrestlers out there working today. He is associated with most of the major independent shows in Pennsylvania today. He also has worked for ECW and WWF. Find out what Rebel has to say about the industry today.

Greg Spitz:

He is gaining popularity and his list of accomplishments are growing every day. Find out the current situation with his Tag team the Well Hung Warriors.

Doc at Ringside will be doing a special report on WXW Referee Johnny Bellswinger (John Moyer) who was struck and killed by a drunk driver less that a mile from his home on August 19th

Luscious Lily talked about giving us her Glory Girl of the week who was Tracy Brooks..


8-19-03 Luscious Week On Trash Talking

1st Hour

2nd Hour

The show was unique in many ways as we had a common theme throughout. Our In Studio Guests were Mean Mark Mest, Cabbie, and Max Havok.

-The Luscious GLORY girl of the week award was presented by Luscious Lily who picked Simply Luscious.

-We had a special surprise guest interview as we spoke with Wrestling Publisher Bill Apter

-Reviews on WXW, ROH, MLW, CZW, and more

-We talked about the CCW card for 8/30

-Doc will be talking doing his "Doc at Ringside" report talking about Mana the "Polynesian Warrior".

** and the Main Event for this evening was an interview by the one, the only, the truly Luscious One.**
****Luscious Johnny Valiant****

It was an honor & pleasure to be able to interview someone who has the history that this man has. He has seen more and done more in this business than most people have ever dreamed.

Johnny Valiant talked about his One man show that is touring and about the Life of a wrestler from the 70's through today. Also talked about Wrestling then & Now.

8-12-03 What is Trash Talking without Mike Trash? Tune this show to see what the "Blind leading the Blind" Truely means. This show was a riot and we will even let you hear some behind the scenes stuff that was recorded before they got on the air. Technical problems turn to laughter. Guests on this show were Guest Hostess Luscious Lily, Johnny Kashmere, Ariel & EC Negro (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels).

1st Hour

2nd Hour

The Pre show behind the scenes

8-5-03 Show with Sean "The Mic" McCaffrey, Benny Blanco(ROH) & J-Train (ROH), Smoke out, Tower of Terror. We talked about the upcoming WPW and CCW shows. Glory Girl of the Week was Alere Little Feather

1st Hour

2nd Hour

7-29-03 Show with Ryan Loot, Greg Moratto (AKA Vargas), Benny Blanco(ROH) & J-Train (ROH)

1st Hour

2nd Hour


7-22-03 Show with Johnny Graham & Tiffani Monroe

1st Hour

2nd Hour

Our First show was July 8th 2003

This one May not be working

1st Hour

2nd Hour