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Rob Feinstein

He is a man with a love for this business like no other. He grew up as a superfan and got to watch the Indys from the inside out. He was innovative in his videos and one of the promotions he created lives on today as one of the ones who established many of todays stars. He is a man who always has alot to say and may be best known for his shoot videos.

Kacee Carlisle

She started as a manager and has moved into the ring after years outside. THis is her rookie year as a wrestler and we talk to her about the transition from Managing to Wrestling. We also talk to her about the evolution of womens wrestling. This is an interesting interview from a females perspective.

The first segment is Jackpot, Mike Trash and Trish talking about the year in review. This segment talks about the things surrounding the Indy wrestling scene and TTRS highs and lows.


Rob Van Dam

Mr. Monday night meets Mr. Tuesday night as RVD makes his first appearance on this show. From WCW to ECW to WWF/E he has traveled the world and lived the dream. He is one of the true innovators in the business and continues to amaze everyone as he pushes his way to the top. This week we hear his thoughts on the industry today and learn where he has been since the WWE.

Marc Mandrake

He, along with Feirrari and Brother Tommy have been working to establish themselves as a force in the Indy scene today. If you see one the others are probably not far behind. They worked closely with many promotions like OSPW and now NEW. This week we fidnd out what makes the Mandrakes tick.


New Jack

Being the Jolly fellow that he is, and always full of good cheer, he returns with all his Christmas wishes to his fans. Always willing to share and glad to bring good tidings to all. He would like to come on and wish everyone a Seasons's Beatings. Lock yourself in. Fix the Bleep Button and listen in as he hands out his Christmas Greetings!

Shorty Smalls

Don't let the name fool you. He is very big on heart, desire and drive. He has has been working this business more than 10 years. he has had an OVW tryout and helps many of the younger guys learn the business. As half of the Goodfellas and with Valet/Manager Kacee, there is no stopping this guy.

Chuckie Manson

He's Hardcore. With the many years in this business, sometimes you have to make some serious decisions on where you want to go and what you want to do. This week we will talk to the Hardcore man and he says he has an announcement to make about his wrestling career. Stay tuned to hear it from the man himself.




Devon (Team 3D)

From ECW to WWE to TNA & Japan, This team is still making its impact know. We will see how the former Dudley Brothers have adapted to Life after WWE and also talk about the recent passing of Eddie Guerrero.

TNA Wrestling

Devin Sturgis

Pimpin' Ain't easy or so they say. Just ask the "Rat Patrol" and the "Untouchable Kliq" to be sure, but in this case he has worked NWA Cyberspace, NWA-Wildside, Vanguard Champiuonship Wrestling, Kyda-Pro, SSCW, DCW and many more. This week we bring you the Deacon Daddy himself.

Joe Rules

He has interviewed more women wrestlers than Trash Talking Radio. He has worked Promotions Like JWA, PWF, Revival Championship Wrestling and many more. He has worked wth various NWA Affiliates.


Jimmy Valiant

He is a WWE Hall of Famer and has a new book out called "WOO...MERCY DADDY!" Join us as we talk to this man about his legendary career and book. Don't miss one! He has been all over the world and has live the life of several wrestlers. While you are at it, get his book and see it from his eyes and words.



Dory Funk, Jr

The Legend Returns with some news on some really big events. This week we will find out about what they have on the horizon. We will also ask him about comments made by Jack Brisco last week. He is constantly working with the young talent to make them ready for the big time. Listen carefully as he will guide us through the crazy business of Pro-Wrestling.

(Courtesy of Dory



What is 215-602-2200?

That's the number to the new, controversial wrestling hotline, "Zbarr's Adult Underground HotLine". Zbarr tells it like it is and holds nothing back. The hotline is 15 minutes long and will be updated daily. This is a free call, only long distance charges apply, call 24 hours a day. Kids get your parents permission before calling.

This week we talk to the man behind the HOTLINE.

Mr Terrific

He has been in the business since 1985 and has been to Canada, Pueto Rico, Mexico and Japan. If you are in the Carolina's you may already know this guy. He has a wealth of experience and is not just good, He is Terrific


(No Turkeys here, except for the host)


Jack Brisco

He was the NWA world Champion on more than one occasion. He has had classic matches with all the legendary greats. The Briscos and the Funks feuds were some of the greatest matches ever. He has a book that is a must read. This week we hear from the man himself.

Jack Brisco Pic

Shoot Video

Luscious Johnny Graham

He is one of the guys that has traveled all over and worked all over. He has a wealth of stories and has worked to make PWE a success in Pennsylvania. PWE has brought back a more family oriented show. On top of that, they are now running their own school. This is a school where you can learn from someone who has been in the business in many aspects from booking, promoting and many more aspects.

We paid a special Tribute to Eddy Guerrero. Viva La Raza

11/15/05 Jackpot's Birthday Show

Jake "The Snake" Roberts - Returns

After his last appearance, he has agreed to come back on and continue his stories. This should prove to be a very interesting interview as we also will talk about the release of the new WWE DVD about his career.

Buy the Jake "The Snake" Roberts DVD

CW Anderson

He has made his impact made on the wrestling world. He was an Extreme Horseman, a major player in ECW, Japan, PWF and many other places. He comes back to the show and will talk about his recent illness as well as his climb back into the ring for World 1.

Watch World 1 TV Here!!


Live in the studio we will have the return of Jackpot and he will be joined by Leslie Leatherman.

Leslie Leatherman

We have heard Leslie's name recently over the past couple of weeks from many of the Indy Guys. This week they will co host on the Jackpot Birthday show

Leslie's Website


Jackpot had his choice of who he wanted on the show and his first pick was Hijinx. They have a history of good matches in several different promotions. He was trained by the legendary Jimmy Valiant. He has held more than 15 Cruiserweight belts in various Promotions. Don't take him lightly or the joke will be on you.

TTRS Is saddened to hear of the loss of Eddie Guerrero on 11/13/05. He was one of the best in the business. Our thoughts go out to his wife and 3 girls as well as his family.



Luna Vachon

Few families have had the impact of the Vachons. She is continuing the legend that her family started. This week we will explore the history of her heritage and see what the future has in store for this

PWA Preview

Johnny Kashmere

World 1 is growing very quickly and this week we bring on someone who has alot to say about it. One Half odf the Backseat Boyz will talk about the one year anniversary of PWU and how it has changed his lifestyl and focus. Also how he is juggling his duties there as well as working ion World 1.


Watch World 1 TV Here!!

Chris Holley - The Submission Game

He is the creator of this very fun game. You can see hear how he came up with the idea and play along as he takes on the TTRS Staff. Try this game and you will never look at wrestling the same.



Listen here Listen here
4th Segment 5th Segment

New Jack Returns

He will talk about a new promotion he will be working with. He will introduce us to the new promoter. Cleveland will never be the same. We will also talk about the upcoming convention with Him in it and the Q&A session that he will be involved in. Maybe even some New Jack News

Melanie, Brett and Teddy, Jr DiBiase

You heard from the million Dollar Man, now and Exclusive interview with the Million Dollar Family. Hear stories of what is was like from the other side with the wife and children of a legendary wrestler.

For Media Requests, please contact Bobby Riedel (Agent) at


One of the most talented woment out there today is going to be on the show this week. From working the ROH to the Shimmer event, she is well respected and one of the cream of the crop. She is also easy on the eyes. Don't let her beauty fool you though. She is as dangerous as she is beautiful.

Glory Wrestling

Jaysen Platinum

He is part if the Indy Wrestling Hall of Fame from Michigan and comes back on the show to talk about this weekend inductees.



He has been in the business for over 10 years and is no strangerwrestling any style any way. HE is a big part of Intense Wrestling Inc and has his work cut out for him as he takes on the man known as New Jack this weekend

IWI Website

The Crusher Tribute

He was a legend and made his name primarily in the midwest. He was Steve Austin before Austin Existed. RIP you will be remembered



Dory Funk, Jr.

He holds the record on the 2nd longest holding of the NWA title in a time when the NWA was the Number one Promotion in the world. He is a second generation wrestler who at 62 still is heavily involved in the industry that he, his father and brother are all legends in the truest sense of the word. Listen in as we talk to Dory Funk Jr.

(Courtesy of Dory

Fred "The Hammer" Williamson

Former Football player for the Oakland Raiders then the Kansas City Chiefs, then Director, Actor and now coming to our show to talk about his career in the movie and TV industry. This weekend he will be at the Chiller Theatre to for an Autograph signing. Don't Miss it!!


In her short time in this business she has mad a splash. Driving her way to the top along with the Mandrake brothers. She doesn't just Purr, she drives you crazy.

Glory Girls

Ferrari's Website


Timothy Beal

On the heels of this weekends fanfest, he has a few things to set the record straight. he is also the man responsible for the Valiant Brothers Reunion. Now he is promoting Chiller Theater and will tell us how he got involved in that.

Chiller Theater

Deacon Deville

Formerly Dorian Deville and now the Freakin' Deacon, this guy is destined to be a superstar. We continue our coverage of the guys you will see in the big time real soon with this star from Deep South Wrestling.

Courtesy of Deep South Wrestling

Jason Static

He has had multiple try-outs with WWE and now is back on TTRS to give us an update on his status.



Jimmy Rave

This member of the Embassy keeps getting more power as they grow in numbers. ROH will be going to Cleveland and into the Detroit area. If you haven't seen them yet you will have your chance. ROH is one of the best Promotions going today.

Buy ROH Stuff

Rockin Rebel

From wherever he Damn well pleases and back on the air. This guy will not hold back. This time he comes to us to talk about his new Promotion and school. Stick around and strap yourself in for Rebel is in the House!

Missy Hyatt

The True first lady of wrestling comes back to the show. She is helping to promote the Chiller Theatre event at the end of this month. She shares with us the life she is leading and how she got there

Buy Missy's Book

Matt Sells

X-vision champion of MAXC. Trained by Legendary Dory Funk JR and has been wrestling in the south for the last several years. A rising star in GA, SC and is going to be a coming to a town near you


Bill DeMott

Hugh Morris made his name as a very hard worker and has been helping the younger guys get prepared for the big time for some time. He is a major force in Deep South and continues to drill the students making them learn the missing art and preparing them for the next step into the WWE.

Murder 1

After a problem with his phone last week, he will try again this week. He is New Jack's partner in crime and part of the New Gangsta's. He made his name in the south with promotions like Wildside and PWE. This week we will hear what he has to say about traveling the roads in today's independent scene. Don't be surprised if his partner makes an appearance as well.


We will have a special guest from Retroslam on this week. The Whole "Reffin" Show is back this week with Our Friend Sean Hanson. We talked about the upcoming Retroslam show and then faced off in a "The Submission Game" (Best 2 out of 3 falls)


Jody Hamilton

He was the Masked Assassin and is the father of Referee Nick Patrick. He worked many of the territories and is now one of the people working in the WWE Deep South Organization. We will go over his history in the sport and talk about the future stars of the WWE.

Nigel Sherrod

He is the assistant of Mike Trash and is a key person for the booking on this show. He also works for Deep South and comes on tonight to play the new TTRS Game called the Submission Game. Get your Copy Here

Johnny Ova & J-Silva

Both of these guys were at the Upper Room Show that Mike Trash was on last Friday. They talk about that show, the upcoming PWA show and the play the submission game ith Mike Trash.


3rd Segment

Jerry "The King" Lawler

He is known world wide and comes on your TV every Monday night Via WWE. He runs a promotion in TN as one of the longest running Indy Promotions in the country with some of the greatest stars. This weekend you can meet him at the Wrestlefest in Melville, NY. It good to be the King, Sometimes

Amy Lee

All Dressed in Leather and ready for action. She is helping to push women's wrestling to a new level. On 9/24 there will be another woman's show at the NWL/HOPWF event in Newville PA. This week we will talk to her about the state of women's wrestling and how it has evolved over the years.

Amy's Yahoo Group


He is one of the hardest working guys in the Indy scene today. There is interest in this guy from WWE, NWA-TNA, NWA-OH and more. He has worked for over 60 Promotions and has alot to offer whichever company he ends up with.

WrestleFest 05 Promoters

Steve Muraglio is hoping to bring the legends to Long Island this weekend with the Wrestlefest 05. We will talk about why he decided on bringing this event to Melville and why he chose the mix of stars that he is promoting

We will also talk about the UWA show, The Friday night show in NY that Mike Trash is to be working with as well as the HOPWF Show from his Past weekend and the upcoming Lord of the Rings 3 for this coming weekend.


3rd Segment


Dennis Condrey

He is one of the founding members of the Midnight Express and has a ton of history. We will talk about his time on the road as one of the greatest and well known tag teams the industry has ever has. Their success and longevity is equaled by no other team. This week we find out the secret behind the man. He will be available at the Wrestlefest '05 in New York this month. Make sure you are there!!

Wrestlefest '05 9/24 Melville NY

Sumie Sakai

She is from the land of the rising sun and touring the US again. She has been all over the world wrestling for some of the best promotions. She will talk about her time in Japan as well as the other places she has seen and worked in. She is one of the most talented women in the world today. If you aren't too careful, you might learn something too.

World 1 Preview

Jerry Lynn

He returns to the show. Last time we talked to him he was outside an arena getting ready to wrestle. This week we will talk to him about his life on the road., ECW days, Hardcore Homecoming and NWA-TNA. Don't miss this one.

The Show WWE doesn't want you to see


3rd Segment

New Jack News

You haven't heard the news till you hear it New Jack Style. He is back with some very special news. Make sure you don't miss this one. He will be talking about the Upcoming Hardcore Homecoming as well as other "Engagements". You will hear it here first.

101 Reasons Not to be a wrestler

The Show WWE doesn't want you to see

Terry Funk

He is a legend and friend of the show. This past weekend we saw him at the Wrestle Reunion and coming up on 9/24 he makes an appearance at the WrestleFest. We will talk about his book and about the Double Cross Ranch and whatever the dad gum else he wants to talk about.

The Show WWE doesn't want you to see



Bobby Reidel

We have a last minute addition to the show from our friends at Ted DiBiase's "PWA". There will be an exclusive announcement on this show. Don't miss it. Also a quick hello from Johnny Ova.

Ethan De Sade

A special appearance by Ethan De Sade as he announces his name chage on our show.

For more info go to his "MySpace"


3rd Segment

D-Von (Formerly Known as "Dudley")

Get the Tables!! One half of one of the most entertaining teams, we will talk to him about his rise in this industry from his days in ECW to WWE and now the Indy Circuit. He is appearing at the Wrestlefest '05 in the Long Island Area. This week we will talk about life before, during and after the WWE. Also talk about the upcoming Hardcore Homecoming events

The Show WWE doesn't want you to see

Shane Douglas

The Franchise made his start in Pittsburgh and trained hard to build his legacy. He isn't afraid to speak his mind and was one of the people responsible for the Hardcore Homecoming show win Philly. This week we talk about his career and the upcoming Hardcore Homecoming Tours as well as he Role in NWA-TNA.

The Show WWE doesn't want you to see

Steve "King of the Old School" Corino

He is the AWA Heavyweight Champion and the self proclaimed "King of Old School" We will talk about his journey to this title as well as the reformation of World 1.



3rd Segment

Night of Champions

(AKA Mike Trash's Birthday Show)

If you only listen to one show on the internet in your lifetime, this is the one to listen to. This will be the Biggest, star studded show EVER to happen on the net, bar none. You will not duplicate this show on any INTERNET based show. You will not see a show will bigger guests. All three of this weeks guests have held the WWWF/WWF belt on More than one occasion. There is 40 years of history on one show.

Hulk Hogan & Family

He is probably the biggest star currently wrestling today. He made his mark and will go down in history as one of the people responsible for the World of Wrestling today. Now after the years of time in the ring, multiple movies and his book, the Hogans are ready to start making the 2nd season of "Hogan Knows Best". This week we welcome back the whole family to the show.

Hogan Knows Best Website

Mick Foley

Mrs. Foley's little boy has made it to the show. From the early days of his dream to working for little or no money in 3rd world countries to holding the WWF belt to critically acclaimed author. This week we talk to the man who would show that there is more to Mick than just another wrestler as we explore how he got there and talk about his new book "Scooter" and talk about the Wrestle Reunion this weekend in Valley Forge PA.

Buy the New Mick Foly Book "SCOOTER" today

Buy Mick Foley Stuff on

Preview of the Wrestle Reunion

Bruno Sammartino

This man was Mike Trash's hero and a man who had one of the longest runs as a champion in history. He sold out some of the biggest arenas in the 60's and 70's. He is the real Living Legend and is very vocal on today's product. This one is a must listen.

Preview of the Wrestle Reunion

Mike Trash's Birthday Show

Look at the card from Jen to Mike Trash

Preview of the Wrestle Reunion

The tables are turned and Mike Trash becomes the interviewee


Tito Santana

He has had a very good run at the top. He spent the bulk of his career in the WWF. He was one of the most popular stars ever to grace their ring. He has wrestled all of the legends and was there for the WWF expansion in the 80's. He is even in Terry Funks book. This week we will talk to him about the Wrestle Reunion as well as his history in the business

Wrestler Reunion 8/26-8/28 King of Prussia, PA

Tony Atlas

Mr USA comes to the show this week. He was a star everywhere he appeared. He currently runs a TV Show 3 days a week and has a school in Maine. Check out this legend Live as he appears at the NWA Legends Show in Charlotte NC from 8/19-8/21 and in Long Island NY on 9/24. This week we will talk about his rise in the industry and his views on the current product.

NWA Legends Show 8/19-8/21 Charlotte NC

Wrestlefest '05 9/24 Melville NY

Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

The Manager of Champions returns. He has 2 books and a legend in every sense of the word. He wrote the book on what makes a good manager and is a man who owes his life to the sport. He was been to the top and is still one of the best minds in the business. We welcome him back for another appearance.

NWA Legends Show 8/19-8/21 Charlotte NC

Wrestler Reunion 8/26-8/28 King of Prussia, PA


4th Segment

Trish's Birthday Show (The Boy Toy Show)

She has been a big part of the show for the past year and a half and this week we pay tribute to Trashsmaid. She booked this show and we will let her loose on her boy toys.

Luscious Johnny Valiant

One of the first WWE Hall of Famers to come on our show and good friend. He has done it all. From Wrestling to Manager to Actor. This week we will talk to him and see how this guy has evolved from being in sports to sports entertainment to entertainment. This weekend he will have his one man show in Newville PA after the NWL/HOPWF show and the all woman's show on 8/13. He says he wants to be at ringside for this show.

HOPWF Tag Team Old School

Kevin Featherstone and Scott Vaughn are one of the most fluid Tag Teams on the Indy Scene today. They have been a big part of the action in NWL/HOPWF and a force to recon with. They are also 2 of Trish's Favorites.

Cindy Rogers

She is one of the premier women on the Indy Circuit today.She is in the all Woman Show in 8/13. We have been watching her from a distance as she is making an impact. This weekend She has her work cut out for her as she is on a card with some of the best women in the industry today.

Jackpot Jimmy Jessup

He makes his return to the studio this week. This is one of Trish's favorite singles wrestlers. Is he still part of the Big New Yorkers? Stay tuned to find out. He will be there to help interview some of the other guests as well as update us on his career. He says he has an important question to ask the Trash Clan.

8/2/05 The Royal Show!!

Listen here
4th Segment

Steve "King of the Old School" Corino

He is the AWA Heavyweight Champion and the self proclaimed "King of Old School" We will talk about his journey to this title as well as the reformation of World 1. We will also talk about Zero 1 Max and PWF. We will also talk about the untimely death of Shinya Hashimoto.

Marcus "King Kong" Dowling

In the Past he has been very paid back on this show but after taking on the moniker of "King Kong" we are not sure what to expect from this World 1 Manager. He is never at a loss for words and I am sure he will have some insight into this promotion among other things.

Also live from the AMF Boulevard Lanes

Representing World-1 we talked to RIcky Landel, Alere Little Feather and Luscious Lily all about the upcoming W-1 event. If you go to the event and Mention Trash Talking Radio you Get $2 off Admission.

The King of Hardcore Returns New Jack

Look up Hardcore in the dictionary and there is a picture of this man. We get another edition of "New Jack News" and we will get to the bottom of the WWE report on why he wasn't at the ECW PPV. He is never at a loss for words.

101 Reasons Not to be a wrestler


Listen here
4th Segment

Terry Taylor

From the old territory system to NWA, WWF and TNA he has been around the world and a legend. He now is working behind the scenes at NWA-TNA and helps to guide them to new heights. This week we will explore the current state of TNA with the recent announcement on their TV Deal.

Jeff Lewis

He is the NWA-Anarchy TV Champion and a wrestler of GCW. This week we talk to this guy about the state of southern wrestling and see what GCW & Anarchy have in store for the future.

Pitbull Gary Wolfe

He has trained many of todays Indy Stars. He makes observations about today's product, where he came from and this weekends PWU card against the "Unprofessional" Ashe Sampson.

Ashe Sampson

The last time he was on the show he was loud, proud and not part of the crowd. This time, pretty much the same, but he calls in unexpectantly to talk about the Pitbull Gary Wolfe Interview that he was listening to earlier in the show. This weekend he faces Pittbull one on one. Listen to his speculations


Shannon Moore

His first Interview since his WWE Departure. Hear about his start, his time in Omega and leading up to his time in WWE and now. He also has a new look and website. This Former WWE Guy is a real class act and tells some fun stories.

Tod Gordon

From the Eastern Championship Wrestling to Extreme he was responsible for what became one of he most exciting and innovative promotions in the modern day. Even after the demise the legacy lives on. His thoughts on 3PW and the current state of Indy wrestling will be reviewed as well.

Bill Apter

He is one of the men who worked the majority of his time behind the scenes in publishing. He is currently working closely with several promotions as their "Commissioner" and playing a major part of the Wrestler Reunion in the Philly area this August. We welcome back this man to the show.

Wrestle Reunion



Thomas Simpson

As the owner of Omega Wrestling, he watched as some of the brightest young stars got their start. From such stars as Shannon Moore, Jeff and Matt Hardy, Hurricane Helms and Joey Mercury among some of them, he will tell us more on his thoughts of Omega and many of the stars who made it the legacy that is was. He is also helping to promote the CWF-AWA Light heavyweight Tournament.


TTRS Anniversary Show

Featuring the original Co - Host Lineup

Each Host Will have their own guest

JR Manitoba

The ever controverial man returns to the show. He says he isn't sure he wants to disclose his guest, but assures us that they are not a stranger to the show. We will keep you updated to his choice.

Doc Daniels

Fresh off of WXW Sportsfest, Doc Promises a very Bright Star in his guest. He won't disclose who yet, but he says we will not be disappointed.

Jimmy Hart

Mike Trash will feature Jimmy Hart as his personal guest on this special show. We will talk about the new Hogan TV Show as well as the Current Gladiator Promotion, Retroslam and also XWF Lock the doors Baby, Jimmy Hart is coming back.

XWF - Lost Episodes

Jimmy Hart

Double DVD

Jimmy Hart

Shoot interview - VHS

Jimmy Hart


Rockin Rebel

With all of the controversy surrounding 3PW and their current decision to postpone shows till the fall, as well as the departure of Rebel from the company, we decided that it was time to hear it from the Original Ayatollah of Rock N Rolla himself.

Da' Bald Guy

He makes his first appearance in the show and he talks about his time as a radio show host, as an announcer and his time in the business.

Luscious Lily

A return by the Luscious one with her reappearance on the show.

Rob Dimension

The Preppie returns for the anniversary.


3rd Segment

Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Probably one of the most controversial people to ever enter the ring. He is one of the "Old School" guys who made their living off of the psychology of the business. He is a legend who headlined more than his share of shows and has wrestled all over the world. No one has seen the top and bottom of this business like him. We will meet this man this Tuesday. Join us in the Chat Room with your Questions.

You will have the chance to meet this man at:

"Bullet" Bob Armstrong

He is a legend who has not only been in the business at the top, but raised several sons who are successful in the business, including the B G James. This week we will journey back in time to the early days of the business and compare them to the business today.

Pro Wrestling Evolution

Wrestle Reunion


Special ROH Guest

James Gibson returns to the show. We will catch up to him and find out how life is after the WWE. We will talk about his last Japan tour and his current Indy Schedule.

Rockin Rebel

With all of the controversy surrounding 3PW and their current decision to postpone shows till the fall, as well as the departure of Rebel from the company, we decided that it was time to hear it from the Original Ayatollah of Rock N Rolla himself.


Paul "Mr. 1derful" Orndorff

Recent WWE Hall of Famer and one of Biggest Stars of his time. He was at the Early expansion time of the Wrestlemania's and he was there for the Rise and fall of WCW. He ran the Power Plant that trained some of today's best wrestlers. He is one of the Legends who shaped where the sport is today.

You will have the chance to meet this man at:

Paul Orndorff Yahoo Group

Balls Mahoney - Part 2

Two weeks ago we had an incredible interview with the chair swinging freak. He lead us from the early days with Candido through the Smoky Mountain years. This week we will continue our journey to current times. This time we journey along with Axl Rotton and Johnny Candido

H C Loc

He is one half of the Carnage Crew with Partner Devito. They spread Carnage wherever they go. They are one of the toughest teams in the Indy Scene today and a very dominant force in ROH. They are gearing up for another run for the titles soon and we will see what his thoughts are of the Tag Team Division of ROH.


3rd Segment 4th Segment

Sonny Siaki

Part of the TNA crew since its inception. He has been a major player there and has traveled the world living his dream. We will get his views on the current products and how he got to TNA.

Aaron Weiss

Are you tired of the current PPV Products? If so, here is the alternative. He is in the business of taking footage from multiple Indy Wrestling organizations and making them avail abel to you, the fans. What a great concept. Fond out more about PR Wrestling Superstars this week.

Gerry Strauss

Tis week we bring our resident expert back on to talk about NWA Cyberspace and their upcoming card. One of the best promotions in the country today.

NWA Cyberspace

Johnny Kashmere

The Animal House and PWU has been growing. They now have regular shows and showcases. They are bringing in wrestlers for clinics. This week we will talk about the current goals and new goals of their promotion and school


Here is the brackets

Carmine Sabia

He makes an appearance to talk about some more people added to his Fan Fest Show this October!!


3rd Segment

Balls Mahoney

The Chair Swinging freak meets the TTRS. It's been more than a year in the
making and now coming off the ECW PPV he will give his views on the WWE as well and the Hardcore Homecoming. You will be surprised by what he has to say.


He is part of arguably of one of the most famous families ever to step foot in the ring. He has wrestled all over the world and in all the major promotions and has seen them come and go. He is one of the main people behind the WXW promotion as well as NWL/HOPWF. His road Stories are classic and this week he speaks to us live.

Jeremy Borash

He was with WCW till the end and a major part of TNA. This past weekend he played a part of Hardcore Homecoming. We will go over all of that and more this week on TTRS.

Pictures of Hardcore Homecoming

Forever Hardcore DVD

Rockin Rebel

He Returns. This time talking about 3PW. WXW and anything else he damn well wants to. Talked about ECW and the history as well as the Hardocre Homecoming and ECW shows.


Terry Funk

The Legendary Dean of Funk-U returns with his views on the upcoming Hardcore Homecoming and his views on the WWE PPV. He makes no bones upon his views on the current state of wrestling. Join us as the TTRS Chat room meets the Double Cross Ranch this week.

NWA Legends


Wrestle Reunion


Jackpot Jimmy & Blood

Jackpot returns to the show. This time to to co-host. We are also joined by indy wrestler Blood as well as a visit from Jimmy Valiant to settle a bet between Mike Trash and Jackpot.

Johnny Grunge

He was one half of one of the hottest Tag Teams to ever set foot into ECW. He & Rocco Rock traveled the road from ECW to WCW and back and had a strong following. He is back for the Hardcore Homecoming for his first appearance in a ling time in Philly and this week he makes his first appearance on our show. Give it up for Public Enemy.



3rd Segment

ECW/Hardcore Homecoming Review

Axl Rotten Returns

He is one half of one of the most well known hard core wrestlers ever. He is also a strong force as a singles wrestler. He is as Hard Core as they get and he is working both the Hard Core Homecoming and the ECW PPV. We will talk to this Hard Core Hero this week

New Jack

He is back with a new segment on out show called "New Jack News". This weeks Topic is "Michael Jackson". We will also ask him the long awaited Question. Will he be a part of any of either of these shows?

CW Anderson

The Extreme Horsemen were major players in and out of ECW. The Enforcer was on the top of his game and he returns to the Northeast with the Hardcore Homecoming. We welcome back to the show this International Star.

CW's Website

Doc Daniels Came on to Talk about the recent death of Dan "Spider" Quirk


Paul Roma

He was with the WWF and the WCW. Part of Power & Glory, The 4 Horsemen, & the Young Stallions. He is in the process of setting up a school for people wanting to learn the business. Find out the inside track from the Stallions Mouth.

Jerry Oates

A 30 year veteran in the sport. He has seen the territory system and worked throughout the years with the greatest names. He is working a major Georgia Promotion and will come on and talk about wrestling of yesterday as well as current trends.

Georgia Championship Wrestling


3rd Segment

Matt Hardy

One Half of the legendary Hardy Boyz and fresh back from England. He will discuss his history in the sport leading up till today. We will talk about life in and out of the WWE and what the future holds for him.

Elix Skipper

He is one of the brightest stars on the circuit today. Prime Time is one of the hardest working guys in the business today. This week we catch up with him and will talk about PWU, NWA-TNA and his Clinic that he is doing in Philly this month. We will also get his views on the current trends in the products as well as his plans for 2005


From XPW to CZW to PWU this guy is nationwide. Always a man with many words and not afraid to use them. This week he speaks in this no-holds barred interview. He says that nothing is off limits. This week he will make an appearance at the PWU Arena and make his mark once again in Philly PA,


He is a bad boy from ACPW and with Tag Partner Doug Gilbert will be facing the legendary Robert Gibson and Tracy Smothers this weekend in Lenoir NC. Hear his anger as we go over the card and make our Predictions.

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Jimmy & Johnny Valiant

The were one of the most Colorful and Flamboyant Tag Teams ever to grace the squared circle. They are both WWE Hall of Famers. Jimmy Just Celebrated 40 years in the business while Johnny has gone to your TV Screen in many appearances plus his great stage show. For the first time in almost 25 years we will reunite them live on the air this week. The Handsome one and the Luscious one, for your listening enjoyment!

Meet them at the Valiant Brothers reunion May 14th.

Valiant Brothers reunion info:

George "The Animal" SteeleGeorge "The Animal" Steele

He was the school teacher turned pro wrestler. His green tongue and his appetite for the ring turnbuckle were trademarks. He was a road agent for the WWF for many years and his knowledge of the industry is so vast for him to have stayed on top for so long. He is being inducted into the Hall of Fame this year and he will share his stories with us this week.


Ruth Leitman & Ella Waldek

This week we will speak with the director of Lipstick and Dynamite and a former Ladies Wrestler who was in the film. This Independent Film is coming to a theater near you and if you want to know the real history of women's wrestling, then this is the film and interview for you. It covers many of the women we have interviewed here like Penny Banner, Moolah and Mae Young.

Pre-Order your Copy of Lipstick & Dynamite

Release Date is September 6 2005


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Andrew "Test" Martin

He was a mainstay in the WWF/WWE and is now on the Indy Scene making his mark. He is currently scheduled to travel the world to Italy, Australia and an Arena near you. He is also Scheduled to be at the Wrestle Reunion II. His First Stop is TTRS this Tuesday!!

(Courtesy of Wrestle Reunion)


August 26,27,28

Valley Forge PA

Gentleman Jerry Valiant

He is the Lost Valiant brother in this exclusive interview. This will be one of his first interviews in over 20 years. What happened to the 3rd Valiant brother? Where did he come from? Where did he go to? Meet him at the Valiant Brothers reunion May 14th.

Valiant Brothers reunion info:

ROH Special Interview

Ring of Honor makes their Debut in Manhattan this May. Be there for this historic event. This week we talked to Prince Nana. As Controversial as ever, he told us about the future plans of the Embassy and brought on with him JImmy Rave.

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This week we will look at the Life of Chris Candido. This Tribute will be to remember a man who was one of the best in the business and left us all too soon. Special guest New Jack also called in to pay tribute.


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4th Segment

Brutus Beefcake

The Barber made his mark in the Mid 80's and had many roles including a tag team called the Dream Team. He has traveled the world and has worked for WWF, WCW and many of the Indy promotions. He appears this week courtesy of the Valiant Brothers Reunion.

Valiant Brothers reunion info:

Rick Michaels

He is a major player on NWA-Wildside and one of the guys who kept the Wildside Franchise alive. We will talk to him about his time there and his thoughts on the finale.

John Shane

He is another one of the guys who evolved from the Doghouse. He is one of the premier Indy managers in the circuit today. Many say he is one of a dying breed when it comes to managers. This week we will talk to him about the fine art of managing and what makes a good manager and what makes a bad manager. The lost art, explored this week.

Jen Harrison

eFed Role Play Example with Trish & Trash


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4th Segment

Greg Valentine

He is a second generation wrestler who was part of many of the wrestlemania expansions. He is a WWE Hall Of Famer and was part of the Dream team as well as a major player everywhere he went. This week we talk to the "Hammer" about his time at the top and about the upcoming Valiant Brothers Reunion.

Valiant Brothers reunion info:

Greg Valentines Website

Carmine Sabia

He is the owner of SSCW and says he has a big announcement to make this week and has requested to make it here first. We will have a Trash Talking Exclusive this week and see what he has in store for the fans.

Alere Little Feather

She has been working hard to establish herself in the ever growing world of Competitive women's wrestling. On Sunday, April 24th, she will compete in the WXW Women's League show "Twice as Nice".

Alere's Website

Bison Bravado

He is the WXW Heavyweight Champion and has been recently coming into his own fueding with the likes of Rockin Rebel and more. This week he will defend the WXW title at the PWU Animal House show this weekend.


Jimmy Hart

The Mouth of the South makes his way back to the TTRS. Filling in for the ill Dusty Rhodes, Jimmy talks about WM21 and the induction ceremonies as well as highlights from his illustrious career

Jimmy Hart

Double DVD

Jimmy Hart

Shoot interview - VHS

Jimmy Hart


Monsta Mack

This guy has worked in the Tri-State area and makes his mark where ever he goes. He is a hard hitting, hard fighting machine in the ring. Don't take him lightly or he will knock you out. Straight out of a win in 3PW to this weekends NWA-NJ. Watch out for this Mack attack!


Bud Lane

He is the man behind RAGE in North Carolina. Although this promotion is new to our show they are not new to North Carolina. We will learn about this promotion and some of the people behind the scenes as well as those in the forground. Strap yourself in because this week, the RAGE is here


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4th Segment

Special Appearance by

Lanny Poffo

He was known under several different Monikers such as the Genius and Leaping. This is a rare interview with the man who captured us with his antics and his poetry. He is also going to be at the Valiant brothers reunion and we will talk about the roles of the legends fests as well as his history with his wrestling and his wrestling family.

Valiant Brothers reunion info:

Leaping Lanny: Wrestling With Rhyme

Support our Show and Lanny by buying his books from the above links

Dwayne Gill

No Stranger to the Indy Scene as well as the big time. Best Known for his Gillberg Gimmick which mimicked the WCW Goldberg. This week we talk to the man behind the character and see how his current injury is healing and how his plans are for 2005.

Tom Carter

For 10 years he has been a force in this industry. Formerly Known as Reckless Youth he has grown to be known as the technician. He will be putting a clinic on at th Animal House School on 4/30, sharing his knowledge with the Indy Workers with a lecture and ring time. Don't miss out on this event. Don't miss out on this Interview.


Rockin Rebel

Co-Owner of PWU, 3PW Wrestler, WXW troublemaker. Once a Rebel, always a rebel. We bring back on the show the original Ayatollah or Rockin' Rolla. He will talk about the recent events at many of the promotions he is currently affiliated with and talk about the 3 PW show set for this weekend, or anything else he damn well wants to talk about.

Nigel Sherrod

Fresh back from Wrestlemania, he gives us the scoop on WM21 from the inside.


Super Destroyer

He was one half of one of the best Tag Teams to have graced the WWF, WCW and ECW. He is the cousin of the WWE Gene Snitski and helped to train some of the stars we have seen in the business. His Road stories are priceless and he has done it all

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Johnny Kashmere

PWU Co Owner comes on to talk about the launch of their promotion and the future of this new venture. Their school is turning out what could be the stars of the future. They are growing this promotion leaps and bounds.

Referee Sean Hansen

The whole Reffin' Show makes his first appearance on the show. He is working the Bigger Promotions in the PA & NJ Area. He is working the PWU Show on 4/1 and will be one of the main Officials at this promotion going forward.

James Gibson (Formerly WWE Jamie Noble)

He was Jamie Noble in WWE and with WCW and not working the Indy scene. Is there life after WWE? Find out here.


New Jack

He called and asked for some time to talk about some recent rumors and has a few things to talk about!

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He is the Polynesian warrior and one of the toughest guys in today's Indy Scene. We will find out how he made his way from Overseas to the US and how this determined guy is working his way to the top.

Derek Frazier

He is one of the stars of CZW and EWA. He has lightning quick moves and can take you down a number of ways. Hang on tight as we get a rare interview from this Indy Star.

Jayson Platinum

He is one of the best stars of the Michigan Scene. This week we will get a look into Michigan's Indys and talk with one of the guys who works hard to make them exciting.


Christopher Street Connection

Buff - E And Mace are returning to the show to talk about 2005 and how 2004 was for them. Last time that Buff - E Came on the show it was nothing less than hilarity.

Supreme Lee Great

He is not just good, He is not just great, he is Supreme. This is his second time on the show and we will find out just how great he is. If you have any doubts about it, just ask him. You know why? Because he is

Orlando "Latin Bull" Perez

Former Star and NWA-NJ official joins the show this week as we discuss the upcoming UWA NWA-NJ Card for Sunday 3/20 in Passaic NJ. He has an important announcement regarding the Tag Team Belts and champions as well.


Despite being removed from the 2004 Tag team of the year even though they were in the lead, The Heatseekers took their wrath out on NWA-NJ when they took home the Straps

We told you we were leaving with the belts.


Jackpot Jimmy Jessup

Put your money on this guy as he takes the indy scene by storm. He is known for speaking his mind without worrying about consequences. This week we learn the inner most thoughts on this guy and how he intends to lay down the odds.


Jason Static

He has appeared on NWA TNA and had a match with WWE Raw. He is determined to break thru in 2005. He is the HOPWF heavyweight champ and is potentially one of the next break out stars.

Ashe Samuels of D'Marked

Coming from Philly's pro wrestling unplugged is the ever controversial member of Mark'd. He is also a former member of Special K as Lit and a Member of the Next Generation Hart Foundation



Road Warrior Animal

Its been about a year since the last appearance on this show. We will catch up to him and find out the status on his book as well as a personal appearance he will be making at the Legends of the Ring on March 19th in East Brunswick NJ.

Road Warriors Merchandise from Highspots. Support TTRS Here

All Japan RW VHS

King of the Cage 6 RW DVD

Authors of Gordon Solie Book

Robert & Pamela Allyn

He was the Voice of Wrestling. He was the Dean of wrestling. He gave credibility to events that may not have felt so important had he not been their voice. From Car Racing & elephant Jumping to the NWA days, many would say he was the best commentator to have called the sport.

Buy this book here


Crazii Shea

He is one of the faster growing guys on the scene today. This week we ill catch up to the Crazii one and see how 2005 is going as he will be at the Debut of the MWA event as well as the RCW Tsunami Relief Benefit

Updates on ROH from OH, IL and upcoming Philly Shows. Updates on HOPWF, NWA-NJ, PWU, WXW, SSCW and who knows who will call in and surprise us like last week.


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Nick Berk

One of the hardest working Indy Guys out there, he has traveled up and down the east coast. Working for many of the promotions, he is headed to make his mark on SSCW. This week we will learn more about this Indy Star.


Steven Prazak

He is an Alumni of NWA-Wildside and has been a mainstay there for a long time. With Rumors going Wild we will get the scoop on Wildsides future,

The Patriot

USA, USA. This guy knows how to get the crowd riled up and makes his way to our show to talk about his time in the business as well as the upcoming MWA show.

Prince Nana

The Leader of the Embassy Joins the Show as an announced guest. Talking about the Recent addition of John Walters and the transformation of Jimmy Rave among other things. This weekend ROH returns to Ohio and Illinois.

Doc Daniels

WXW Returns to Allentown this weekend. We get the scoop on some of the upcoming events of WXW as well as some discussion on wrestlers to watch out for.


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3rd Segment 4th Segment

Jasmin St Claire

With the Controversy of the 3PW show last month, we welcome back to the show one of the principles of this promotion to give us an update on the current status on this promotion. Their return to the ECW arena is this Saturday. We will also find out what other projects are in the works for this woman.


Krissy Vaine

She is one of the brightest and most talents women in the sport today. She travels up and down the east coast and is making a very big name for herself. Listen to her as she talks about Team Blondage and her road to the top

Marcus K Dowling

It's been about a year since we spoke with him. This time we will be covering the new promotions making its debut this coming Sunday. WAW will debut this Sunday in Seaford, DE and we will go over the Card and Promotion.


CJ O'Doyle

He is one third of the Heatseekers and is working this weekend in singles action for 3PW. We will see what he has to say about the NWA NJ Tag Belts as well as his views on the current Indy Scene and products.

Vic Vanity

Our good Friends from the Above the Mat Radio Show have been with us from the beginning. They now have moved to Monday Nights at 7 PM and have a new show called the Indy Weekly Show. Join Kurt Kaos, Marshal and Vic Vanity for all the Fun they had from the early Above the Mat Days


Mean Gene Okerlund

He was the Voice of the WWE/WCW/AWA. He has seen it all and been there for many of the biggest events in Wrestling History. He recently got the 3 count on his health problems and he is back with a vengence. This week we get the "Confidential" scoop on this man in the know.

PWU - Showcase of the Animal House

PWU Launched several months ago with some exciting shows. Since then they have also launched their school. This week we will talk to one of the owners of the Animal House and get their insight into where this promotion is headed.

From anywhere he Damn well pleases.. Rockin' Rebel

Kevin Matthews

Is he "Too Cocky"? This guy is one half of the WXW Tag Champs. He has made his mark on the Indy Scene and is a controversial person. He is not afraid to tell you what he thinks and this week we will hear it all.

2/1/05 (Jen's Birthday Show)

4th Segment

Bill Behrens

Former NWA President makes his first appearance in 2005 and we will see what has been happening with NWA-Wildside, as well as the rumblings on about the Farm Team.

Simply Luscious

She has been working all over the Indy Circuit and recently made her presence known in Japan. She also works in Mexico. We talk to the International Star this week.

Gerry Strauss

He is the Voice of serveral Promotions. We talked about 3PW, & Cyberspace tonight.

Doc Daniels

WXW is going strong with very strong cards and booking. Coming up soon is their all woman show. Listen in to Doc Daniels as he talks about the Women of WXW. We also went over some recent happenings in the men's division.


With Both of these Promotions having major shows this past week we reviewed their events


Johnny Carson Tribute

He was a Talk Show Icon who paved the way for the style of interviews used today. We pay tribute to the man who helped to define what makes an interview entertaining.


Listen here Listen here
3rd Segment 4th Segment

Bobby Heenan

He is back after a year. The Brain has a new book and this one is more than a life story, its a book about how to live. He is one of the most inspirational guys in the industry. Learn what makes the brain tick.


(Courtesy of Wrestle Reunion)

January 28th, 29th, 30th, 2005


Axl Rotten

He's hard core. He was ECW and he is on the show this week. We will explore how Axl got to the world of Hard Core and learn about how he survived this long in the business.

Other ECW DVD's

EC Negro

The Dirty Rotten Scoundrels have made their name as a tag. EC is now working as a singles and has been very successful. From JAPW & WXW to the New PW Elite he is making his mark and his name in this Industry.

Ric Gillespie

He is the dragon king and helps us with our Tribute to Pistol Pez Whatley.


With Both of these Promotions having major shows this week we will go over their events as well as look one more time at the Wrestle Reunion in tampa this weekend.



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3rd Segment 4th Segment

Chris Jericho

He is Y2J and coming to TTRS. The Uncle $am Band Meets Fozzie in this Battle of the Bands. We will talk with him on his career in Music and WWE, as well as the future of both. you can buy all your Chris Jericho CD's and figures right here on TTRS and help support this show!!

Support TTRS when Buying his CD. Click on our Links

Chris Jericho Figure $4.99

Rob Feinstein

Maybe one of the most controversal people in the business today. He is not afraid to speak him mind and always has something to say. He has one of the largest collections of shoot videos available today. He was responsible for creating one fo the best Indy Promotions in the US. This week we being him back for an encore to his last appearance a year ago.

Pete Ferriero

He started training as a manager before becoming commissioner and then working behind the scens in some promotions. He is now debuting the PW Elite at the end of January 2005. He takes on a huge task but has a strong card. This week we will go over the card and talk about the strengths of PW Elite.

Shadow Jackson

As a member of the Urban Assault Squad along with his partner Nemisis and "white boy" Jacey North,Shadow Jackson poses a threat to all.He is involved in NWA WILDSIDE strongly in the tag team division and is a rising star.However,he will be on to talk about XWC Wrestling,which will be having a show this upcomming weekend in South Carolina.

Jen Harrison

End of the Year Awards are not just for the Feds but also for e-Feds. She re-caps the 4WW end of the year awards.


Steve Corino

This guy has traveled the world and is living his childhood Dream. He is one of the hardest working guys in the business spending his time between here and Japan. The King of Old School makes his stop back to our show and talks about the state of the Wrestling Scene here and in Japan

Other ECW DVDs

Austin Aries

We welcome to the show the man who finally stopped the reign of Samoa Joe for the Ring of Honor World Belt. He is coming into his own and breaking out and making the world take notice.

Jay Lethal

This guy is making noise everywhere he goes. We first saw him in some small Indy Feds and now is a major player in Ring of Honor as well as the New Pro Wrestling Elite. We will talk to this guy and find out what it was like to work next to the likes of Too Cold Scorpio as well as the Midnight Express and many others. Watch as this guy becomes a superstar.



Jimmy Valiant

Boogie Woogie Man Makes his return! He is on the last month of his wrestling career. He is working on his book and he has had a very successful 2004. We will see what 2005 has for this guy as he recaps his time in the business. He is also part of the Wrestle Reunion in FL at the end of the month.

Jimmy Valiant's Website  

(Courtesy of Wrestle Reunion)

January 28th, 29th, 30th, 2005

Ricky Landell

He has the opportunity to work with some of the best in the US and Japan. He is one of the guys who will grow into this business and shine bright over the next couple of years. He will be working with the new Pro Wrestling Elite Promotion at the end of January 2005.

The Real Deal Billy Reil

Super Hero from Philly is back for the first show of the year. He has a lot on his mind and wants to start the year off with some specials exclusives. He also talks about the Indy Scene, NWA-NJ, and the Animal House School.