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El Rey De Reyes Bad Boy

He is the King of Kings. He spent a big part of his career in Puerto Rico. He is back in the states and working the Indy Scene. Recently he got invoved in a situation with BDP in DWF. This week we will find out more about this guy and why he came to Angel Gonzalez aid. Also we will talk about his long term plans in the sport

Annie Social

She has been part of PWU and many of the other indy promotions. She is working more and trying to get the exposure to grow in this business. Her reuptation is growing and this week she will come on and share with us the life of an Female Indy Wrestler and what she has in Plan for 2007


Mike & Trish do an "End of the Year" Wrap-up. Views on the past years shows and overall Chit-Chat.


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Johnny Rodz

The unpredictable one has been a part of this business since the 50’s. He worked the WWWF and has been training wrestlers in NY for many years. This week we talk to the man about how much the industry has changed and how he keeps up with the current styles.

Train with Johnny Rodz at Gleasons Gym

Ricky Landell (W-1)

W-1 returns to PA in just a couple of weeks. This week we talk to one of the guess who is growing in this business and rising to the top. He has been able to capture several titles and make a name for himself.

Nemesis & New Jack

He hails from Georgia and is one of the guys making noise down south. He works with New Jack and also has been know to bust a head or two. This week Both New Jack and Nemesis both have alot to say about many of the Indy People.

New Jacks Website

Kurt Kaoss

Above the Mat has been very influential to this show and the hosts have always gone out of their way to be supportive to us. They are having a reunion show on 12/24.This Sunday you will see a one time reunion with MArshall, Vic Vanity and Kurt Kaoss. Find out more this week.


PWR Preview with Blast

Life takes some interesting turns. Sometimes we take wrong turns and short cuts that we regret. We all have chances to turn our lives around. This weeks guest has a very unique story to tell on how he was doing well, took a wrong turn and found himself in trouble. This week we get to hear his amazing stiory and how he went from Demolition Blast, to the Blast of today.

Tina Marina

This week we bring to the show one of the up & coming women wrestlers on the Indy Scene. She has trained under some of the best in the business. Keep your eyes open on this woman as we watch her climb to the top of the mountain. She is originally fron Italy and came to the states to train with the best.


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Tracy Brooks

She is a TNA Mainstay. She is also one of the most talented women on the Indy circuit. Don’t let her good looks fool you as she can make anyone tap out. This week we welcome her back on the show and get an update on how the business is treating her.

Josh Daniels

He has been working for WWE in many of their events and has been a regular in World-1 as well as traveled to Japan on several occasions. World - 1 Returns to PA on January 7th. This week we will talk to one of the fighters and get his views on their return. We will also catch up to see what his future hold for him

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MSC Uncensored Net Noise

What is it? What does it do? Tune in this week when we talk to the creators, moderators and hosts of this show

SWA Preview

They are having their Christmas show this weekend and the ongoing issues between management and the Trash Clan continues to rise.


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"Dr. Death" Steve Williams

He was an all American Athlete. Played Pro Football and was a top star everywhere he went. He was one of the biggest American Stars ever to set foot in Japan and had 2 successful tag team partners that made for a very good run in Japan. This week we hear his story to the rise and how the opponent that took him down was cancer. he has just written a new book that you can buy here.

Steve Williams: How Dr.

Death Became Dr. Life

Dr Death



Tracy Smothers

His in and out of ring presence is legendary. He is coming to an arena near you. He has issued challenges to everyone from JBL to Kurt Angle. This week we get updated on his current schedule and any new challenges.

Scott Angel (EPW)

Many of the Indy's are looking for new ways to generate income and expose their product to new audiences. This week we will talk about how one is using the power of the internet to do that. Eastern Pro Wrestling Runs in several states in the Northeast and is givning the Internet a chance to view and check out thier product. They have a deal for minimum money to watch an alternative to the big boys. Learn more this week



WISH Mrs Trash A Happy Birthday (Thanksgiving Day)

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Bobby Reidel

The Agenda makes another appearance. To talk about the PWR show as well as a Ted DiBiase workshop coming to Long Island. We will talk about how after leaving the WWE, The Million Dollar Man has kept busy.

Justyn Glory

After the last PWR show we are bringing on the man responsible for injuring the Vital Idol. It is time for them to both move forward in this promotion. We will also talk to him about Ted DiBiase coming to Ct

Bazooka Joe

He is part of the Trash Clan and one half of the tag team “Hard Candy”. He works for many of the east coast Indy’s in Delaware and PA. This week we see if he is a big shot as he unloads the canon.


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Matt Bentley

TNA has come a long way since its inception and this is one of the guys who has been there and seen the changes. He is making an “Impact” on the wrestling community. We have followed his career and now bring him on to talk about how the show and company have evolved as well as how they will be giving Indy guys a chance to show their talents in the upcoming months.

Big L (DWF)

He is a big part of BDP (Boriqua’s Don’t Play) and part of the Trash Clan. Last Month in DWF, He attacked the DWF champ Angel and this week we will find out why.


Recently he became the owner of XWE after the last owner realized that there was more to running a promotion than just pretending to promote. He has worked with CPW and is a Ref in several promotions. This week we talk to him about running and truly promoting an event.

New Jack

He has a few things he needs to get off his chest. He is talking about Indy Promoters and how they run shows. Some of the recent promters he worked for has made him thinking of the indy scene in a different light.

New Jacks Website


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Jimmy Hart

One of the hardest working men in the business as he seems to work from everyone. He is one of the only people to work for the Indy’s, TNA and WWE concurrently. He is a Promotional machine. We welcome back the “Mouth of the South”.

Busta Uppa

Last month at the PWR show he captured the PWR Title in a 4 way dance, turned 3 way dance after one of the participants was DQ’d for assaulting the Ref. this week we talk to this underdog and see why the fans have taken to him.

Tyger Smith

\ Next Era Wrestling in New York has this guy as their Champion and one of the trainers for their promotion. He has trained several of the guys now working in NY. This interview should be very insightful as we will see if he has the “Eye of the Tyger”.

Terry Bull

He is known as the Most famous wrestler you have never seen. He is also part of a promotion in Oregon that is bringing in New Jack. This week we will hear from him and who knows if New jack will make an appearance or not??

New Jacks Website

Summary of SWA

This week we will talk about Mike Trash’s return to SWA and how it turned out in his confrontation of the promoter and owner.


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Tracy Smothers

He is back fresh from his tour overseas. This week we will see what his thoughts are on the overseas wresrtling fan versus the American fans. Also we will talk to him about how wrestling has changed over the years and the current WWE and ECW product.

Tracy Smothers Website

Sgt Cody McGraw

He is running Covey Promotions. He is currently running in WV but has plans to expand into VA, PA and maybe NC. He is a lifelong fan as well as a wrestler and is hoping to succeed where many other promotions have not. This week we will see how he is planning on making it happen.

*Preview of SWA*

Last month the Trash Clan Captured the Tag Gold and this month we see what will happen next in this promotion as Mike Trash Makes his return known.


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Daniel Puder

Former WWE Tough Enough Winner and MMA star comes to the show. He made his mark in Wrestler when he shot on Kurt Angle in the ring on live TV and has been competing in the MMA ring for some time now. He has some big things coming up shortly and we will be talking about them as well as his career.

Bryan Danielson

Ring of Honor Champion going strong makes his way to the show. This week we will talk about his journey to the top as well as his reign at the top and how the ROH promotion keeps growing as the #1 Indy promotion today.


Adam Flash

He got one of his first breaks in Phillys CZW and has left there to work many of the up & coming Promotions including the NCW near York PA. This week we will talk to him and hear his thoughts on the PA scene.


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Chris "Pain" Forza

This week we take a look at one of the up & coming stars of PWR. He is undertaking a big feat to try and take on the guys in this promotion as they will test his limits and see how much Pain he can take. We will also do a Preview of PWR (Long Island NY)

TJ Wilson

He grew up with Teddy Hart and Harry Smith and has been to Japan Numerous times, He also is a major part of Stampede Wrestling in Canada. He returns to the show with updates on all of that and his WWE tryout.

Nattie Neidhart

Her father was one of the biggest stars in the WWF as part of the Hart Foundation. She has grown up with the Business all around her and has been building a reputation as one of the hardest working women in wrestling. This week we will bring to you the next generation of Neidharts.

Tee O.

There is a new promotion in town and it goes by Smashmouth. This week we talk to a man who is trying to start a new promotion with big ideas. He is a friend of New Jack and will tell us about what it takes to get this off the ground. Who knows? We also had an appearance by New Jack too.

New Jacks Website


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Doc Diamond

From DWF to the Hall of Fame and his own Training center, this guy has worked with so many of the names you have seen in this industry both old and new. This week we will take a walk down memory lane and see how this diamond shines

Dr. Mike Lano

He has been a photographer for several decades and has a Wrestling Museum in California. Many of the pictures you might have seen in the magazines were taken by him. He has even donated pictures to this site. This week we will talk to the man behind the lens.


Bill Bain

“The One Man Warning” comes to the show. He is one of the up and coming wrestlers that we have been seeing and hearing on the Indy Scene lately. He is working with many of the same places that we frequent and this week we find out more about him. Ok so he isn’t a Doctor, but what is it you get at the end of your Doctor Visit? The Bill!!

Preview of the DWF Show (NJ)

What happened at the SWO Show? (PA)


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PW Xplosion

When PW Xplosion had their first show a couple of weeks ago there was a controversy with Ronnie Lang and New Jack. This week we will talk with Ronnie and get his side as well as play the exclusive interview that New Jack gave us the day ofter the event and see how they match up.

PW Xplosion

"Sexy" Shane Shadows

Triple S returns to the show with some updates to CPW as well as some new stories and adventures in Wrestling as well as Promoting. We will talk about the history of wrestling too.


Pre-taped Interview where another show interviews Mike Trash


Preview of SWA

The Trash Clan make their appearance and strength know at the last show. What surprises are on tap for this months show?



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Nikolai Volkoff

WWE hall of Famer Makes his return to the show. He is also running for Political office. His real life living of the American Dream is a testiment of how determination to succeed can drive you in this country .

Corvis Fear

He is one of the hottest indy guys out there. He has been working the East Coast and making a name for himself. This week we will see what plans he has for the future as well talk about a new promotion.

Nick Tide & Lawless

Next Element is about to run their 2nd show and we will talk them him about that as well as the association with several other Promotions. They work closely with SWA as well and will be working to try to unite several promotions in an effort to help run together rather than against each other.

Fresh back from PWR in Long Island Mike Trash plays an audio of his antics in the ring as he offers Justin Glory a chance to rejoin the Trash Clan. Check out this News.


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Justin Glory

After winning the Battle Royal at the Last PWR Event in Long Island, he is going after the Heavyweight belt this week. He has a big feat ahead as he is going against the monster from Bel Air Lamar Braxton Porter. We will see how he got into wrestling and what brought him to PWR.

Rockin' Rebel

While on the road with many promotions in the area he brings a lot of expierience and knowledge to the squared circle.  Besides his own promotion (BWO), he helps out a lot of other promotions in order to build for the future.  This week Rebel will discuss: BWO, NEW, and the SWA.

Andy Vineberg (President of XU)

He is "the Executive" and is working hard to build his new promotion from the ground up.  We will discuss why he wanted to get his own product out on the market as well what plans he has for the present and as well the future.


Long time listener Mickey AKA MOW recently won the WWE Summer Slam Biggest Party of the Year Sweepstakes. We brought him on to talk about his winnings.


Exclusive New Jack Interview Stemming from the 9/13/06 PW Xplosion Controversy



He is the WWWA/SWO Champion He has had various WWE Tryouts and recently went to the WXW/WWE tryout. This week we will Preview of WWWA show and get his views on the Indy Scene and update everyone as to where he has been since his last appearance.

Jason Static

This Indy guy has been working the scene and working many of the WWE Events recently. he also has been expanding his territory and working for many more Feds. This month he appears in the PWI magazine with a layout and story. Check it out on newsstands this month (Page 32).

Ronnie Lang

He is the owner of Atlas Security, who did the ECW events. He also is here to promote the newest Promotion to come to Philly in PW Xplosion. This will Feature many of the stars of the EX-ECW Promotion. They will be running regular shows at the Old ECW arena.

PW Xplosion


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"Pitbull" Gary Wolfe

There is only One Original Pitbull left and we have him this week. We will hear his thoughts on PWU and on the WWE Recycling his name.


Jimmy Valiant

This coming weekend is his graduation Ceremony for many of his students and some of his non Students as he is giving Mike Trash an honory Degree from his school. Log on early for this one

Crazii Shea

He is one of the faster growing guys on the scene today. This week we will catch up to the Crazii one and see how 2006 is treating him. He has been working for a ton of promotions since we last talked to him and now we will also talk about the Xero Underground Card coming up at the end of this month.


Angel Gonzalez

He is the DWF Champion and has stood strong against the forces of WSWA as they tried to invade this promotion and challenge for the title. This week we will talk to the Latin Sensation and talk about the upcoming card and his thoughts on their promotion.


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Steve Corino

Whether it be the US or Japan, this man made it the hard way. He is the King of Old school and coming back to the show to update us on the Japanese scene and reminisce on the history that made him want to be part of this crazy business.

CJ Summers

He is a rising star. Recently back from an international tour and gaining popularity where ever he goes. This week we talk to this Indy Star and see what makes him tick.

Preview of SWA

On 9/2, SWA will be running a show. This is the Promotion that had the Roddy Piper show several months ago that resulted in a suspension. This week we will find out if ther show must go on.


What is

Tune in and you will see what the Next Revolution of Networking is all about

8/22/06 MT Birthday Show & a Night of Champions

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Terry Funk

Former NWA & ECW Champion

He is a legend in every respect of the word. His father and brother both rose to fame within the business and he only got better with age. Now mostly in retiredment he has become a grandfather and is travelling without the obligation of working. We welcome back to the show from the double cross ranch.

Bruno Sammartino

Former WWWF Champion

The living legend returns to the show. He was on the show a year ago and gave us alot of insight as to the differences between Pro Wrestling and Sports Entertainment. He is still going strong at 70 and works harder to keep his body in shape than most of the younger guys.

Diamond Dallas Page

Former WCW Champion

Out of the Blue we get a call from DDP. This was a great surprise. We talked about everything from Old School Wrestling to YRG. If you want to know what YRG is you will have to listen.



"Hot Chocolate" Kris Krude

He returns to the show with his road stories. Often time inaccurate but always entertaining. He is a one of a kind guest who will make you laugh at his "Achievements". Join us for his 3rd appearance and you wont be disappointments.


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Bob Armstrong

He is the father of 3 wrestlers who made a name for themselves. He is also a legend who headlined all over the south and wherever he went. He is known as the "Bullet" and worked a long time in this business and even recently for TNA. This week we welcome him back to the show.

Lamar Braxton Porter

He is big, he is agile and he is one of the most educated guys to enter the ring. He has all the tools to make it in this business. He is in the PWR heavyweight tournament on 8/12. We will talk to him to see how he feels about how that tournament was conducted.

Johnny Kashmere

One of the founding members of PWU, they have had many great Legends come in as well as great indy workers. He comes back on to talk about Hayabusa coming in from Japan and the upcoming card at the New Alhambra in Philly.



8/8/06 Trish Birthday Show

It's become a tradition that she gets to book the show once a year and here are her picks

Listen here Listen here Listen here Listen here
4th Segment

New Jack & Luna Vachon

The most unlikely couple in the world made a surprise call-in to wish Trish a Happy Birthday. They also announced they are the newest team in ther Indy World and will be coming to Philly on 9/13 in the ECW Arena. you Gotta hear this one.

Preview of PWR (Long Island)

Bobby Reidel & Johnny Ova

The agenda returns to the show to talk about PWR (Pro Wrestling Revolution) and their upcoming show. The will talk about the Manager Fashion Show and Dance-Off as well as the PWR Heavyweight title tournament. We will hear from the Million Dollar Protégé talk about how far he has come in this business and what his future plans are

Belinda Bentley Celebrity Psychic

She is the celebrity to the stars. She works for the Star Magazine and is the producer of the new Movie "Raw Fear". This is going to be a real interesting interview as we find out more about the life on the other side. We will learn how she got into the business and what it is like to talk to spirits. Get out the ouiji boards and the candles and gather around the tables.

Also call ins from Chuckie Manson, Duece and Jen & Jeremy


Scotty Riggs

Listen here Listen here Listen here

He was one half of the American Males. He is on the Indy scene letting everyone know he is still out there. He was Part of ECW & WCW. He was one of Pro Wrestling Illustrated's (PWI) 50 Most Beautiful People (1999) and included in the PWI Top 500 wrestlers of the magazines time.


Preview of SWA (Blue Ridge Summit PA)

After being suspended from the SWA Promotion, Mike Trash will make his comments on how he is going to make his mark and plans on a return!.

Jimmy Valiant

He returns to the show to invite Mike Trash to his camp on 9/10/06 for an honorary graduation from Boogies Camp.

He is a WWE Hall of Famer and has a new book out called "WOO...MERCY DADDY!"


New Jack

He was supposed to be in Puerto Rico this week and the promoter calls and cancels him. Strangely enough the show was not cancelled and the ads still had our guest on it. He has some things to say about that.


“Ironman” Tommy Cairo

He was one of the first ECW stars and worked in the early days to help build the promotion. He has worked in many promotions before leaving the industry. Recently he has decided to come back and open a school to help people learn the business as well as start a new NJ based promotion. This week we will hear some never before heard scoops on his life in and out of the ring as well as ECW stories.

John Finegan

We have wanted to have This ECW Referee on the show for some time and this is the week for it. He was also part of many other promotions including 3PW. As always, getting the perspective from the other side of the ring will be a treat. He has refereed so many of the matches that turned out to be classic in many of our eyes. Tune in for the 1-2-3.


Listen here Listen here Listen here

April Hunter

Filling in for the missing Terry Funk we have one of our favorite women of all times. She truly is the prioze and we get chances to fill in with one of the hardest working women of the Indy Scene. She is very opinionated and easy on the eyes. Listen to us talk about everything from photo shoots to politics.

"Red Dawg" Rodney Mack & Jazz

Former WWE superstar and current XCW Superstar. He has made his mark and is working with the XCW in Texas. You can catch him on PPV across the country on many cable systems and on their website. This is only the beginning for him as he dominates this promotion.We have a surprise appearance with Jazz as well.

Listeners Jen & Jeremy

Long time listeners to the show take their vows. We have come to know them through E-Fedding and watching over the Tuesday night chat room. They become one as they get married on 7/15. This week we congratulate them and wish them the best of luck in their future as one. With TTRS, who needs

Nigel Sherrod

He has helped us book some of our biggest guests. We will look back at some of our shows and maybe even hint as too some upcoming ones. He is making it known that he is in to stay. He has been doing commentary in Deep South for some time now and growing with that promotion.


Listen as he speaks on a recent incident involving internet press.


TTRS Is saddened to hear of the Passing of Billy Firehawk. He was a true lover of Pro-Wrestling and will be sadly missed. RIP


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TTRS Anniversary Show

This week we will revisit a couple of former TTRS Co Hosts and catch up to where they are at this point in their careers. Doc Daniels will be in the studio. We will also talk about WXW Sportsfest.

Jody Hamilton

The legendary Masked Assassin returns to the show to talk about his promotion Deep South Wrestling. He will talk about the history of wrestling as well as the future as we revisit this promotion. We will talk to him about many of the new stars we have seen on WWE and how many of them came from his place.

Courtesy of Deep South Wrestling

"Hot Chocolate" Kris Krude

He returns to the show with his road stories. Often time inaccurate but always entertaining. He is a one of a kind guest who will make you laugh at his "Achievements". Join us for his 2nd appearance and you wont be disappointments.



He's a former 3 time WXW heavyweight champion, hardcore champ, cruiserweight champ, tag team champ and a superstar in Puerto Rico. He is also one of WXW's home grown stars and a staple of the company. This week we welcome him to the show!



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New Jack

Rumors and controversy surround this man. This week will be no different. We will find out the true story on the Lex Lugar Confrontation. We will find out his views on ECW and on the MTV Project.

Larry Palumbus - Next Era Wrestling

He is the Promoter of the NY Based Promotion called Next Era. He is the Driving force and is having his next show on 7/1. This one is going to be a big one with stars like Kage, Tommy Mandrake, Ryot, IB Green and many others.

Doc Daniels

With Sportsfest around the corner we bring on Doc Daniels to talk abot their "Wrestlemania" and how this show is lining up. WXW has trained some of the best wrestlers in the Business today and this is where they shine



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Chucky Wynn

Not everything Big & Yellow comes from Texas. He is working hard on making a name for himself. He is part of the Trash Clan and not afraid to mix it up. He was part of the Piper Show and has worked in many of the Indy Promotions over the past couple of years.

Tracy Smothers

He just got back from his tour of England and is just back from the NWL/HOPWF shows and Training Seminars. He is one of the Wild Eyed Southern Boys. he is old school and knows how to tell a story in and out of the ring.

Kit Carson

He was a two time NWA Tag Team Holder with former partner Khris Germany. Now he is in a group called Moody's Mob along with Hugh Rogue and the Angel of Sin. This week we start our journey welcoming a new promotion to our family as we welcome XCW to our mix.


Listen here

Big Slam

He is big, bad and slamming his way to a canvas near you. He is a big part of DWF and a force to be reckoned with in and out of the Ring. This weekend at the Powerhouse Gym in New Jersey, he is set to make a return for "Code Red". Tune in and hear the info on the DWF vs WWSA controversy


Too Cold Scorpio

This is a true international superstar. He makes his home in Germany and travels all over the world, with much of his time in Japan, German and returning to the US. He has worked anywhere you can name and is one of the most charimatic performers on the business today. We are honored that he is granting us this rare interview and looking forward to learning more about this great athlete


Rockin Rebel

He is from anywhere he wants to be from and is the owner of BWO as well as Top Gun Wrestling Academy. He has helped many of the young guys out there and is working to help promote alot of the Indy Promotions. Recently he has added some new affiliations.

Top Gun Wrestling Academy


Listen here

Orlando Perez - UWA Return

After a several Month Hiatus, UWA makes its return to the Passaic, NJ area in time for the Puerto Rican Festival. Orlando made a made for himself wrestling in the 80's in the primarily the Southeast and Puerto Rico. We welcome him back again to the show and eagerly await his announcements on the upcoming UWA shows

Nick Tide

Whether is be Ring Rentals or Promoting, he has been working hard to help other promoters run shows. He is about to run his own show and is taking all the knowledge he acquired over the years and applying them towards his NEW promotion.

Larry Canyunga

He was the Convict in a former life and is now the former TNT Title holder of XWC. He sets his sights on the comeback trail and is part of the XCW PPV available on many of your local Cable Providers. This week we will introduce you to the XCW and talk to many of their stars.


Listen here

Preview of the SWA Roddy Piper Show

This week we will talk about the Roddy Piper show that is happening on 6/3 in Blue Ridge Summit, PA. We will go over what matches are announced so far and who knows who will we will speak to associated with the show. We had a Surprise Guest come on known as the Grappler from Portland call in.


He has had a couple of tryouts with the WWE and works closely with the SWA. He is half of the tag champions of SWA after winning the tag tournament from last month and climbing his way in this business and making a name for himself. This week we will learn more about him and what drives him to achieve. We also had a surprise guest call in by the name of Promoter Mike Hay.

John Rambo

No Indy Promotion puts on more shows that NWL/HOPWF. This Fed has shows at least two times a week and has had many of the stars you see on the circuit come through its doors. He has worked the territories from East Coast to West Coast and has contact from all over the country. He has some huge upcoming shows and has alot of great stories. We welcome back to the show the driving force behind the Training Center and NWL/HOPWF.


Seka - Princess of Porn

She was one of the most prominent women in the Porn industry. She has grown to own her own company. She also is friends with many of the wrestlers and has been a fan of wrestling most of her life. This week we will hear stories from both worlds as we venture into her life.


Listen here

Tracy Smothers

He is one of the Wild Eyed Southern Boys. he is old school and knows how to tell a story in and out of the ring. He has worked all the major promotions and continues to go strong. He is returning to the show to talk about life on the road after all these years and about the training seminars he has been doing for NWL/HOPWF.

Shane Douglas

He was part of WCW, WWF and a mainstay in ECW. He helped to carve out the legacy of the ECW. He returns to the show as part of the TNA crew and will talk about how TNA comes to Philly in June. He will also talk about his thought son the direction of today's Indy Scene as well as his thought son the reformation of ECW.

John Heidenreich

He was a football player for most of his adult career. He came to the WWE as an established athlete and went on to become a very popular fan favorite. He also had the chance to become half of the New LOD in WWE. Now on the Indy's he talks about life on the road with the WWE. He also talks about the politics and life after WWE. He will also talk about the NWL/HOPWF training seminars he will be part of.


Crowbar AKA Devin Storm

He has worked with al the major Indy's as well as ECW, WCW, & WWF. He made his impact known and contiues to work the Northeast. This week we catch up with him and find out what he has been up to since the demise of WCW.

Charity Show

Shimmer & NWL/HOPWF Preview for this week and last weekends show.

Last week we talked to Dave Prazak, This week we will continue our preview of the shimmer show. We will also talk about the NWL/HOPWF return to Newville, PA. We will also talk about the Pro Wrestling Revolution show from Long Island from 5/13.

Nikki Roxx

This woman has been making a name for herself as one of the best women in the business today. She works mainly in the Northeast but has been known to go to England, Japan and Mexico as well. She will be in the Shimmer Event coming up this weekend and will be making her intentions known. Watch as she takes control. Did I mention she is also easy on the eyes?


Listen here


He is the Darkness and working all over the world. This weekend he will be coming back to Long Island for Pro Wrestling Revolution. We will find out more about this guy and all his deepest, darkest thoughts.

Terry Taylor

With years of experience and helping the younger guys, he has been helping the younger wrestlers while working with TNA. This week we will talk about all the changes going on within TNA, the upcoming PPV, The Philadelphia Roadshow and all the talent working within the roster

Dave Prazak

He has worked as a manager in many of the Indy's and the mastermind behind the Shimmer Shows. This week he comes on to talk about the newest Shimmer

Cary Silken, ROH Prez

He is the PResident of the most successful Indy Fed out there today. We will take a look at the ROH/TNA relationship as well as look at the ROH/CZW fued. We will also talk about the future of ROH and their growth in 2005 and where ther will go in 2006 as well as thier expanded tour schedule.

Buy ROH Stuff


His new show starts this Thursday on the Wrestling Media Network. He is the co-host along with the Mechanic. We bring this guy on to find out a little more about their new show. The show is new but the host has been around. Chekc them out every Thiursday from 7:05 CST.


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Matt Hyson (The Artist Formerly Known As Spike)

He Spent most of his time in the business and the the youngest "Dudley" with ECW & WWE. Now out on the Indy's and with TNA, he has returned with a new vigor. He will be appearing at a fan the Wrestling Reunion convention in New Jersey on June 3rd.

Roderick Strong

We have watched this guy skyrocket in this business. We first saw him in 3PW and watched him as he joined ROH and then TNA. Now he is out there established in some of the best promotions out there today. We welcome part of Generation Next and half of the ROH Tag champs to the show.

Mike Hay

He is the owner of SWA (Summit Wrestling Association) and also an Indy Manager. He has a show the first Saturday of each month. He has a big show coming in June with Roddy Piper on the show. He has been working hard to build his brand and establish his promotion. This is one of the Promotions that Mike Trash works for and feels with hard work and determination, could come into its own in 2006.



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Simon Diamond

Simon has a problem and this week we will see what it is. He is one of the guys to keep your eyes on. He was a major player in ECW, MLW, and many other places and has found his way back to NWA-TNA. This week we catch up to the man who is now sharing his knowledge of the business with many of the young guys out there. Be careful or you might learn something.

Tracy Smothers

This southern boy has been to many of the territories, through ECW and most of the major promotions out there today. He has a vast knowledge and respect for the business. He has spent 24 years in this business and has seen it all. This week we hear from him for the first time as he heads to NWL/HOPWF for a show this coming weekend.

On Sunday, April 30, 2006, Tracy Smothers and Axl Rotten will be holding a training seminar at the NWL's Superior Pro Wrestling Training Center/HOUSE of PAIN in Hagerstown, MD. The seminar will be open to anyone who is already involved in professional wrestling, and the start time is set for 1:00PM. Cost of the seminar is $30.00, or $25.00 if paid in advance. Following the training seminar, will be a free admission HoPWF Sunday Afternoon Matches Event beginning at 3:30PM. Featured on the training session card will be Tracy Smothers, Axl Rotten, John Rambo and many of the NWL/HoPWF stars. Seating is limited at the SPWTC/HOUSE of PAIN and fans with ticket stubs from the previous night's HoPWF Martinsburg, WV, show will get priority seating. There is no charge or cost of admission, but your name must be on the seating list. Call 301-797-0627 or e mail for training seminar or seat reservations.

New Jack

An exclusive Report from an Incident from another Radio Show. He wants to talk about being disrespected by someone who thought he could take liberties with him. We will also talk about the reformation of ECW and his new DVD.

After Losing New Jack due to his cell dying, we bring on Michael Moody, producer of the video. Talked about his projects.

Then New Jack Charges his phone for 20 more minutes of his interview.

Email Mike Trash for Info on how to get a copy



At 7' tall this guy is a legit tough guy. He was Tod Gordon's Bodyguard and worked with 3PW. He is back and working with PWU. This week he breaks his silence and talks to our show for the first time.


"Hot Chocolate" Kris Krude

He is a big bad boy with an attitude. He's Rude, He's Lewd, He's Krude. This weekend he is going after one of the WXW belts. He is competing for the Cruiserweight title against Mercedes Martinez. If you haven't see this guy you need to. He has a very unique style in and out of the ring.


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The man beast makes his way on our show as he gores his way through this interview. From ECW to WWE to NWA-TNA, he never fails to leave a mark. We will hear his thoughts on the direction of his career and how he manages to stay on top in this fiercely competitive business.


Asian Sinsation

He is one of the members of the Trash Clan. He is one of the most talented under rated guys out there. He is one of our favorites to work with on the Indy scene and continues to learn and grow in this business.

PWV Ticket Blitz

373 Walnut Street, Phoenixville, PA 19460
(Walnut Street near Rt. 113 & Bridge Street)

Justin Cage

He hails from NY and travels the East Coast. One of the best guys in the Indy Circuit today. He has wrestled some of the best of them and this weekend gets to take on Simon Diamond in the PWV. This is his first interview with Us and we will find out more about him tonight.

Doc Daniels

He is one of the original co-hosts of this show. He is a major part of WXW and some other Indy Promotions. He debuts with CCW this weekend in Franklin PA. This week we will catch up with him and get some insight into the Indy Feds he is working with.


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One Half of TNA's Hottest Tag Team returns to the show with some big news of their travels and of TNA's new time slot. Team 3D lives and is just as popular as ever. Breaking new ground and keeping the dream alive. Testify, and get the tables.


J R Manitoba

He has been one of the original hosts of this show. He has worked with Mike Trash and on the opposite side. This week he wants to come on and talk about a new promotion as well as the history he has with NWL/HOPWF and how he is going to try to help grow the indy's.


New Jack

He speaks his mind on the corrupt promoters. This week he talks about Damien Lee who owns XWE an how Mr Lee made alligations. Mike Trash talks of the one time he worked for Lee and how it is unresolved to this day.


Nick Bockwinkel

He is a legend in every sense of the word. He held the AWA Title for mnnay years and was synonymous with the word Champion. He also is a major part of the Cauliflower Alley club. This week we will talk about wrestling from his early days thru today. He is also the Host of the 2006 Hall Of Fame Ceremonies in NY. It will be great to hear his views on today and yesterday.


Pro Wrestling Hall Of Fame

Mercedes Martinez

Women's wrestling has come a long way since its inception. This woman is not afraid to get in there and mix it up with anyone. She is one of the toughest women working today and easy on the eyes. this week we will see what makes her tick and what drives her to be all she can be.


Mike Trash & Trish talk about Bealcon & mike Trash's new Cast

Bealcon Fan Convention


Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

The Manager of Champions returns. With 2 books under his wing and a wealth of knowledge, he will be inducted into the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame this year on May 20, 2006. He worked hard to gain this achievement and will down in history as one of the greatest managers in the sport. We welcome him back for another appearance.

Bobby Heenan Website

Pro Wrestling Hall of fame & Museum

New Jack

He's Hardcore. He's speaks his mind and he is going to Bealcon on March 25th for his own uncensored Q & A. Controversy follows him and he continues to break all the rules. He returns with all new stories and all new news. The Beep Button is broke so who knows what he will say.

Parental advisory on this one!

Timothy Beal

The Creator and Promoter of Bealcon returns to the show with info on the event. We will go over any last minute additions and talk about the guests for the show. How the event was created and future event plans. Also find out why he chose his line up


Gerry Strauss

He is the voice of many indy promotions. He returns with information on the upcoming DCW & NWA Cyberspace Shows. He also talks of an upc oming charity event with Christian Cage and AJ Styles coming to NJ.



JD Michaels

This Canadian sensation recently moved to the US to make his mark. He is one of the future stars of the sport. He is the man who has captured the hearts of many women including the Prize herself. This week he speaks for the first time on our show.

Outback Jack

From 1986-1990, he was one of the most popular guys in the WWF. This was a time when the characters were larger than life and Crocodile Dundee was popular. His run was good and he has a lot of good stories to share. This is his first interview in over 15 years.



Ernest "The Cat" Miller

He had a great run in WCW and was always entertaining to watch. He is working the Indy circuit and some of the fan conventions. We will find out his thoughts on the current wrestling scene as well as get stories from the days of the big wrestling wars.



Jimmy Valiant

He is a WWE Hall of Famer and has a new book out called "WOO...MERCY DADDY!" Join us as we talk to this man about his legendary career and book. Don't miss one! He has been all over the world and has live the life of several wrestlers. While you are at it, get his book and see it from his eyes and words.



Ric Gillespie

He is co host of a Podcast, writer on Dragon King Wrestling , Owner of Canvas Chronicals and an MMA fighter. He has been a supporter of this show from almost the beginning. We welcome back to the show, a true gentleman and historian of Pro Wrestling as well as MMA.


Captain Lou Albano

He was one half od the Sicilians with Tony Altimore, but is more known for his time as one of the more famous managers this business has ever seen. From his days with the Valiants to his time with Cindy Lauper and the WWWF & WWF. He was the poster child for many of today's managers and is one of the people who paved the way for the way they are used now.

Nick Burke

One of the hardest working Indy Guys out there, he has traveled up and down the east coast. Working for many of the promotions, he was just on WWE and has worked for too many promotions to list. He is working with PWU in some upcoming shows and we will talk about his last year and how he has progressed

Johnny Grunge Tribute

Public Enemy lost Rocco Rock a few years ago and recently lost the other half. This week we look at the career of Mike Durham and how he got to the top of ECW. We will also link his former interview from 2005.

Listen to Johnny Grunge's

2005 Interview here with TTRS

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Jimmy "The Mouth of the South" Hart

This WWE Hall of Famer returns to the show with many new announcements and will talk a little of the recent death of Johnny Grunge. He will also talk about the Road to Wrestlemania tour as well as the Naked Ladies of Wrestling and many other projects. He may just be the hardest working man in wrestling today.

Evan Ginzburg

If you long for the way it was or want to learn about the history of one of your favorites, then this is the guy to ask.  Evan runs a newsletter called "Wrestling Then & Now".  Along with this, Evan manages several of today's stars and acts as their agent in bookings. He is alo the publicist for many of the fan conventions and author of a book.

Eric Walker

He returns to the show with some real exciting news on several promotions he is currently working with. he also will talk about his recent additon to his family as well as the future of the Tri-State Indy Wrestling scene.


2/14/06 Valentines Day Show

AKA LIstener Jens Birthday show

April Hunter

She is one one the best Indy Women working out there today. She has traveled abroad many times and has worked for so many promotions and so many countries making her on of the hardest working women in the business. We welcome back to the show, one of our favorite women athletes

Rockin Rebel

It's been awhile since we had this man on the show. We will get an update on BWO and Top Gun Academy. Also follow up on how the students of Top Gun are progressing as well as updates on the original Ayatolla of Rock n Rolla.

Mike Trash?

Listener Jen won a contest we had a while back and got the chance to book 2 of our guests for one show and this is the show. On this week the host becomes the guest. Join as Jens tries to get into the dark mind of the Vital Idol and sees what makes this guy tick. If you even wanted to know anything about him, this is your week to email questions to Jens


We regret to inform our listeners that there was no show this week. Mike Trash got called out of town on an emergency. Anyone wanting to send well wishes to Pam please do so at Her surgery is this week.

Of course my email is


Diana Hart

She was born into one of the most famous families in the wrestling industry. We will find out what it was like to grow up a Hart. What was Stu really like? Is it true that they didn’t even have an unlisted number? She watched her brothers thrive in the business and married into the business. Now her son is on his way to the top. This is a must listen interview.


Buff “The Stuff” Bagwell

It has been more than a year since Buff was on the show and he returns to talk about the past couple of years since the demise of WCW. He is someone who rose to the top in the Territory system and was able to stay on top throughout the WCW years. Could he be back on the rise with XWE?


Leslie Leatherman

The Highway man was on our show in the fall and since then we have been watching this big man plow down the competition. We will talk to him about his recent addition to some key Indy Promotions.

Leslie's Website

Damien Lee

Last week he was on the show and was maybe the most controversial guest since New Jack. This week we will get some updates on his promotions as well as talk about a PPV Project he is working on. Remember, it is not the size of the guest; it’s how you use him.


The Miz

Reality shows have come a long way since he was first in the spotlight. Now he is in Deep South and training hard to be one of the next WWE Superstars. From the Reality TV to the Reality of the ring we welcome this future star.

It's Still Real to me Dammit

The Starcade Anniversary show was a big success this past year, but one of the most talked about things was in the Q & A session when Dave Wills made his memorable speech about Old School Versus New School. This week we bring him on to talk about how his 15 minutes of Fame is ticking and how it has affected him.

Damien Lee - XWE

What does Porn and Wrestling have in common. If you said WWE, that wouldn't quite be right. XWF had Rob Black, but now we have the next big Indy. He has been in over 50 adult films, has been on Howard Stern and is now launching his newest project. XWE will be running their first show in WV 2/3/06. Listen in to hear more.



Hacksaw Jim Duggan

With 2x4 in hand he enters the ring with the crowds chanting USA, USA. There is now one who inspires the crowd more than this man. He has beat Cancer, he has been all american. He worked many of the Territories and was one of the men instrumental in the WWF in the 80's. This weeks legend has alot of history to share with us

Harry Smith

Son of the Legendary British Bulldog returns to the show. He is older and wiser in the sport. This man had his first pro match at 8 and now, more than 10 years later is destine to surpass his father in legacy Mild mannered outside the ring, but a fierce competitor once the bell rings.


He is one half of All Money is Legal. Trained by the infamous Doghouse in NY, they have worked just about every major indy in the Northeast. This is one of the most innovative Tag Teams in the indy circuit today. If you haven't seen these guys in action yet, you don't know what you are missing. Cash in today.



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Mark Jindrak & Matt Morgan

One half of the Natural Born Thrillers meets one of the Tough Enough Participants. This week we talk to these former WWE Superstars about life on the Indy scene and their new Reality Show called the Mark & Matt Show.

Matt Morgans Site

Cary Silken, ROH Prez

Its been about a year since we had him on. We will take a look at the ROH/TNA relationship as well as look at the triple header show this saturday with ROH/CZW and PWU. We will also talk about the future of ROH and their growth in 2005 and where ther will go in 2006.

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Steve Corino

He is the AWA World Heavyweight Champion, and also a major player in Japan as well as n World 1. This guy has so many things going on that we can't even begin to list them. He is coming back on the show to talk to us for our first show of 2006.


Alex Abrahantes

He was Too Phat Yutzak Arafat before working for the WWE as a writer. Now, no longer with the WWE he makes his return to the scene as a manager for Mark Jindrak. He also founded a company for actors, models and entertainers. We will talk all about the entertainment industry and see who will get the next Big Break.

Deuce Donnetelli

He was one half of the Goodfellas. Now he has split with them and making his own way as Anthony Odyssey. We find out his handicap is.

Its New Jacks Birthday. Listen to him Talk.