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Jake "The Snake" Roberts

He is a legend in the eyes of most fans. He returns to the show with info on a new DVD> this week we will talk to this legend about his career and how this business . Be careful, you may learn something.


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Chris Yandek
from and Jake Robert's publicist

John Capouya

Historians look at some of the earliest stars and will say how there are certain wrestlers who have changed the way that wrestling is perceived. One of those wrestlers is known as the original Gorgeous George. This week we that the writer of a book all about him on our show

Buy His Books


He runs a promotion in South Central Pa which gives many of the younger guys an opportunity to work. He has been in the business for quite a while and this week we will tap into the knowledge he has learned over the years.


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Rockin Rebel

He is the promoter of record for PWU and is coming on to talk a little about their promotion. There is a controversy about the upcoming event that we will talk about this week

Heavy On Wrestling

Fresh off a successful show we have the promoter of this fed on to talk about the "Art of Promotions" and how he has been able to be successful in the business in the missdle of Wisconsin.


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John Wayne Bobbitt

You have seen him on the news, heard him on Howard Stern and maybe have even seen him oncertain videos. He is involved this week on celebrity boxing and take om the Reverend Bob Levy. This week we find out how he got involved in this event.

Celebrity Boxing Federation Review

Damon Feldman comes back on the show to talk about his next card with Reverand Bob Levy and John Wayne Bobbit as well as the first Tag Team Boxing Match

CCW Preview with J-Money

This is the promotion that got this show interested in becoming involved in wrestling. This week we talk about the different people who have come thru their doors and about their upcoming event.


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Psycho Sid

We caught up with him to ask why he missed the PWU event and if we will see him at the 12/6 event. Listen to this exclusive interview

Dan Severn

He is a former NWA champion as well as UFC fighter. He worked for the WWE and was an NCAA champion. This week we talk to the man who says he is returning to make it known that he still has what it takes.

Mr Saturday Night

Tuesday night may be the best night of the week but this week we get to meet another day and another promoter who has been running some very successful events in Northern PA. This week we find out more about his events and how he got into the business.

Danny Angus *Exclusive*

Recently he was stabbed and tonight we get the scoop for PWU. Listen closely to the details. Will he be able to compete at the 12/6 event? is his career in wrestling over?

Brutus Beefcake Looking For Flyers/Posters of Himself

by Wayne Plugs

Ed Leslie, the one-time Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake WWE character, is requesting any fliers and/or posters of him or his likeness advertised on any past show from any part of this country (USA) or overseas bookings. Ed will gladly accept copies of these posters or fliers, as he is doing a time capsule of sorts of his career, especially over the last ten years.

In exchange, Ed will gladly send out an autographed photo of himself in return.

Please Email 1st to
Please explain what kind of Event poster you may have in your Emails... Thank You...


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ECW Zombie

Tim Arson had a chance to work the WWE thru a series of strange circumstances. How did he get the shot and where was he prior to his break. Check it out this week on the Halloween version of the show.


Donnie Johnson

He's big, he's bad and he is out for gold. This week he gets a show at one of the belts at ECPW. If you haven't seen this guy yet you might wanna catch him sson as he is breaking out all over. This week we found out why they called him "The Body".

Bobby Shields

He is an up and coming guy starting in NY and now travelling up and down the coast. He is on several TV Shows which showcase his look and talent. He is taking the Indy scene by storm.


This show is not online due to a system crash

PWU & ACW Update, Robbie Paige, Chris Cline

PWU<== Listen to Johnny Kashmere

PWU has a new beginning as they are bringing in Psycho Sid. This week we will do an update with Johnny Kashmere as he speaks for the first time since the last show. We may also have another person from PWU make a surprise appearance with more announcements.

Twisted Tate

This week we will update people on the Atomic Championship Wrestling Card for this weekend and current changes within the company as well as talk about an upcoming 2 day tournament. They crowned a new Champion last show and we will hear who he will take on this weekend.

Chris Cline & Robbie Paige

Both are products of the House of Pain in Maryland and are out there working many Indy Feds trying to establish themselves. They have worked several years in the Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and West Virginia area and are headed to an arena near you. Check them out this week as they make their presence known.


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Danny Bonaduce

He has been around the entertainment field since he was very young. From the Partridge family to his reality TV show to his Radio show to Celebrity Boxing. He is rough, tough and not afraid to take things to the next level.

Alan Funk

Last time we heard from this guy he had a serious injury in the ring. He was a product of the Power Plant and grew to some fame thru some of his different gimmicks.


Ricky Reyes

Whether it be Ring of Honor, 3k Wrestling or Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, he is at the top. This guy has been working hard and making his name known all over.



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The Masked Assassin Jody Hamilton

He is legendary and has help pave the way for many of today's wrestlers. He not only was a main eventer everywhere he went, but was partlially responsible for many of those who whork in the industry today.

Doc Diamond

He runs DWF and has been involved in wrestling the majority of his life. This week we talk about the future of DWF as well and recent events leading up to his decision.

Encyclopedia Bob

He is one of the owners of TV By Demand. They are a site dedicated to web based entertainment. They have wrestling videos for free as well as PPV Videos. They are also the one who sponsors our shows stream.

TV By Demand


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Lucha Libre - Life Behind the mask

This is a New DVD that helps people see what the world of Luche Libre is all about. The director joins us to talk about the history behind it.

Buy your Copy Here

Kryptic Keegan

A new star is on the horizon and he hails from New York. He is working and building his reputation throughout the Indys. Learn more about him tonght as he climbs his way to the top.

PWU Dead or alive?

What happened at this past weekends PWU? The story is here

Howard Stern Audition?

Mike Trash will talk about whether or not he will enter the Howard Stern Competition



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Joy Giovanni

She is a former WWE Diva, Model and Glamour Model. She worked on Smackdown until her release. She was discovered in the 2004 Diva Search and very close to the Big Show. She is coming back to the ring and you will have a chance to see her on PPV real soon. Find out when and where this week.

Lance Storm

He had a great run in ECW, WCW and WWE. He had a great run and now runs a school so he can pass on the knowledge he learned from his craft. He is making a rare appearance this weekend and you will have a chance to meet the man!!


Is he sane or insane. He is a guy who is hard to handle in and out of the ring. His track record speaks for itself as he destroys his opponents. We catch up to this guy as he is being released from one of his long term stays. He speaks for the first time here.


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Teddy Fine

He is an up and coming lion. This guy gives 120% every time he walks to the ring. He has come a long way and just keeps learning more each and every time. On September 27, at Wrestling Reality, he may have his biggest challenge to date.

Danny Inferno

He was part of the OVW & DSW developmental. He spent a great deal of time chasing his dream and then something went wrong. What happened that made him come back to the North East when he seemed on the virge of breaking into startdom?


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Dawn Marie

She is beautiful and one of the biggest Divas to hit the airwaves. This week we learn all about how she got into the business and why she decided to try to help the wrestlers who hit hard times thru the Wrestlers Rescue event.


He is appearing in more and more places. He started in music in Long Island and was in one of the best bands in that area. He went to Wrestling and became a very respected name in that field. We are seeing him show up in more places as he is trying to break thru in mainstream entertainment. This week we talk about the Wrestlers Rescue Event and why he is involved in this worthy fundraiser.

Wrestlers Rescue

Damon Feldman

He was a former boxer turned promoter. he has worked on promoting one of the hottest fueds outside of prowrestling as this weekend we will see Danny Bonaduce take on Reverand Bob Levy. How did this all get started?

New Wrestle Reality Segment

This week Mike Trash is joined by Johnny Kashmere and Miss Sampson to talk about the upcoming Event and Signmania

Wrestle Reality

Bruno Sammartino & Terri Runnels on the 8/26 TTRS Birthday Show

We had a server crash and lost the audio files for this week. Please visit the links for Terri Runnels

Bruno Sammartino

The Living Legend returns to the show for the birthday show. look up the word "Legend" in the dictionary for a picture on him. He was what made the WWWF and wrestled all over the world packing the biggest houses of his era. This week, just fresh back from the NWA legends Fest in Charlotte, he joins us for another great interview.

Terri Runnels

She was one of the women who helped shape the world of WWE divas. She went from being a make-up artist at CNN to one of the biggest women stars to enter the ring. This week we find out what she is doing post-WWE and some of the work she is doing to help others. Wrestlers Rescue


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Spirit Squad Mikey Mondo

2, 4, 6, 8, Who do we appreciate? He was a member of the Spirit Squad in the WWE. He also had a career before and after his WWE run and now is known as "The Professional". Join us this week as we cheer him on to his first apppearance on our show.


Mike Mooneyham

He was a co-author of "Sex, Lies and Headlocks: The Real Story of Vince McMahon and the World Wrestling Federation.'" If you ever wanted to know the untold story this is your week to ask the questions.


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Doug Basham

He is one half of the Basham Brothers and is back on the Indy Scene after his WWE run. Recently back from a European Tour he comes with some incite within the Industy. He will talk about life before, during and after his WWE Run


Sexxy Eddy

Whether it be CZW, JAPW, IWA MidSouth or Chikara Pro, this man has worked some of the best promotions and some of the best talent out there today. He has also spent time with some Canadian pomotions, as well as wrestled in Germany and England. This week we talk to an international Sexxy Object

Rick Feinburg

Another CZW guy he is also working outside of thier company to establish himself. This week we find our how he got started and where he is headed in the Indy world.



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Al Snow

What does everyone want? He was the head trainer in the Tough enough series and has helped break in many of the guys you see on TV today. This week we get to talk to one of the guys who helped put ECW on the map and who had worked with many of the developmental guys.


He has an autobiography coming out soon. He is the creator of a comic book. He is the trainer of some of the best Indy wrestlers in the US. He has been invited to hang with many of the Hollywood scene and is even in a new movie. he has a new clothing line coming out. What more can he possibly do?

Rockin' Rebel

He was all over the world and then some. He has been a regular on this show many times. He is well respected in the busines. You may love him, you may hate him, but one thing is for sure. He is one of the guys who has helped give back to the business more than most know. He is one of our favorite guests and he is back!


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This WEEK is our Anniversary SHOW

A star Studded Lineup with:

Superstar Billy Graham

He was a man many pattern their career after. He was a Superstar everywhere he went. He had a long career run and is known worldwide. He is a legend and is a rare appearance on any show. This week we find out all about this man and his life.


Jimmy Valiant

He is one of the original legends and one of our best guests. He is now retired as an active wrestler but always entertaining and still active with his school and other obligations. We welcome him back fo this special show landmarking our 5th anniversary.

Angel Valiant

Behind every great man is his loving and special woman. This week we talk to Mrs. Boogie Woogie Man and hear her side of their lives together. She also wrote a new childrens book which we all are anxious to hear about. What is it like to be the woman behind the legend?

Bo Diddley Tribute

We do a tribute to the legend himself. We play a couple cuts of his music and compare how they revolutionized modern music

Trash Talking Radio Unplugged

Last week Nate Stein and Annilihation announced some of the matches for the upcoming PWU show. This week we will see what other surprises are in store


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Trent Acid

He is an International Star. Just getting back from another overseas tour he reunites with Some of the US promotiions like PWU, DWF and many more. He has been around the world and keeps pushing the limits to become stronger. Its been about 2 years since he was on the show and now its time to catch up.

Eric Gargiulo

He is back again to talk about the Indy Scene and current events.He is one of the first to do a Wrestling Radio Show and was the voice of CZW for years. He is now still doing Wrestling Radio. This week we catch up to one of the Inspirations to this show.


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Iron Sheik

You have seen him on You-Tube and heard him on the Howard Stern Show. He is a legend in the business and after all these years still seems to be a controversial character. This week we have the return of someone who has been at the top of the game for the majority of his career. This week he will talk about his career after WWE.

Peggy Lee Leather

She is a legend in womans wrestling. She was originally trained by the Fabulous Moolah and is still continuing to wrestle on a regular basis. She is tough as they come and ready for action

Trash Talking Radio Unplugged

This week Nate Stein and Annihilation announced some of the matches for the upcoming PWU show. This week we will see what other surprises are in store


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"Sweet & Sour" Larry Sweeney

Sweet & Sour International is growing like wildfire. He is on a roll where ever he goes. ROH is one of his main stays. This week we find out his plans for conquering the Indy world.

Nigel Sherrod

He was one of the guys responsible for many of the guests on our show as well as being the "Elvis" on the last TNA PPV. How did that opportunity come about?


Twisted Tate

He is the owner of Atomic Championship wrestling and back to talk about the upcoming show. Will Bill Bain retain the belt? Will Rebel and Kit continued to hold the straps? We will talk about the lineup and upcoming shows.

Trash Talking Radio Unplugged

This week Nate Stein and Mike Trash announced some of the matches for the upcoming PWU show. This week we will see what other surprises are in store


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Kevin Kelly

Before his stint in the WWE, he was a ring announcer in Florida. he also worked in as an interviewer for some key angles in the WWE. He has also served as a Television Host, manager and talent scout in his wrestling career. Where is he now? This long awaited interview will answer that and more.

Atticus Rheighns

There is a s new promotion on the horizon with some big ideas. They are known as IWA -Tri-State and he will talk about how this promotion got started, who is part of it and why another promtion.

Tommy Fierro

Fan Conventions are no stranger to the fans of the east coast and Fan Slam has a history of being the best of the best as they continue to bring more Legends for everyone. They profess to seek out wrestling celebrities that are not at every other convention. This time is no exception.

CM Serenyi

Otherwise known as "HOLLYWOOD" of Steve Corinos students. This week we talk to one of the next generation of this Dojo. He is one of the stars of the new promotion 3K Wrestling. This week we will talk about his limited time ias a fighting athlete and how he got involved in this promotion

Trash Talking Radio Unplugged

Last week Nate Stein and Annihilation annouced some of the matches for the upcoming PWU show. This week we will see what other surprises are in store


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Chris Cruise

He was the voice of WCW and hosted WCW Worldwide, the top WCW syndicated TV show in the late 1980s. What was WCW like from his side? WHat were their strengths and weeknesses? Where is he today?

Fan Forum

Chris Cruise Website

Evan Ginzburg

He is the Host of his own Radio Show as well as a Publicist of many of the legends events and hads been a big part of helping find talnt for the new movie "The Wrestler". He manages the careers of several Indy Wrtlers and keeps busy trying to juggle many different venues.

Trash Talking Radio Unplugged

Last week Nate Stein and Annihilation annouced some of the matches for the upcoming PWU show. This week we will see what other surprises are in store


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"Pretty Boy" Doug Somers

He was a major part of the AWA along with "Playboy" Buddy Rose. He was trained in part by one fo the most famous and best wrestlers ever in the business.

Jon Dalmer

He is one of the Trainers at the CZW schools and has been working DCW, Atomic Pro and others. This week we get the scoop and updates on CZW as well as the other places he is working. He is not just hardcore.


Ricky Landel

Its been a while since we had on this guy. He will update us on the new promotions out of Philly. Tonight we find out more about 3K Wrestling and how they came to be.

Trash Talking Radio Unplugged

Last week Nate Stein annouced some of the matches for the upcoming PWU show. This week we will see what other surprises are in store


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With the XPW Reunion around the corner, it goes without saying that this man would be a part of it. This week we catch up with him as he tells us the story of how the XPW is making their reunion back in CA.


Another one of XPW's main guys, he makes his first appearance on our show. He is big, bad and ready for action in what is arguably the most violent promotion in years.

Atomic Pro Preview

This week we cover one of the up and coming promotions from Denver PA who has been growing leaps and bounds. We will talk about their upcoming show and what lead to their finding a bigger and differnt venue.

Trash Talking Radio Unplugged?

Last week Johnny Kashmere annouced the formation fo a new segment on the show called TTRU, which will showcase PWU and Indy News. This week we debut it. This segment is going to be recorded after the last interview of the night.


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Chris Masters

The masterpiece makes his debut on the show as he talks about his beginnings, his time in WWE and today. He has made his MasterLock in the business and is a strong canidate for the fouture of wrestling. He will be appearing at the DWF show in New Jersey and will talk about returning to the Indy Scene.


Johnny Kashmere

He makes his return to the show after more than a year. He is the creator of PWU and we have seen that promotion evolve. What is next for PWU and the Backseat Boys? Is PWU done or have the evolved into yet another phase?

Tribute to the Late Penny Banner

She was one of the toughest women ever in the business and on 5/13/08 she lost her final battle to Cancer. We play her interview from 2004 and talk about her life in and out fo the business.

Banner Days


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Rob Conway

He is a former WWE Superstar and out on the Indy’s. This week we find out if there is life after the WWE and how he is fairing in the business. We look at his career up till now and where he is headed next.


Bud Carson

He started as a vendor selling all the fun stuff you can get at the events and is now running events as well as autograph signings. We will talk to him and see how his business model has changed over the years and see what his insight is to the future of the business.

Josh Abercrombie

"The Trendsetter" originally from Ct and now residing in MI, he has taken the Midwest by storm. He has a long list of credentials and keeps pushing himself to new levels. This week we will see what new trends he is setting.



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Marcus Dowling

He is the manager of managers and taking part in the new NWA promotion that has sprung up from the Philly Area. This week we hear about their new promotion and the direction as well as their card.



He is the current Kyda Pro Heavyweight Champion and one half of the NWA VA Tag Champions with Phil Brown. He has had an opportunity to work on TV with WWE and is working hard to get his name known. This is his first time on the show and we will find out more about him


Steve "The Teacher"

Class is in session as this guy will show you the ropes He has studied hard to mske his name and is on the board when it comes to his career. He will give you detention if you dont mind your P's & Q's and will get you ready for your finals as he gets ready for the RPWF show.


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Friend or foe? He has been a member of the Trash Clan and also on the other side of the ring. This guy has had many tryouts for WWE and is out every week proving why he is one of best in the Indy Circuit today. He has been in rings in and out of the country and continues to try to capture the illusive dream.


He is one of the biggest Heavyweights out there today. He is tough and taking over the indys one white woman at a time. He and Jaden have made an impact everywhere they appear. This week hear what the sensational one has to say.


Billy Roc

He was trained in part by one of the all time greatest wrestlers. He has had opportunities to work some of the best promotions around and continues to make a name for himself. He is currently the IPW Junior Heavyweight Champion and the American Luchacore Champion. He has more than gold in mind for the future and he will talk about that this week.


CCW & APW Update

These 2 promotions have big shows coming up and we will cover their lineups as well as give insight as to where they are headed


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Doc Diamond

The DWF lives as they have found a new venue and are getting back up to speed. We bring on one of the guys who has promoted show for longer than most and most any name out there has probably been on one of his shows at one time or another. We welcome back this guy for his second appearance to talk about the DWF, and Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame and much more


He has worked primarily in West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. He has been out there paying his dues and making a name for himself. This week we find out what the issue is between him and the 3AW commissionioner.


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Mike Magnum

USA, USA, this fan favorite is growing quickly in this business. He hails from NY and is constantly learning the ropes. PWR has taken this guy and gave him an opportunity to shine.

Dickie Rodz

Last time he was on the show he was a man without a country. This time we catch up with hm as we find out about his status with NYWC.


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Ole Anderson

He was one half of the Minnesota Wrecking Crew and booker in many areas. He saw the rise and fall of WCW and was there when the territories were thriving. He was part of the legendary 4 Horsemen and has accolades in his career too many to count. On April 4th he comes to United Wrestling League for a rare appearance in Cleveland TN. Find out more this week.

New Jack

A special call from the one and only talking about his new DVD release. IT is alwasy a party when he is on the show

Van Hughes

He is one of the forces that help with the new 2XFW promotion in Cincinnatti Ohio, He has been working in the business since the mid 90's and is working hard to help push out a stronger and better product in the area.

Ricky O

He was the promoter for JCW and now is the promoter for NWA Pro East. This week we find out how he got involved and why. He was the created of the J-Cup and continues to put on some major shows.


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The Stro

Before he was one of the students to come out of WCW's Power Plant, he has several legends help him in the business. Now years after WCW closed their doors we will see where he is now.


He is part of the Dark Carnival and one of the main people involved with DTW. This week we find how he got into the business and more about this promotion.


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Chance Prophet

Last time we had him on he was sidelined with a very serious injury. This week we revisit the wrestler who is working his way back up the ranks. Listen to how he has changed his style to prevent further injuries and what he is doing to get back on top.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts Update

He is a man with many demons and we will see how the WWE Wellness program may be something that could save lives of the legends as well as the current stars. We get an inside scoop on how this system works


The Suplex

Joel had an idea and brought it to life with his website. Here is a chance for everyone to get the inside track on Indy Wreslting here and overseas. Find out more about how they got their start and where you can get your scoops.

Problem Child

He is a flyer with alot of issues. he may be the smallest dog in the fight be he has the heart of a Lion. This week we find out what the future holds for this guy as he takes alot of risks to get the job done.


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Jimmy Hart

He just got back from Afganistan and is now pushing the Wrestlemania. He is a legend in the business and lives to push new events. He is now giving back to the business that did so much for him.

Force One

One of the Brightest Promotions in ages is growing at a very fast pace as they are having another big show. This week we are going to talk to Phil Varlese about their next big show and big plans

Bobby Cruise

He was the voice of many promotions before landing the ROH gig. This week we find more out about the man many envy for his positiion in ROH.



This past weekend, PWR had a live TTRS featuring 2 wrestler/rappers. Just what happened? Find out this week.



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Chris Kanyon

Who’s better than this guy? He had a very successful career. Then when the WWE bought the WCW he faded into the sunset. Where has he been and what is in store for the man. He helped one of the wrestling movies and also helped many of the younger guys find their way in the sport. This week we hear from the man himself

Bobby Reidel

He is a man on a mission. He has an agenda as he might say to you. We was absent from PWR for a long time and recently returned with a vengeance. This week we find out what his problems are with the PWR as well as his future plans. Controversy is his middle name.

Luke Hawx

He started down south and made his name originally with NWA – Wild Side. He migrated up the east coast and now works regularly all over. We will talk to him about how he got to this place and what his future plans are.



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Rob Van Dam

He was a mainstay in the original ECW and went on to a very successful career in the WWE. He also has 5 Star Comics as well as a life after WWE. This week we catch up with the man himself.

Eric Simms

He is the manager of the Iron Sheik and has worked with many of the legends. He has alot of funny stories. You wont believe some of the stuff he can tell you from the road

MDogg 20

He was a regualr at CZW and has become on eof the brightest Indy Stars, He made #8 on the Observers Best Flyers 2007 in the same company with Rey Misterio, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles and Jack Evans. He was in the ECWA Super 8 and JAPW's 10th Anniversary Show. If you haven't seen him this is your chance to hear from him.



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2nd Segment

Ian Rotten

IWA-MidSouth is on the verge of their 500th show. We also talk to him about his retirement. This show should help us get to the bottom of the many things surrounding this promotion and this man.

Green Dragon Jason Pharo

He is an Indy Wrestler. He is an MMA fighter. Find out more about this mysterious guy. Where did he come from and why is he doing the MMA style as well the wrestling.

Tracy Smothers

He is a man who is not afraid to speak his mind or afraid to tell it how it is. This show he promises to tell us something about one of his peers that is so scandelous that Former President Clinton couldn't top.


Listen here


He is a strong supporter of the Indy Wrestling scene. He works as an Indy Manager. He also helps to promote many of the Indy Feds. This week we will talk about how BWO in NJ as well as Force-1 are climbing on notoriety


Massive Mike

He is the Owner of MWC/SWA and has been running shows for some time. He runs a tight ship on his shows and continues to push his guys to their limits. This week we bring on a good friend of the shows and get to talk about many of his students who are out there working.

2/5/08 Lineup

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2nd Segment

Nate Stein

He is one of those guys who has a love for the business. He has given his all to help other feds and wrestlers make their mark. This week we get an update on his involvement in some of the better companies.


Ray Alexander

He is another up and comer who is wrestling primarily in the PA & NJ area. He has worked for some of the better Indy Feds and is hoping to make his mark in 2008.

Tommy Hawk

This star is on the rise as he is going out week after week pushing himself to new heights. This is one to watch out for and by the end of this year we will all know his name.


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2nd Segment

Rob Feinstein

He is the owner of RF Video and has been on the show many times. He is one of the innovators in the business and has some of the greatest shoot videos in the business. He has one of the largest libraries of hard to find and rare video. This week we catch up to him and find out what is new in the world of VIdeos.

Kacee Carlisle

She started as a manager and has grown to be a force in Indy Women's wrestling. She hits hard and plays hard. She is a regular at many of the better Indy Promotions and has managed to start collecting Gold. This is her second time on the show and we catch up with her this week.


This guy is one of the legit tough guys out there. He is nothing short of fearless in and out of the ring. He will give a great performance in the ring and is one of those guys who gives 110% each and every time. This week we introduce you to the man who won't just crush your dreams, he will shatter them



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2nd Segment

Chris Nowinski

He was a tough enough finalist and went on to work in the WWE for several years before suffering from several concussions. In the wake of a sport full of injuries, he had a personal agenda in wanting to create a research organization centered around this series problem. This week we talk to a man who has decided to dedicate his life to researching this issue in hopes of better understanding it


He is one of the last warriors. He travels internationally and will definitely speak his mind. He is one of the hardest working Indy Guys out there. This week we find out where he came from and where he is headed. Check him out and you might just learn something.

Arthur Boorman<-- A must Listen

So who is this guy and why would we interview him. He is not an athlete and not a movie star. he doesn't play an instrument or sing. He isn't even a celebrity by common standards. So who is he. He is an Inspiration to anyone who ever thought they couldn't do something. He is a student of Dallas Page's YRG. He is a success story that We want to share.


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2nd Segment

Brent Albright

He is best known for his appearances on WWE’s Friday night Smackdown as Gunner Scott and has spent a fair amount of time in OVW. He is one of ROH’s stars, alongside B.J. Whitmer and Adam Pearce, is a member of ROH's Hangmen 3 stable.


The "World's Greatest Hype Machine" returns to the show to talk about the return of Communism. The KGB have invaded the United States and Kaelin is the one who can explain it. Is this country ready for another "Red Scare"?


Hailing from NY he is a regualr in promotions like JAPW and PWR. He has helped to train many of the stars on WWE today. He is a force to recon with. He is part of the Long Island Wrecking Crew and if you aren't careful he may come wreck you.


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Johnny Ova

He is the Million Dollar Protégé. He started his career in NYWC and has since wrestled all over, including working with Ted DiBiase’s PWA. He is a main force in Long Islands, PWR and has recently written a book, which we will discuss. It’s not Ova, till he says so this week.

Chris Fox

He has been a promoter who has started many promotions. He was known for UWF in PA as well as NWA OK, NWA Universal and NWA UCW. He is also a Tour manager for many of the rock Concerts. This week we will talk to a real Rock N' Wrestling Connection.