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Kurt Kaos & Vic Vanity

Are they Wrestlers? Are they Radio Personalitys? Are they secretly Hulk Hogan Fanatics? Find out this week as we bring our long lost Friends from Above the Mat back to the show. They have a Reunion show coming up on Decemeber 27. Check it out!!

Above the Mat

I B Green

He is never at a loss for words as we bring this 2 time ECPW Empire State Champion to the show. You love to hate him and he loves to hate you too. Check iut what he has to say about the world of wrestling.

News & Views also New Tiger Woods Song

Alot has happened since our last show. From Tiger Woods to Umaga. This week we will cover the news from around the world and talk about this past weekends New York Trip.

Tag Team Action Returns as the women have held the prestigious TTRS Football Titles three weeks in a row. Will this weekends games see them continue the title holds or will they come up short skirted?


Actress Catherine Black

She has a nice long list of credentials behind her. On the big screen, Catherine has acted opposite Christian Bale in “American Psycho”, and has worked with director Amy Heckerling in “Loser”. Catherine has also worked extensively on the small screen, including co-starring in the ABC/Disney MOW “Mr. Headmistress”.
She just finished filming the feature film “The Donner Party” performing a leading role, opposite Crispin Glover.

News & Views

Alot has happened since our last show. From Tiger Woods to Umaga. This week we will cover the news from around the world and talk about this past weekends New York Trip.

Tag Team Action Returns as the women have held the prestigious TTRS Football Titles three weeks in a row. Will this weekends games see them continue the title holds or will they come up short skirted?


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Ace Cruz - Film Maker Actor

He has had the success of several independent films. Outrage was, perhaps, his best to date. This Actor/film producer is gaining more fame and notoriety with each release. This week we talk to this critically acclaimed film producer after winning the International Film Fest "Best Sci-Fi" Picture. We will learn what it takes to make your way int the world of Hollywood.

Reverend Bob Levy Returns

As the "Killers Of Comedy Tour" winds down we bring back, we bring this comedian back on the show. His career is in full force as he travels the country entertaining and working some of the craziest people in the business. Check him out on the road or on Sirius Satellite Sunday nights on the Miserable Man Show

Tag Team Action Returns as the women have held the prestigious TTRS Football Titles three weeks in a row. Will this weekends games see them continue the title holds or will they come up short skirted?


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Samir Ahmed II

"Supernatural" Sensation from Egypt. He is very talented and puts a new twist on a Pyramid scheme as he is using his powers to climb the wrestling ranks. This week we will talk to the man who is Viaing for the GPW belt in this several month tournament.

Darren Wyse

Dirty Deeds done Dirt cheap as he comes back on to talk about his next event, said to be his retirement match. We talk to the man who has successfully run events in the Red Lion area over the past couple of years using many legends and TNA stars as well as top Indy Stars. This week he returns back to the show.

That's Pro Wrestling

More tag team Football and more news this week



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Frankie Starz

He was scheduled to appear on this show recently and then just dissappeared. This week we find out what happened to him and what he has coming u as well as his new Valet

More Tag Team Football & News

Who engs up taking the title this week? Also news and views on current events


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Steve Blackman

Former WWE Superstar comes to our show after many years of seeking him. He is the real deal when it comes to MMA. He has his own Fighting academy and they are showcasing their talen this weekend in the Harrisburg PA area. Check out this week as he tells us about the evolution of his sport.

Twitter People please send this:

@TNADixie Please hire Intntl Star KAGE. He is currently working Germany, Korea and in US and would make a great Addition to your roster

New Gordon Solie book

He is a legend in this sport and even years after his passing his daughter has released a second book called "The Solie Chronicles". This week we find out more about this book. He was instrumental and maybe one of the greatest play-by-play guys in the business. He wasn't called the "Dean" for nothing.

The Solie Chronicles


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(Mildred Burke biography)

Before there was a Trish Stratus and the current Divas, or TNA Knockouts there was a number of women who helped to pave the way for the all the future women of Pro wrestling. Mildred Burke would be one of the Pioneers who helped. In the Book "The Queen of the Ring" we will see how things differ today from yesterday. This week we bring on the Assitant Editor to the book Jeffrey Leon.


He is a good friend of the show and now working closer woth SWO. This week we go over the card and the stars of this promotion who will be at the Solenco Fair Ground in Quarryville PA this weeken for their Halloween show

Tag Team Football

What is it? How does it work? If you heard last weeks first segment we talk about a ne way to play football picks with people who dont follow football. This week is the results of last weeks picks


Tributes show

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Tribute to Captain Lou Albano

He is a true legend and last week we lost him. He was one of the innovators of "How to Manage" in wrestling and was instrumental in the growth of the WWF with Cyndi Lauper. He was also the voice of Mario and worked in movies as well. This week we bring back on "Agent to the Stars" Bobby Reidel to pay tribute to this special man. We also have a surprise guest call in named Bill Apter.

Captain Lou Interview from 2006

Monty Python Tribute

This is the 50 year anniverary of the worlds greatest British Comedy Troupe as we will play some of their bits between Interviews. Also this week, Sirius/XM Radio has a 24 Hour channel dedicated to thier skits.


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Ron Starr

He has been around the Indy's for quite a while and have gained a good reputation. He has helped book and run promotions and this week we will talk about how he got involved on both the booking end and helping run the office.

Rev. Rich Palladino

He is one of the men behind the Ct based promotion "Genesis Pro Wrestling" and last month had his first encounter with the internal workings of Pro Wrestling. This week he comes on to talk about the makings of a promotion and what makews this one different from the others.

April Jewel

With Halloween around the corner we have another Psychic to come on and talk about the supernatural. This one should be interesting to see what she will see or feel. We may learn more than we bargained for.


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Nigerian Nightmares

Maifu and Snaifu have become a major factor in the indy tag team circuit as they brutilize their opponents. We will attempt to break through the language barrier to dig deep into the minds of these behemoths.

Rob Dimension

He was one of the eary co-hosts to our show. Its been several years since we caught up to him and he is coming on to update us on the current promotions that he is working with and some of the up and coming athlestes he is working with. If you listen carefully, you may just learn something.


Current events. what is going on in the world of not just wrestling, but where we all live?


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Bobby Reidel with Ron Simmons

Damn, Who knew Ron was coming on? No one here did as he was a surprise gues to us and our listeners.

Bobby is an old friend of the show and always has something to say. He is the Agent to the Stars. He has spent his life working with many of the legends of today as well as helped many of them get to & from many of the shows. This week we will talk about the Genesis of a new era of Wrestling. Also will touch on the formula of a good promoter. Join us once again as the colorful one returns.

Alex Anthony

We first had him on as Alex Balboa. He is working for the Wporld 1 promotion and is a major player there. This week we catch up with him and find out his plans to take over this and any other promotion he is involved in

SWO News

ECPW Updates and the Unvieling of the GWP Video

Samir Ahmed II with the Vital Idol Classy Mike Trash Challenge Kid Liberty



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Chris Rockwell

Sometimes I feel like, somebody's watching me. He had a great run as Kid Liberty and is currently running as his other persona. This past weekend in Ct he had a couple of excellent matches. We have an opportunity to talk to this guy who started at 16 and now at a young age has a great deal of experience to pass on. This one is a must listen

ECW Zombie

Although he had a short run in WWE he continues to keep his name out there. He has worked in the US and Puerto Rico and will not be buried. We look forward to getting updates on him and welcome him back for the first show in our fall season. from here on out we should refer to him as TrashsZombie (Sorry I couldn't resist)

SWO News

ACW News

Current events

Mike Trashs Birthday show


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Jimmy Valiant

He is a great friend of the show and coming back on to say hello and tell us his latest thing. He has his own radio show. He has some great guests. Tune in for the Boogie Woogie Man.

Readings by Carmen

There is Trashsmaid, Trashsbabe, Trashspet, Trashswitch, and now we have Trashs Psychic. We have talked about her on the show many times stemming from the time when she channeled one of Mike Trash's Passed Relatives. This week she makes her debut to the show.

Last segment includes several Friends of the show

We hear from Nigel, Brimstone, and the lovely Leilene.

Nigel is one of Mike Trash's longest friends and former booker for this show.

Brimstone is one of Mike Trashs best friend in the business and out. They share many common interests from Music to Wrestling to mainstream entertainment goals.

Leilene is a woman who is a beautiful starlet who has a great background in many aspects of the entertainment business, from Modelling to reality TV to WWE to movies. She brings the party anywhere she goes.

TrashsBabe is Trish's Daughter who also came on to tell Mike Trash happy birthday


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Brimstone Roast

The count down is on and this week we will have someone on to talk about the Brimstone roast. This weekend is the big date and it will be filled with celebrities. This one should be interesting as they pay tribute to this Long island Native.

Jason Gotti

Its been a couple of years since we had him on. We will get updates on how he has been doing within the Indys as well as an upcoming Scaffold match that he has coming up.

Rick Fuller

He hails from Massachusetts and had the opportunity to train with some of the legendary men in this sport. We worked for WCW briefly and has worked in the NWA. He is a big man with a big purpose. Watch him as he continues to be a powerhouse.



Trish's Birthday Show

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Andrew Anderson

He was in the "Wrestler" and is now about to have his own reality show debut on TV. He has worked hard to establish himself and make an impact. This is one of the guys to watch as he keeps getiing bigger in the business

Jake Davis

He is one half of the Highway Men and also well respected as he is a known in the PA, VA, MD & WV area and is tough as nail. He now has a wrestling school with his brother. This week we will talk to the "Machine"

Lucious Joe Sloan

He is from the Long Island NY Area and has been working hard to establish himself as well as was a booker for one of the NY Feds. He is now expanding his horizons into some new territories, This week we catch up to him for updates.


He returns to talk about some of the new Feds he is working as well as the ones he has stuk with thru ome hard times. He has a big show coming up this month and wants to let everyone know more about it


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Josef Von Schmidt

He hails from Germany and is out to challenge democracy in and out of the ring. He is marching his way to notoriety as he takes the sport by storm. He is not afraid od controversy and he will tell you as he sees it and how Germany is genetically gifted athletes versus the US.


The rumors of his death have been seriously exaggerated as he is alive and well and getting ready to re-appear in the MMA world. He was one of the original UFC fighters who helped pave the way for today's fighters. We will find out his thoughts on how the sport has evolved and how he ranks some of the biggest names out there today

Vote on Kimo's next Fight Here ---->


John MacAluso

He has worked with some of the greatest artists in the industry. From YNGWIE MALMSTEEN to - TNT, Riot, & Ark, thsi drummer has been on too many recordings and CD's to mention. This week we get some insight into the world of the Independent Drummer.


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New Jack

An ECW original and as unpredictable out of the ring as he is in the ring. He always has something to say and something controversial going on. This week we bring him back and let him have the floor to say what he has to say.


Kashanna Evans Shaman

She is a supermodel and actress. This week we bring her on to talk about how the business is evolving and how she got started in her business. We will talk about upcoming appearances and projects too.

Southern Justice

He is 14 years in the business making his own laws throughout the Indy Scene. He has his own form of judge & jury. Thiis week he comes on to talk about his time in the business as well as to talk about the return of DWF and Loco Wrestling.


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Adrian Bliss

He is as SWO mainstay and has helped to keep them going with his crazy antics as he and his partner have battled to remain on top of their Tag straps. He recently was injured and is not trying to get himself

back ready for the ring

Inside the Squared Circle Live feed Wednesday Nite from 6 PM - 7:30 PM EST

Watch & Listen HERE Live Wednesdays!

Inside the Squared Circle

Who is the Twitter Links of the week? What current events do they discuss. YOu never know what topics will come up on this weeks show


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Axl Rotten

An ECW original and Journeyman from the territorial days. He was a main player where ever he worked. He always has alot of good road stories and is looking to get back in the business. We welcome him back and are looking forward to see him return to the ring.

Captain Lucky

He is one of the Lucky Legendary Superheroes and will be appearing at the San Diego Comic-Con Converntion. The Lucky Legendary superhero team fight to protect the innocent with their special comedy, laugh-out loud humor and pop-culture exploitation. Known for their weekly web comic and their live action web series, the Lucky Legendary superheroes have amassed a huge fan base and are known around the world for their thrilling exploits.


It has been a while since he was on the show this time he is talking alot of PWE and their titles. He feels he may have a conspiracy against him as he talks of the way they lost the tag straps


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TTRS Anniversary Show

Back in 2003 it was just an idea. A dream to help the Indy Wrestlers become more in the public eye in markets they may not have made an impact in otherwise. As time went on we were able to bring on bigger names until we hit the biggest names in the business. From there we went to Music Artists, and TV & Movie Celebrities. This anniversary marks the dawn of the most versatile show on the internet with stars from many walks of life. This week we will talk about the evolution of the show.

Belinda Bentley - Celebrity Psychic

She quickly became a Celebrity Psychic being featured in all aspects of media worldwide, including Star Magazine, Diva Magazine, the Santa Cruz Sentinel, Darkness Radio with Dave Schrader, Trash Talking Radio, and Haunted Voices Radio, and more recently VH1, Dave Navarro's Spread TV, Playboy radio and her own radio show “Disturbed Paranormal” with co - host, Hale Mednik. Although most celebrity clientele is kept confidential, Belinda has worked with Dave Navarro and has been named as his "In House Psychic." She has also been linked to other Hollywood celebrities!

Tracy Smothers

A good freind of the show returns with more stories and more fun. He has been around the world several times and survived this crazy business. This week we will hear some new road stories and see what is new with our southern friend


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Melissa Bacelar

She says she doesn't do windows or cook, but she loves a clean house and great food. Hanging out with her is a real "Scream" as she is dubbed a "Scream Queen" in film. She has also done broadway and this week will grace us with her charms.


This past week was a rough one as we not only Lost Ed MacMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Billy Mayes, Michael Jackson and Mike Trash's Pet Snoop Dawgy Dawg. This week we will pay Tribute to each of these fallen Friends and heros. We will also talk about Misawa who we lost recently.

The return of Laura & Steve

Its been a couple of years since we had them on the show but they are supposed to be with us in the studio as we will get updates on the Michigan scene.


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Larry Guli - TV & Film Star

If you watch "General Hospital" you have seen him as Uncle Paulie. He also has been the lead in many movies as have been on many TV Series. You may not know his name but you will know his face. He is also on a show called "Curb your Enthusiasm" this week we enter the world of this star.

Jason Knight

He is one of the original ECW guys from when it was Eastern Championship Wrestling. He was there as they grew to what is now known as Extreme Championship Wrestling. This week we brng him back on after a couple years to get an update on where he is today and to tell stories of his history in the business

Assault Championship Wrestling

Sterling James Keenan

This guy in an international star. We have watched him as he grew from the local Indys to an overseas sensation. We will bring him on to tell his story of how he got in the business and how he got the chance to live the dream and how he is still a star on the rise



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Brandhyze - TV & Film Star

If you watch "All my Children" or "As the World Turns", you may have seen this guest as she was no only on thise but the 2009 Movie called "Women Do it Better". This week we break through to the Soap Opera world and have the honor of talking to a star of TV & Film.

Ronnie Paige - Fuel (Bass)

He is the Bass player for the band Fuel and the Lead Guitarist for Forever Oeuvre and he is here to tell us about him new project. Check out this one of a kind interview with this up and coming band and check out their MySpace.

SWO Update

They have their own TV Show as well as a good family entertainment wrestling show. Andrew Backlund comes on to talk about their upcoming show.


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Justin Credible

He isnt just good. No, No, No. He's not just great.... Its been a couple of years since we had him on the show and this week he returns. He has been making his name heard once again as he is making more appearances. He also has a Fanfest coming up in Auguest called Icons Of Wrestling. Fine out more this week.

Dara "Like Dat" Boyd

She was on the VH1 Series "Flavor of Love" as well as "Flavor of Love Charm School". We caught up to her at a charity event fund-raiser for Autism at the Dexter Entertainment complex. Learn more about her then you can imagin from this reality star.

Discussion on Promoters

What makes a good promoter? What makes a bad one? Sop you think you got what it takes?


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Andrew Anderson

He was in the Movie "The Wrestler" and has been in the Indy scene for a long time. Since his role in the movie he has seen a bit of interest from the mainstream entertainment world. This week we will explore the new opportunities that has come his way..

Nigel Sherrod

A long time friend of the Show and lifetime member of the Trash Clan. He was instrumental in securing some of the interviews on the show. Now he has a full time job working as the General Manager of RPW. Listen as we talk or thier future

Luscious Joe Sloan

He is the PWR Heavyweight Champion and has been working to help promote this organization This week we talk about the upcoming show in Staten Island. The PWR crew is helping raise money for the Frank J. Reali III Family Learn more about this great organization



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Andrew Anderson

He was in the Movie "The Wrestler" and has been in the Indy scene for a long time. Since his role in the movie he has seen a bit of interest from the mainstream entertainment world. This week we will explore the new opportunities that has come his way..

Tina Stull

She is a Full Time Racer in the NHRA. She is ranked 42 in the world and 10th in her division. Her major sponsor is Interstate Batteries and this week we will learn more about the Racing Industry. She may be the fastest woman alive at 182 MPH.

Metal Mike

He played with the Halford band as well as with Sabastian Bach and many others. He is detined to become a real live Guitar Hero as he graces the stage with his heavy riffs.


Listen here

George "The Animal" Steele

He is a legend who performed several decades in the sport esablishing himself as a part of history. Starting as a School Teacher and wrestling in the off season, he played the part of the Animal to a "T". This week we bring him on and talk about the legancy and the legends of the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Rev Bob Levy

He is a major part of the "Killers of Comedy" and has been featured on the Howard Stern Show as well as Celebrity Boxing. This week we talk to the Funny Man as we find out his history in the Comedy Business.


Listen here
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Dr Ruthless

Is ther a Doctor in the house? This guy is an entertainment from start to finish as we see him take control in the rong. Outside the ring he is a gentlemans gentleman. He has been working the PA scene for alot of years making a name for himself. Check him out as he dances his way to the top.


Chio Frost

DTW has meant alot to many of the wrestlers in the PA-NJ area. They have 2 shows coming up real soon and this week we will talk about them as well as many of the other things going thru his life including the possibility of retirement

Mike Trash?

Yes this week we will have one of our long term fans Interview the Vital Idol himself. Tune in and see what the classy one has to say


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Lord Zoltan

Yes.... No.... Yes... No.... He has been since sometime in the 70's and is still out there working the Indys. This week we will learn about the early days of his career till now and how things have changed. He is a guy who has seen an industry totally change


News & Views

From current events to "What Burns my Trash" Segment. We will also talk about this past weekend in Quarryville as well as this coming weekend in Jersey City. We also will be talking about the upcoming Yankee Stadium Show too.

Kurt Kaoss & Marshall

Above the Mat was one of the Radio Shows who helped pave the way for our show and they were one of the first shows to reach out to us and even gave us our stream for listeners for several years. Tonight they came on the show to annouce a re-union show for early August.

Above the Mat

Keystone Wrestling Alliance

Nate Fike (Co-owner of KWA) came on to talk about their show in Jersey Shore PA which includes the likes of Rockin' Rebel, Jake the Snake Roberts, Kage and many more.

Keystone Wrestling Alliance MySpace


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New Jack

It's been over a year since we last had him on the show. This week we catch up on the Original Gangsta and find out about the 2nd generation as well as his recent reuniting with Mustafa.

Jose Hernadez, Jr and Cheryl Bachman

He was on 4 seasons of the HBO hit series Oz and she was a Playboy centerfold. They are together in this interview as well and in real life. This week we catch up with both of them and find out a little about them.


Listen here
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Always the innovator, he is working to break out in the mainstreme. He has appearances all over and is featured in several new movies. He is a good friend of the show and is always working on fundraising for charity.

April Hunter

Last time she was on the show was about 2 years ago. Alot has happened since then and we will use this time to catch up on her and her hubby's lifestyle. We will see how the Life on and out of the Business has treated them.


It has been a while since he was on the show and with CCW having another show coming up he returns and gives us an update. He is one of the guys coming into his own and he continues to strive to be the best out there.


Listen here

Micah Taylor

He is a former WWE Developmental wrestler for DSW, now head trainer at RPW. Will be challenging Heavyweight Champion Murder One in a Cage match at RPW Showdown April 10th 2009 at the Macon City Auditorium.

Deven "The Snakeman" Michaels

He was taken in and trained by one of the masters in ring Psychology. This guy lives, sleeps and eats wrestling. He is one of the Trainers at the West Virginia Wrestling Alliance School. This week we hear about what it was like to train under the Original Snake.



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Judas Young

He works many of the Indy Feds as well as working for the NWA. He has worked for most of the notable Indy Feds in the North East. He is a very solid worker and has built a good reputation. This week we finally has a chance to talk to him as he goes into the next weekend for a very inportant match.


Dickie Rodz

At one time the only place you could find him was NYWC but now we are seeing his name pop up all over the US. This talented guy is making his name and making his way to name recognition. He returns to our show with some interesting news.

Gervase Peterson

He was on the original Survivor Series that launched the franchise. This Philadelphia native was one of the pioneers who played this game in its early stages and perhaps laid the groundwork for todays version. This week we see more about how the game is played and talk to him about his upcoming Celebrity Boxing match against Porno Star Travis Knight.


Travis Knight

He is known as a Porno actor and director. This week we find out how he goes from working it in the bedroom to the ring as he takes on Gervase Peterson from Survivor in a Celebrity Boxing match. This week we see if he will practice safe technics in the ring.

Tattoo Tony

He is the Tattoo artist of the stars as he makes his second appearance on the show. This time we will talk to him about a fundraiser he is organizing to help with Autism awareness. This weekend he has a bunch of bands donating their time for this worthy cause. Listen in as we do our part to promote this worthy cause.



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Steve Corino

He is the artist formerly known as the King of Old School as well as now known as Mr Wrestling 3. He comes on to talk about his venture in Puerto Rico and also with B4W with their show coming up this weekend.

Debra Marshall

She is one of the former WWE Diva's who made her way in the business through her association with Mongo Mc Michael and then became the wife of Stone Cold. She has been out of the scene for some time but makes her way back into the Spotlight. This week we find out where she has been and what the future hold for her


Mike Black returns to talk about the new 3AW. They have reformed and are ready to take on the wrestling community. They are a New Promotion with a new alliance of experienced people.

Private Donovan Warner & Sir Reginald Royce

Live in the studio we are joined by someone who is leave from his tour of duty in Iraq and His father. We took time to hear what Iraq is like from this young guy who has been stationed there. Very interesting interview and only on TTRS


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Listen here

Bobby Lashley

He is a Former WWE/ECW World Champion, WWE United States Champion, as well as winning several PWI Awards. He won several Amateur awards and is very accomplished. He now is competing in MMA and is on the road to being the best. This weekend he is competing against Jason Guida and will try to make short work of him as well.

Lashley Nutrition

Balls Mahoney

He was scheduled to come on and was only able to come on for a few minutes to apologise for being unable to intercview. He should be on in the next couple of weeks.


There is a new promotion in town and they are called B4W. This week we talk to Ryan Kavanagh as he tells us what will make them different from all the other promotions. Their first show is just around the corner and will be the first of many featuring a roster of tried and true wrestlers.

We are saddened by the passing of Andrew "Test" Martin.

In Tribute here is an interview we had with him from 5/07/05 Interview we did.



Listen here
Listen here
Listen here

Johnny Ova

The Million Dollar protege comes back to the show to talk about some very big things about to happen with PWR. These are maybe the biggest announcements from any Indy Promotion in years


He is a home grown spitfire from Long Island and one of the PWR stars. He comes on to talk about how he got started and how PWR has given him the opportunity to set the company on fire. This is his first time on our show. Listen to him as he heats up the airwaves

Diamond Mike

He is an Indy Manager and author of a book called "Why not me? Vince" He travels with his Wrestler across the country making a name for himself and in his book talks about how they have what it takes. This guy is a must listen interview.

Bret Hart

This guest is the Best there is, The Best there was was, and the Best there ever will be. Stay Tuned. You will hear all about how this man rose to the top and made it known how he was the best. He influenced many people and still remains a humble man!! His book is just being released in the UK for our overseas listeners.

Get the 10th anniversary edition of Wrestling with Shadows at They also have the Owen Hart Documentary.

Listen here
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Tattoo Tony

He is the Tattoo Artist of the stars. He was on Rock of Love and has bee responsible for many of the Tattoo of the stars. He talks alot about ink!!

Mike Frederick -

Do you pay too much in tax? Do you fear losing your job? Do you think the country is in shambles? Is the government failing you? What can we do to save our country? What can we do to eliminate the Trillions of dollars of debt this country has created? How do we turn the country around from all the problems that Bush helped create? Listen this week and we explore the Fairtax Information out there. After this show you will become a believer.

How is this Bill doing?

Here is the Bill Proposal.

Sign the Petition!

Write Obama


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Daniel Puder

Former WWE Tough Enough Contestant and MMA star coming back on the show to talk about his return to MMA. He has a strong will to achieve and be the best in whatever he chooses


PWR has come a long way in Long Island. This week we will hear an announcement from them and where they are taking the company. They had some great talented wrestlers and continue to bring new ones to their promotion.

Celebrity Boxing Federation Review

Damon Feldman comes back on the show to talk about his next card with some new surprises. Who will take on Michael Lohan? What Hall Of Fame EX WWE Wrestlers will be in a match?



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CW Anderson

He took time away from the business and now is back with a vengence. This week we find out where he has been and what his future plans are. Will we see the return of the Extreme Horsemen? Or is this the return of just the Enforcer.

Sheldon Goldberg

He is the owner and operator of New England Championship Wrestling. This promotion is a driving force in the New England area. This week we will talk about the history of this promotion and who some of the guys are that make it work

Tribute to the Passing of Trish's Grandfather


Listen here
Listen here

Dave Hebner

He was a road agent and ref for the WWE for most of his career. He was part of some of the most historic matches of all time. He is now part of TNA and Ward-Hebner Promotions and will continue to be a force in the industry. This week we spreak to him about his career and future plans.

The Cruisin Cripples

They are another radio show that is on 2 days a week. On Mondays they are a Wrestling show and Thursday they tackle current events and other topics. This week we cover their show and what makes them unique in the business. We even have an exclusive segment called "Something that flattens my tires".

Bill Baker - Ace Frehley Scrapbook

He had a dream and idol. He was in a tribute band to his hero and eventually not only met him but became friends with him. Eventually he puts out a book on his hero. This week we talk to the make behind the pages. Dreams do come true.

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The Queen of extreme returns to the show. She will talk about the history of ECW as well as the current state of events. She will also talk about the upcoming Staten Island Super Sign.

Staten Island Super Sign

Tank Abbott

He was a monster and one of the early pioneers of MMA as he was feared. His punches are second to none and his love of fighting is just another weekend in a bar. He is back and ready to fight again. This week we talk to the powerhouse.

Mike Orlando

Musician extrardinaire coming to the show to share his love and desires. We will talk about his CD "Sonic Stop" among the many other projects he is currently working on.

Marvin Ward

He is a successful promoter in the Virginia Area and is looking to bring TNA talent to the Area. This week we talk about how he is not working closely with Dave Hebner and brings some great talent to a great promotion.


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Christopher Daniels

The Fallen Angel makes his return to the show. This week we will catch up on his career and see what is in store for him. We will also talk about his upcoming appearance on New York Comic Convention.

Turnbuckle Productions

Nick Patrick

He was senior referee at WCW and worked for the WWE as well. He grew up in the business and is a second generation worker. This week we have a very rare interview with a man who has a different perspective of the ring.

Ken Shamrock

He is one of the Pioneers of MMA as he came from a strong wrestling background to overachieve and make his name known. He was a force in WWE as well but he seems to have made a bigger name in the MMA world. Coming February 13th we will see just what he has left

Steve Tobin

If you haven't heard of this guy, you havent turned the volume up loud enough. He is the Drummer of the Band Carnivore as well as Mental Health Association. He is a very accomplished drummer and has made his name well known within the industry as he has been featured in many magazines. On January 31st he will be at Dexter's Entertainment Complex to raise money for a very good cause.


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Death Falcon Zero

He was wrestling around the country until he was sent to prison. Now he was released to fight off the Zombie Slug Lords. What? Zombie Slug Lords? Does this seem a bit far fetched? Find out this week as we take on One Half of the Grapes Of Wrath


He is not just a wrestler, he is involved in many aspects of Entertainment. From Music to Wrestling, to Comic Books and more, he remains in demand in New York and the Northeast. He has worked in Movies and is helping with some Charity Events. This week we catch up with the Border Hound Himself


He started in the Mid 80's and had a chance to train with some of the best. He has had opportunies to work the Terriotries as well as WWF, ECW and many othees. Some of the names he worked with date back to the 70's. He is now working with Force One and is a Force to contend with as he makes his way to competition as the newly formed tag team with Chiki Cortes now known as the Latin Express and they get ready to take on the team of Crazy Ivan and Pete Nixon, known as the Repeat Offenders.


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Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka

Just about every wrestler of modern day history has been influenced by him. He is a living legend and will go down in history as a one of a kind. He has travelled the world many times over and will forever be remembered for some of his high flying and risk taking manuevers. he is the super, super superfly....

Danny Boyd

This mild mannered Professor by day becomes Prof Danger by night. He is an accomplished film maker as well as teacher at West Virginia State University. His list of films is long and includes "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes. His newest Project is based on reuniting the "Grapes of Wrath".

Celebrity Boxing's TR

He was originally scheduled to take on Brutus Beefcake, but after Brutus was unable to fulfill the committment he now is taking on the Sandman. This former Indy Manager and sometime Indy Wrestler has his work cut out for him as he is about to take on the Hard Core legend himself.


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Max Thrasher

He was the original "Bounty Hunter" He was part of the original ECW and worked during the times when the Territory system was healthy enough to make a living. He quietly faded into the sunset, but recently make his re-appearance at an SWO show. What has brought him back and is there some kind of plan for him to get some revenge?

Donnie Bon Jovi

THis guy has a promotions called VPW in long Island. He also works PWR in Long Island as well as some others. He has a school for the inspring wrestlers.