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Top 5, what is yours? tonight we talk about top 5's

Is Scott Stapp going to Kill the President?

Will REM Reunite?

Who is your BAE?

News & Views

Do you Jerk & drive? Santa removed from Winter Concert, Sony Pictures Embarressed by more than their movies,40 year a slave to the system and much more...

Movie Reviews

Exodus, Top 5


Fraternity Bonding

How far would you go for your Brothers?

Twin sisters fight over her boyfriend and what?

News & Views

Plane crashes into house, Bush to enter presidential race, How to lose 13 pounds effortlessly, Vet acusses another that he isnt a vet and mush more...

Movie Reviews

The Pyramid


Is it safe to go to Ferguson

The Jury made their decision and now they live with the decision

Get your girl scout cookies.... Online

Movie Reviews

Penguins of Madagascar, Horrible Bosses 2, the Theory of Everything

News & Views

Thanksgiving Day Stabbing, Mother Drowns Daughters and you wont believe what happens next, and much more



Ferguson Case done

What is your opinion?

Naked Man At Boston Airport


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1, Whiplash, Dear White People


Is Bill Cosby a rapist?

Multiple alligations say that he has spiked their drinks or otherwise taken advantage of them

Return of Neech With his thoughts on WWE's Goldust

Update on Ferguson

Movie Reviews

Dumb & Dumber to, Beyond the Light

News & Views

Army Uses the "N" word, Star Trek Communicator, and much more



Welcome our new affiliate

We have added a new affilate with the addition of

Listen Here

Pay the Cops $3 and a chicken dinner

Movie Reviews

Big Hero 6, Interstellar, Birdman

News & Views

Army Uses the "N" word, Star Trek Communicator, and much more


Carmen (Our Psychic)

We had her on a year ago and her predictions were stunning.

Police capture the Cop Killer in PA

Movie Reviews

Nightcrawler & Before I Go To Sleep

News & Views

Sleeping at a game = $10 Milliion, How to beat a burglar, why is gas getting less expensive? and much more!

The first segment is almost unlistenable as we couldnt dial in broadcast ahead of time


Kevin James Show

Sunday we got to see him live. It was a great show

Where were we last week and where are the archives

Movie Reviews

John Wick, Fury, Book Of Life, St Vincent, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, The Best of Me.

News & Views

Carey Carries SNL, Fat Girl Website, gunman was "well-respected in the community and much more

All Archives from here down were lost in a technical glitch. Stay tuned for possible recovery


Local Comedy Show

This weekend we went to see some local comediennes

Does OJ Have Aids?

Movie Reviews

Dracula Untold, The Judge, & Annabelle

News & Views

Studio 54 book, MMA fighter gone bad, Penguin Facts, Flamingo death, and More


Former WWE Kevin Kelly

He worked for the WWE in the years of the Business turn around and is presently the voice of Ring Of Honor.

Pig Vomit Passes

Movie Reviews

Gone Girl, A walk among the Tombstones, The Skeleton Twins

News & Views

Hidden Heroin, but where? Real Houusewives of Prison, 17 year old Korean Leader, and More


Another Beheading

Till recently we have had ISI beheading innocent people .Recently it happened in the US

Sex Toy Auction

Movie Reviews

Equalizer, Box Trolls, & This is Where I Leave You

News & Views

Sugar Babies, Car seat In Trunk, Married Teacher has sex with students, and More


White House Intruder

On more than one occasion, people have tried to break into the White House. More on that on tonight's show.

3D printing becomes available

Shared custody for Honey Boo Boo

Movie Reviews

The Mazerunner

News & Views

Whats better than two boobs? How to quit your job, things that will get you laid on the first date and More


911 anniversary

It is 13 years after the twin towers collapsed as well as the other events.

Child Abuse reigns in the NFL

Will Hillary Clinton Just say yes?

Movie Reviews

No Good Deed & The Drop

News & Views

Smothered Chicken, Naked Tourists, defendent demands death penalty, drive thrui funeral home and More


A comedic Legend passes

Penn State Reinstated?

Deportations at an all time high

WWE In State College

Another Team owner forced to sell

Movie Reviews

Boyhood, The Identical & Calvary

News & Views

What does a woman do on a motorcycle not conventional? Film budget includes more than a buffet, Customized sex dolls and More


What did you do for the Labor Day Holiday?

Florida Bubba VS Calta

Bubba the Love Sponge dumped from The Bone. Why? Who replaced him?

Motley Crue & Alice Cooper

How was the concert?

Another Beach Trip and a trip to Harrah's

What would make someone upset about the Casino? It's not what you think

Movie Reviews

The November Man & Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

News & Views

Comedienne in a Coma, car colors, what you shouldn't freeze and More


What are you thoughts on Ferguson?

The unrest continues in the town of Ferguson

Shooter in VA

Why would someone start shooting o a military base?

Motley Crue & Alice Cooper

We are going to see them live at Allentown Fair

Movie Reviews

If I stay & Into the Storm

News & Views

Ninjas, Jesse Jackson, Emmys and More



William Rusho AKA War

Former wrestler turned writer has his first book called "Legend of the Mystic Knights"


Michael Brown Autopsy

Family releases private autopsy results.

Tribute to Don Pardo

He passed away. He was the legendary voice of many game shows. He worked for NBC for over 40 years.

Neech Returns

His expose' continues

Movie Reviews

Expendables & The Giver

News & Views

Pacifier Duct Taped Topless Runner, Amish and missing and more



Robin Williams tribute

On Monday, he was found dead from an apparent suicide

Tony Steward - Killer or Accident

Medieval Dinner

TTRS went to a eat with Kings and Queens

Neech Returns

His expose' on where is Chuck classic

Movie Reviews

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

News & Views

Chromebooks, Unarmed and shot, Charles Manson and more


Happy Birthday Mr. President

Obama turned 53 on Monday

Movie Reviews

Guardians of the Galaxy, A most wanted man, Get on Up

News & Views

Twins, Penguins, Dogs, Otters, Vegetables, and more..


Gay Marriage

It's a hot topic in several states. Many conservatives are trying to block it. Are you for or against it?

Where would you hide your illegal stuff?

More stories are talking about where you should hide your cocaine or meth, but sexual toys?

Movie Reviews

Let's be cops, Lucy, And so it goes

News & View

Generic or brand name? Marshals battle in NY, Clothing sizing without disrobing'and more..


Flight MH17

A plane was shot down over the Ukraine. Was it a mistake?

Johnny Winter

The Blues Legend died at 70. We pay tribute to him

James Garner

Star of the big screen and TV passes. We will look at his career

Movie Reviews

The Purge: Anarchy, Planes: Fire & Rescue & Sex Tape

News & View

What country do the women outnumber the men? Celebs that got their start in Porn, Ben & Jerrys, and more..


Casinos closing in AC.

Why would the gambling industry be in such strife in a booming industry?

Movie Reviews

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes & Begin Again

News & View

Shark!!, and more..


Happy Birthday TTRS

The show turns 11. The show started in July 2003 and has been the center of controversy on more than one occassion.

Mario Mancini (Former WWF Journeyman)

He spent many years making the likes of King Kong Bundy and Undertaker look good. Tonite he tells some of the stories from the road

Weekend fun

Casinos and beach fun

Movie Reviews

Tammy and Deliver us from Evil



Jamies Birthday Wrapup

We find out how her birthday weekend was and if she had fun

Uncle $am Band

Review of Fridays Live Show

545 Long Lane
Gettysburg PA

Movie Reviews

Transformers 4

News & View

Junk on the truck, Indians being Sued, 46 stuck for 4 hours

and more...



TNA Review

After a live show in Bethlehem PA we take a look at how the show has evolved

Uncle $am Band

545 Long Lane
Gettysburg PA

Movie Reviews

Jersey Boys, Think Like a Man too

News & View

Apple Iwatch and Iphone news, Geese Guards, Baby left in hot truck and more...


Happy Father's Day

How many times did you get wished a Happy Fathers day?

Casey Kasem Tribute

Nigel Sherrod

TNA employee and long time friend of the show.

Shadowed Star

Members of the Band talk about the "Live Happy, Not Hungry" event

Shadowed Star Fan Page

Uncle $am Band

545 Long Lane
Gettysburg PA

Movie Reviews

22 Jump Street

News & View

Worlds Most Dangerous Sport, bomber caught red handed, pooch take a 1 story fall and more...


Bushwacker Luke Williams

Hall of famer is on this week wih his great history in the business.

Uncle $am Band

More info on the June date.

Pictures were posted and a new date announced

Movie Reviews

The Fault in our stars, Edge of tomorow

News & View

SNL star critacal condition, Lots of gunplay, death and destruction and more...



Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame

This weekend saw the unveiling of the 2014 Hall of Fame. We will cover it.

Uncle $am Band

Pictures were posted and a new date announced

Movie Reviews

The Railway Man, Maleficent, Chef

News & View

Peeping toms, more Sterling News, drowning girl, who is Biggest shareholder at Microsoft? and more...


Happy Memorial Day

We would like to take time to thank all of those of have made this country the greatest in the world.

Uncle $am Band

We played the Unity Day Festival this past Saturday. Thoughts on the festival

Movie Reviews

Mothers Day Out, Blended, XMen: Days of Future Past, A million Ways to Die in the West

News & View

Several Shooting dominate the news, M370 spotting. who is Biggest shareholder at Microsoft? and more...


Tributes to Those in TV & the silver screen

Bob Hoskins

Best known for his roll in Roger Rabbit .

Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.

He was well known for his role in the 70's tv series FBI

Jerry Vale

Appears as himself in the 1990 film Goodfellas and the 1995 film Casino and was known for many songs

What would you do if your parent were coming to your graduation and you were not graduating?

Movie Reviews

Godzilla, Million Dollar Arm

Uncle $am Band

Hear them live this weekend at the Memorial Park in Lemoyne PA 5PM

News & View

who is Biggest shareholder at Microsoft? and more...


"Tugboat" Fred Ottman

A retired American professional wrestler best known as Tugboat or Typhoon, and for teaming with John "Earthquake" Tenta as The Natural Disasters in the World Wrestling Federation. Ottman is also well known for his infamous Shockmaster gimmick in World Championship Wrestling. In WWF, he is a one-time World Tag Team Champion. - Wikipedia

More on Sterling

Sterling speaks in the media saying he doesn't talk like that and was set up

Movie Reviews


News & View

Band makes 20k spotifying

who is Biggest shreholder at Microsoft? and more...



Cinco De Mayo

Where did the holiday originate? Whose holiday is it?

More on Racism

It seems that whether or not you think that Sterling was set up he will be in for a fight when it comes to the forced sale of the clippers.

Movie Reviews

Amazing Spider-Man 2, Brick Mansions

News & View

Barnum and Bundling, what celeb got banned from the casino? and more...


Neech calls in

He leaves messages but tonite we bring him live

Movie Reviews

The Other Woman

News & View

Bus Crash, Airplane threat, no comps on Springsteen, and more...


Captain America sets new record

This time of year is not usually the busiest time for a movie. How much did it earn?

Neech talks about:

Did steroids play a part in the Warriors death He explores the differnt sports and reactions to steroid abuse.

Movie Reviews

Heaven is for Real, Transcendence, A Haunted House 2

News & View

Teen hitches a ride on an airliner, no comps on Springsteen, Suspension for Miss America date and more...


WWE Films releases Horror Film

THe WWE movie project "Oculus" opened this weekend. Was it a bust?

Ultimate Warrior Tribute

Just as fast as he made his return to the WWE, he exited. The world is stunned by the death of the Ultimate Warrior. We will play an interview we did from 10/05/04

Movie Reviews

Rio, Oculus, Draft Day

News & View

Pawn Stars cash in, grieving widow wins lottery after wife dies and more...


Wrestlemania 30 and the WWE Network

Is the WWE Network work the $10 as month? Check it out. Wrestlemania and Hall of Fame.

Update on Mike Trash's Surgery

He met with the Doctor and what did the results say?

Movie Reviews

Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Grand Budapest Hotel

News & View

Pawn Stars cash in, grieving widow wins lottery after wife dies, Letterman Replacement and more...


Update on Mike Trash's Surgery

A week and a half from his surgery. We see how the recovery is going.

Movie Reviews

Noah, Divergent, Muppetts: most wanted, God's not dead, Sabotage

News & View

Opt to not graduate, Death Row Mom wants reprieve, Win the lottery 3 times and more...


One day till Mike Trash's Surgery

One day left till he goes underthe knife.

Movie Reviews

Need for Speed and Single Mom's Club

News & View

Earthquakes, Missing Planes, Gay St Paddys day, and much more....


Count down to Mike Trash's Surgery

The big date is next week. One more show until Mike Trash has his left rotator cuff repaired

Movie Reviews

Mr Peabody and Sherman

News & View

Missing aircraft, Toddler saves mom, drunk gambling and much more....


Oscar Time

We did our predictions. See how we made out.

Movie Reviews

Son of God, Non-Stop

News & View

Someone sues MCD over napkins, Ellen Crashes Twiiter,honor student sues parents and much more....


Tonight we will make an announcement about the future of TTRS.

Pamela Bechtel

We pay tribute to Mike Trash's wife. She passed away 1/22/14. We will also play the clip from October from Carmen (The Psychic) with predictions talking about the Tidelwave.

Harold Ramis

he has a long list of accomplishments. Ghostbusters is one of his most popular. He passed away Monday

Neech returns

This week he talks about the passing of Pam Bechtel

Movie Reviews

Lego Movie, Three days to kill. Pompeii, Robocop (2014), About Last Nite, Monuments Men, Endless Love, Winters Tale, That Awkward Moment.

News & Views

Hogan Homecoming, death to MoviePhone, Magic Prices, and much more....


Damon Feldman

He is an innovator. His newest venture is the World Xtreme Entertainmant and he will talk about it tonight.


Tim Witherspoon VS Sandman

Mae Young Tribute

She was one of the ground breakers in women's wrestling.

Movie Reviews

Ride Along, Nut Job, Jack Ryan; Shadow Recruit & Legend of Hercules

News & Views

Exorcism, Hammer Wielding thieves, another cruise disaster, another shooting and much more....



Happy New Year

The first show of 2014. We are coming back rested on ready for new shows.

Uncle $am Band Update

Vital Idol Update

We say goodbye to Phil Everly

One half of the legendary brother team, he left his mark as a country influenced rock and roll singer. Know for steel guitar playing and close harmonies.

Movie Reviews

Wolf on Wall Street, American Hustle, Anchorman 2: the Legend Continues, Saving Mr Banks, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Grudge Match, 47 Ronin 3D, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

News & Views

Death from Dental, Smoking Firecrackers, Boiling mad for defriending, Hit & Run for anniversary, and musch more....