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Relive the greatest moments in Trash Talking Radio History.  You can go back as far as the first show we ever aired on the internet in July 2003.  Or if you missed last weeks show, feel free to head over to the proper section of the site.

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Star Wars Breaks Box Office Records

Wrestling Historian Dennis Brent

A visit to the Sweetest place on earth

Las Vegas Driver mows down pedestrians

News & Views

Affluenza Teen Missing, Seaworld Riders Trapped, And MIss Universe 2015 is, well not her and more..

Movie Reviews

Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Sisters & Alvin & the Chipmunks: The Roadchip


Star Wars opens this week

Trump News:

Bernie Sanders to Trump

What does Ben Carson Have win Common with Trump?

What Petion was signed by 150000 people?

What does Lyndsey Graham think of Trump & who names their son Lyndsey

News & Views

Cruz goes up in polls. what Cuomo thinks of Trump, Pharma Exec buys a really expensive album, and more..

Movie Reviews

In the Heart of the Sea


Scott Weiland of STP Dies

Pamela Anderson Last Playboy Model

Trump News

News & Views

Cruz, Rubio, Boy Billed by Pitbull, Animal VS Grohl and more..

Movie Reviews

What movie topped the charts?


Tracy Morgan visits the other side

The groups Trump has offended

Planned Parenthood attcked

News & Views

Another White House fence jumper, Subway Sentencing, and more..

Movie Reviews

Creed & The Good Dinosaur & The man from UNCLE


AMA Awards

Police kill paster's pregnant wife

Pfizer & Allergan combine in biggest drug merger ever

Trump, Hillary, Carson news

News & Views

TSamoli Pirates strike again and More

Movie Reviews

Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 2, The Night Before, The secret in their eyes, Spotlight



Miss Piggy and Kermit spoof

Police kill paster's pregnant wife

Pfizer & Allergan combine in biggest drug merger ever

Trump, Hillary, Carson news

News & Views

TSamoli Pirates strike again and More

Movie Reviews

Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 2, The Night Before, The secret in their eyes, Spotlight


Paris Attacks

Rhonda Rousey and a Knockout

Charlie Sheen and Hiv

Republican & Democrat news

News & Views

Rian Gosling birthday wish, High Speed Trainwreck and More

Movie Reviews

Truth, The 33, Love the Coopers


Go Bra-less

Will Peanuts live up to the hype?

Apple Lawsuit

Hackers breach FBI run site

News & Views

Trump on SNL Christie nd Huckabee bumped from main stage and More

Movie Reviews

James Bond: Spectre & The Peanuts Movie


Airplane Fire in Florida

Uber for Oral

Fandual Lawsuit

Skippy Makes Metal

News & Views

Twins arrested for robbery, Bizarre elections, Trick or treat accident and More

Movie Reviews

Burnt & Our Brand Is Crisis


Psychic Carmen Returns

Ben Carsons views on Abortion

Hillary News

Woman smokes while pregnant, is her right

News & Views

TSA to change controversial full-body X-ray scanner, teens running prostitution ring and More

Movie Reviews

Rock The Casbah, Bridge of Spies, amd Steve Jobs



Tracy Morgan returns to 'SNL'

Mitt Romney on Election Candidates

X-rated sounds blast out of store's speakers.

church members arrested after teen dies

News & Views

Things you dont know about MCD's. Lamar Odom in Brothal, Australian Gang Rape. and More

Movie Reviews

The Walk & Hotel Transylvania 2 & Goosebumps


Oregon Survivors speak

Ashley Madison Hacker Speaks

Right To Die bill

Trump, Jeb, Carson news

News & Views

Tamir Rice Versict, Boy Shoots girl for not letting him play with puppy. and More

Movie Reviews

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, Everest, 13 rounds 3 lockdown, Sicario




Trump & Hillary - Or is it Hillary on Trump?

Jeb On Trump

Right To Die bill

Another Pointless Shooting

News & Views

Doctors without borders killed, Killers executed, and More

Movie Reviews

The Martian & Everest


A FL Shock jock

gets investigated for ratings tampering

Did you see the Blood Moon?

Life on Mars? Water flows there

Pope Visits US

News & Views

Happy Birthday Copyright, which Jackson turns Muslim, Whitey Bulgers Girlfriend and More

Movie Reviews

The Intern


Emmys. Its that time again

Do you like the "Dislike"?

Lose weight or find another job

Matt Damon & Trump News

News & Views

Turd Fergason, Talk Like A pirate and more

Movie Reviews

Black Mass & Grandma


There was Deflate gate, now we have headsetgate

Apples Announcements

Bomb squad called for suspicious package

Trump News

News & Views

A female in lead role in Road House remake, Racist Damcing with the stars and more

Movie Reviews

Perfect guy & The Visit


Muslim flight attendant says she was suspended

Storytime with Mike Trash

Palin says speak american

Trump News

News & Views

Movie Reviews

The Transporter Refueled. A Walk in the Woods & Steve Jobs: Man in the Machine



Man Shot for Stalking WWE star

Kevin Nash & Son arrested on Domestic

Journalists shot in cold blood

Trump News

News & Views

Walmart Layoffs, Twitter Longer than 144 and more

Movie Reviews

No escape


Jared Pleads

Former subway spokesman cops a plea

Caitlyn up on Manslaughter

Melissa McCarthy Plus or not

Man arrested on Rosie O'Donnells Daughter

News & Views

Trump news, 2 year old shot father, and how many charaters can you name that were voiced by Mel Blanc and more

Movie Reviews

Hitman: Agent 47 & Mr Holmes & Sinister 2


Batman Dead?

Straight outta Compton and head of the charts

Colonel Sanders Replaced?

Another Plane Disappears

News & Views

Human Execution, hot air disaster Vietnam vets versus bears and more

Movie Reviews

Straight Outta Compton


Legendary Frank Gifford Passes

Holmes sentencing for theater Shooting

Another Movie Theater Shooter in TN

Another Galaxy Found

News & Views

Another Hollywood couple splits, Meryl Streep acts with daughter. 3rd gender created, same sex couple attacked, and more

Movie Reviews

The Gift(2015) & Ricki and the Flash


Roddy Paper Passes

Maybe the best bad guy in the biz, always leaving us wanting more


Cecile and Brother Jericho Murdered

A sad day in the Anomal word, and I'm not a lyin'

Jose Conseco in a dress?

Have the found m370?

News & Views

Man humps bushg, Cll phone cancer and more

Movie Reviews

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation & Vacation


Hulk Hogan Blues

AT&T's acquisition of DirecTV

final farewell to Google+

Airline fees you didn't know you were paying

News & Views

Road rage death, wealthiest couples, Mob & Rob and more

Movie Reviews

Southpaw & Pixels


Trump On a Roll

Chattanoogo shooting act of terrorism?

KKK Threatons Retribution

El Chapo Reward

News & Views

Cheap Gas, Woman Dies in Jail, Pregnant woman looks for dad with hand drawn pictureand more

Movie Reviews

AntMan, Trainwreck & The Overnight


Brush With The Law

NY Escapees Journey Came to an end

Mother of Infant Claims at Lost & Found

Dave Grohl Continues Tour with Broken Leg

News & Views

Man accused of shooting say accident, Woman attacks boyfriend for refusing sex.

Glen Campbell fighting for his life and more

Movie Reviews

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl & Minions & Self/Less



Happy Anniversary to TrashTalkingRadio

It was 7/7/2003 when the show first came to light on Public Radio


Comic Book Character, Owner of Hound Comics, former pro-wrestler and former musician returns to the show with more news on the Hound Brands.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Convicted Boston Marathon bomber Files motion for Retrial

Bill Cosby news

News & Views

Man mocks alligators, jumps in water. Balloon Boy 6 years later and more

Movie Reviews

Magic Mike XXL. Ted 2, & Terminator: Genisys


Happy Father's Day

Van Halen News

Update On Escaped Killers

Stowaway Dies

News & Views

Killers coming out of the woodworks. Charleston Shooter, Cincinnati shooter, New Orleans Shooter and more

Movie Reviews

Inside Out, I'll See you in my Dreams, Love & Mercy


American Dream Passes on

Dusty Rhodes was the "Common Man" and made Mike Trash want to get into wrestling

When Nude Photos Caused an Earthquake

Jailbreak update

News & Views

Hillary CLinton, Bill Clinton speaks, Transgender speak out, Full house arrest, Dallas Police under fire and more

Movie Reviews

Jurassic World & Insidious Chapter 3


Apple Announcements

Female Viagra


News & Views

Dental by Car, Most expensive High School in the world, Texas justice and more

Movie Reviews

Entourage, Spy, 5 Flights Up, The Good Lie


VP Biden Loses Son

Meet Caitlyn Jenner

Tracy Morgan Talks for the first time since accident

News & Views

Windows 10 Update, Drag Queens against Facebook

and more..

Movie Reviews

Far from the Madding Crowd, San Andreas & Aloha


Happy Memorial Day

Ann Meara Passes

Pacman Turns 35

News & Views

Boxed Woman, dentist abuses children, Casey Kasem widow and abuse charges and more..

Movie Reviews



Memorial Day

What does it mean to you?

Passing of a Legend

BB King was the King of the blues. Long live the King. Ke will forever be missed

Biker Brawl leaves 9 dead

News & Views

NFL quarterback Tom Brady appeals his Deflategate and more..

Movie Reviews

Pitch Perfect 2 & Mad Max: Fury Road & Spare Parts


Mothers Day

Hope you mothers had a great day

Officers Down

Baltimore Couple who loses business finds hope

News & Views

Tom Brady & Deflate Gate,Ga Racist Princiiple, Hamburglar back, KFC Next big thing Baby names and more..

Movie Reviews

Hot Pursuit. Clouds of Sils Maria & Ex Machina


Happy Cinco de Mayo

Do you know what this holiday represents?

Avengers: Age of Ultron Shatter Box office

101 year old man Rescued in Nepal

Double Chins now gone forever

Price of freedom of speech

Muhammond event causes activist and death

News & Views

Florida Boxing more interesting than Pro boxing, 10 year old arrested, Chris Brown Under investigation, Baltimore back to normal and more..

Movie Reviews

The Age of Adaline & Avengers: Age of Ultron


Bruce Jenner

He was interviewed by Diane Sawyer. Some interesting info comes out on Transgenders

Robert Downey Jr

Why did he walk out on on a reporter?

Stage Collapse

During a high school perfornance, a stage fell injuring many

Comcast/Time Warner Deal Dead

News & Views

Things you are guilty of, if you grew up in the 00. Youtube Celebrates an Anniversarym Robbie Knievel in the news, but not for good and more..

Movie Reviews

Unfriended & True Story


Tax Time

Did you get your taxes done on time? How does Obama Care affect you?

Batman VS Superman

The Trailer was released. Did you see it? False God. @106

Star Wars

The Next Trailer

Johnny Kemp -Just got Paid , Passes

News & Views

Party Mom Enjoys naked Party with minors, Gorilla Exhibit, Nitrogen for Death row, teen convicted for gunning down college baseball player because he was 'bored..... and more..


Marco Rubio VS Hillary Clinton

Taser or gun - My bad

Sundra Bullock Deals with Break in

Secret Service Officer arrested

News & Views

Fort Hood Victims n the news, NYC girl with no pants, South Carolina cop barricades himself inside, 'Hero' firefighter tries to save kids..... and more..

Movie Reviews

Woman in Gold, Danny Collins & What We Do in the Shadows (U.S. only)


Furious 7

Shatters box office records

Better Call Saul

Season Finale

News & Views

Kelly Clarkson gets fat shammed by 60 minutes, Ticket for Chapstick, Pedofile beaten, $3.1 Milliion Lottery winning spent on..... and more..

Movie Reviews

Furious 7 & Home



Pot Brownies anyone

Attack on Fort Meade

News & Views

Spiirit in the sky crashes on CA highway, Robin WIlliams Estate, Foreskin Sculpures
Roller Coaster Anxiety and more..

Movie Reviews

Get Hard


Rey Misterio Jr up on murder charges

Bobbi Kristina Brown update

Hugging your dog - good or bad?

News & Views

How many Shots would you take for $5 Million, Semen Coffee Man Charges more..

Movie Reviews

The Divergent Series: Insurgent & The Gunman


Obama reads mean posts

Things Women Do That Totally Baffle Men

Toto Bassist Mike Porcaro Dead at 59

News & Views

Pamela Anderson banned from funeral, Can SiriusXM Survive Without Howard Stern and more..

Movie Reviews

Run all Night


Sam Simon Passes

Direrctor. Producer, Writer, Boxing manager passes away

HBO Breaks the mold on programming

News & Views

New Apple Products, if Barbie were real, the case of the stolen bagpipes, Badger holdup, stowaway dog, and more..

Movie Reviews

Chappie, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel,The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Unfinished Business, McFarland, USA


Live long and prosper

Leonard Nimoy passes on. Best Known as Mr. Spock

Watch Your Nuts, this woman is nuts

News & Views

LLamas on the loose. Video Games deadly, Best Cure for hangovers and more..

Movie Reviews

Focus, The Lazarus Effect. & The Last Five Years


Oscar Review

Happy Chinese & Lunar New Year

News & Views

Man Pays Support for child not his. Vanilla Ice Charged, ICar, and more..

Movie Reviews

The Duff, Hot Tub Time Machine. and Still Alice


50 shades of Profit

How "Real Women" Look according to Cindy Crawford

News & Views

Star Trek becomes real tech, Scorpions on a plane, and more..

Movie Reviews

50 Shades of Grey, The Kingsman, & The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water



The hits and misses

1st installment on the 2015 "What Burns my Trash"

Amazon looks at Brick & Mortar

Better Call Saul Debuts

Samsung smart TV, just how smart?

News & Views

NetFlix invades Another Country, Doom and Gloom for the Shack, and more..

Movie Reviews

The Boy Next Door & The Loft



Did your team win? Were the balls properly inflated?

1st installment on the 2015 "What Burns my Trash"

3 year old shooter

Whitney Houstons Daughter In Coma

News & Views

Compare Drinking to Gay Marriage, Drunk Driving on a Zamboni II, Worlds yougest #1 Golfer ever,

and more..

Movie Reviews

Project Almanac, Black Or White. A Most Violent Year


Ring Of Honor

We were the guests of ROH this weekend at the "Viking Hall" (ECW Arena) and got a chance to attend their event.

Patriots Controversy over Deflated Balls

Joe Franklin Passes away

News & Views

4year old saves mother, 11 & 13 year old torch store, 19 year old wants to join Isis

and more..

Movie Reviews

Paddington, The Wedding Ringer, Cake


Martin Luther King JR

With the movie "Selma" releasing we are reminded of the struggles of equality. MLK day was yesterday, and his birthday was the 15th. How much do you know about the man?

Crosby, Stills & Nash Drummer Dallas Taylor Dies at 66

News & Views

When Fitness is dangerous, When gaming is deadly, Teacher teches killing,

and more..

Movie Reviews

Sniper & Blackhat


Make sure you check out last weeks show

First Show of the year

Allegations that Prince Andrew took part in a sex ring involving underage girls

Golden Globes History

News & Views

Drunk on Vanilla Extract,Woman married to her cats, Journalist gets high reporting next to a burning pile of drugs and more..

Movie Reviews

Taken3, Selma, & The Imitation Game


Happy New Year

First Show of the year

Steve Keirn

He was a big star in wrestling before the WWE/WWF and has worked with the best of them. He was the main trainer for the WWE development program. FInd Out what made him a "Fabulous One" and how he became "Skinner".

Joe Cocker passes

We pay tribute to an artist who is a legend of blues rock

Beverly Hillbillies loses its last actress

Donna Douglas played the sexy Ellie May Clampett. She was the innoscent but sexy daughter of Jed. She passed on recently.

News & Views

Same sex marriages, Billionaire sex offender, driving with a knoife in your head and more..

Movie Reviews

Into the Woods, Unbroken. The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, Annie, The Gambler, Wild, Big Eyes, The Foxcatcher