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Relive the greatest moments in Trash Talking Radio History.  You can go back as far as the first show we ever aired on the internet in July 2003.  Or if you missed last weeks show, feel free to head over to the proper section of the site.

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Year in Review

Police Standoff for Proposal

70 Year Old Painted On top of Swatikas

Santas Not Real

First Drone Delivery

Movie reviews

Rogue One


Trump - Man of the year?

John Glenn Passes

Secret Santa Pays for Layaways

Pizzagate - More fun than deflategate with half the air

Shop for Groceries at Amazon, no cashiers

Papa is a Rolling Stone at 73

Movie reviews


Scott Teal - Crowbar Press

He has co-written for many different wrestlers and celebs

Castro dies at 90

Best ways to save toward retirement

Pranksters dress up as animals for park camera

OSU attack injures at least 11

Buzz Aldrin evacuated from South Pole

Movie reviews


'The Brady Bunch' favorite Mother passes a 82

Black Friday brawl in California goes viral

Dennis Rodman has been charged with hit and run

Why turkey (the bird) and Turkey (the country) share same name

Lonely at the wheel? Talk to the robot

Movie reviews

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, Bad Santa 2, Hacksaw Ridge, Boo! A Madea Halloween, Pete's Dragon (2016)


Rich Guzzi - Hypnotist Extrordinare - Review

Are you thankful for the things you have?

Wanna pay it forward? Check this out

270-Lb hooker demanded "$50 and nachos" for sex

Can VR fight obesity?

Sting reopens Paris' Bataclan concert hall

Columbia U suspends wrestlers over lewd & racist texts

White nationalist bloodied during DC protest

"Trashzilla" made some of Hong Kong's beaches unusable.

70 miles, 70 gas stations: This is "Oil City


Rich Guzzi - Hypnotist Extrordinare

And The Winner is......Trump

Can VR fight obesity?

Sting reopens Paris' Bataclan concert hall

Movie Reviews
Dr Strange


If you have time to get a taco, you have time to vote

Woman was found chained "like a dog"

11-year-old wrote note, mother freed from captivity

Garth Brooks & Meryl Streep win awards

Movie Review


Girl takes a Topless pic and hits a Cop Car

An Elephant, A Bull and an Emu

Girl gets her head stuck inside a pumpkin

Michael Phelps secretly got married

Jose Fernandez toxicology reports


How much would you pay for World Series Tix?

Cyber-Attacks last week

Tickets to the African-American Museum are sold out

Movie Reviews

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back


"Pedals" the walking bear killed to distract from Clinton Wikileaks?

CoverGirl just hired its first cover boy

Luke Perry on the cover of the AARP

Movie Reviews

The Accountant


Facebook rolls out "Secret Conversations"

Your Fitbit is a lie!

Just how wet can they get? iPhone 7 vs. Galaxy S7

Movie Reviews

The Girl on the Train (2016)


Tesla is selling Like Hotcakes

Kim Kardashian West held at gunpoint

SC Shooting at Elementary School

Alec Baldwin is SNL Donald Trump

Movie Reviews

Deepwater Horizon


Outrageous EpiPen prices

Jose Fernandez killed in Florida boating accident

$400 for a hairdryer?

Wife "Fault in Our Stars" couple, died

Movie Reviews

Magnificent Seven (2016)


Emmy Time

NYC/NJ Bomber: Event Leading to his capture

Apple Watch 2 : There's finally a reason to buy

Real-life 'Fault in Our Stars' couple

Husband Told Me She Was A Woman

Movie Reviews



911 anniversary

Captain Doug Richwine joins us to discuss his role in the post 9/11


Hinkley Released from Mental Hospital

Toddler Death, left in pickup truck for 8 hours

Six Flags closed after call in threat

Balcony Closed after calllapse in CT

Movie Reviews

Sully & When the Bough Breaks


Eric Vollweiler Of the Sarasota Film Festival

First aid for mental health:

A new approach in Pennsylvania's prisons

Sean "Diddy" Combs says black voters

"got a little bit shortchanged"

How hard is it to become a saint?

18-month-old K-9 is being used to help sniff out child porn crimes

SouthwestAir flight attendant impersonating 'Looney Tunes'

Movie Reviews

Hands of Stone & Morgan


Former WWE/WCW star Curtis Hughes

Go to his school in GA 404-664-2827

Man arrested filling a lubricant dispenser with hydrochloric acid

Boy starts campaign to replace fallen K9 named "Cops"

Man confessed to sexual encounters with horse

Apartment complex warning residents about a clown

Sleep apnea's CPAP machine & heart risks

Orlando hospital won't bill victims Pulse nightclub.

World's largest aircraft, crashes during its test flight

Heroin laced with elephant tranquilizer hits streets

Movie Reviews

Don't Breathe & Mechanic: Resurrection



Tech companies to fight Robo Calls

Olympic Coverage
Ryan Lochte's apology

Nancy Reagan's collection hitting auction block

3 Doors Down guitarist died

Taylor Swift donates to Louisiana flood relief

Movie Reviews

Don't Breathe, Hands of Stone & Mechanic: Resurrection




Olympic Coverage

Next iPhone be waterproof?

Jam with Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Gawker Sale End of free speach?

Trump updates

worst place to live for African Americans


Olympic Fever

Delta Down

Pokemon News

State legislator Son killed On water slide.

Trump on Death Tax

Is there going to be a Joker Movie?

Movie Reviews

Nine Lives (2016) & Suicide Squad


First Transgender addresses major Political Party

First Transgender to be legally declared just HUMAN

When Walmart thought a woman couldnt run for Prez

Update on Dolly the sheep's health

Was the ice bucket challenge effective?

Movie Reviews

Bad Moms, Jason Bourne & Nerve


TOm the Treeman show will be represented

Get a ticket and groceries

Dog Hangs self, cop steps in

Trans Students Made To Wear Green Bracelets To ID Themselves

Steal eggs get free Groceries

Solar Impulse 2 takes off from Cairo on last leg of journey

14 consecutive months of the hottest temperatures ever recorded

Movie Reviews

Ice Age: Collision Course & Star Trek Beyond, Pretendagers, Zoolander 2


Trump News
Motorcade accident

Scott Baio Supports Trump

Taco Bell has fired an employee who refused to serve police

Mom busted for going on drive with kids, 3 & 5, in trunk

One known person has been cured of HIV.

Baton Rouge Ambush

Movie Reviews

Sultan, The Infiltrator & Ghostbusters (2016)


Trash Talking Radio Celebrates their 13th Birthday

Red Cross 3 Day Festival
Millerstown Community Park
Rout 22, Millerstown, Pennsylvania 17062

Blue Legend BB King Passes away

Facebook is being investigated by the IRS

Dallas Update on Police Ambush

News & Views and More... A

PA Judge denies bid by Bill Cosby's Lawyers, Man in custody in connection to fatal attacks on homeless people and more

Movie Reviews

Secret Life of Pets, Legend Of Tarzan, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, The Purge: Election Year, The Shallows


Caitlyn Jenner to change back to Bruce?


Pixar *might* introduce their first transgender character

3-D print weapons, robots, pizza. and hair?

Hero dad gets tattoo that matches his son's cancer surgery scar

News & Views and More...

Solar Impulse 2 news, groom gets bit, and more

Movie Reviews

Independence Day: Resurgence & Free State of Jones & Pawn Sacrifice



Update On the Alligator Situation In FL

New News about Orlando Shooter

'Star Trek' actor Anton Yelchin dies

News & Views and More...

Chi man dies while streaming on Facebook, a 3 year old died while retrieving toy and more

Movie Reviews

Finding Dory & Central Intelligence


Former Wrestler Kage Speaks On Transition to Body Building

Orlando Massacre leaves 50 dead

Microsoft purchases Social Site

News & Views and More...

Former Voice Contestant Killed, Louisville Officer Shot, MArines Tattoo policy and more

Movie Reviews

Now You See me 2


Muhammad Ali: 'The Greatest' Boxer Dead at 74

Jack Black: Actor and Band Dead, Or is he?

Richard Simmons Hospitalized for 'Bizarre Conduct

Transgender people should go to the bathroom 'in the bushes"

News & Views and More...

'Trans Broken Arm Syndrome', Cola King' at PepsiCo, Boy calls 911 to report dad driving through red light...has died and more

Movie Reviews

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows


Happy Memorial Day!

Septuplets have graduated from high school

Microsoft, Facebook and Google news

News & Views and More...

Johnny Depp restrained, Gorilla Shot, Transparent Wood and more

Movie Reviews

X-Men: Apocalypse & Alice Through the Looking Glass


Billboard Music Awards Prince tribute.

How gender could win Trump the White House

What Does Morely Safer, Alan Young (From Mr Ed), Beasty Boys John Berry, Songwriter Guy Clark, & Ex Megadeth drmmer Nick Menza have ion common?

News & Views and More...

Four Climbers go up, none come down, Tom Brady appeals, 12 year old accepted to 2 colleges

Movie Reviews

The Angry Birds Movie, Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising &
The Nice Guys


Possible Prince heirs to submit DNA

Trump aide is meeting with Mark Zuckerberg

Obama: Transgender bathroom guidance meant to affirm kids' dignity

shark who became attached -- to a woman's arm

News & Views and More...

Zimmerman auctions gun, Google fiber delivers internet via phone lines and more

Movie Reviews

The Darkness & Money Monster


Winning ticket for $429.6 million Powerball

Trump earns nomination

Maryland Shooter in Custody

LGBT Lawsuit in NC

News & Views and More...

Uber and Lyft get out of Austin, Krispy Creme joins billionaire and more

Movie Reviews

Ratchet & Clank & Captain America: Civil War


Hogan round 1, round 2 coming right up

Radiohead disappears from Internet

White House lockdown

Nintendo announces new console

Prom Leaves 3 injured

News & Views and More...

Prince update, Transgender bill, Which Airline got worst rating, and more

Movie Reviews

Mother's Day & Keanu


Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the life of Prince.

Chyna Passes

Neech returns with his commentary

Solar Powered plane Completes mission

News & Views and More...

Federal Agents injured in arrest, Church Shooting in PA, 2 Marijuana operations found at Pike County murder scenes and more

Movie Reviews

Elvis & Nixon & The Huntsman: Winter's War


PA Gov introduces
bill legalizing medical marijuana

Cyndi Lauper to use North Carolina concert to raise money for LGBT

AXL ROSE To Front AC/DC On Upcoming Tour

Balls Mahoney Passes

News & Views

Sarah Palin Mocks Science Guy, Zookeeper Attacked by lion and More...

Movie Reviews

Jungle Book, Barbershop: The Next Cut & Criminal (2016)


Rock N Roll Hall of Fame

Bruce Springteen & Brian Adams For LGBT

Jimmie Van Zant Dies at 59

Blackjack Mulligan Dies at 73

Movie Reviews

Boss & Hardcore Henry


Burger King's so-called "Angriest Whopper"

first-graders in Alaska planned to poison another child

Zuckerberg to invest in your startup?

Amazon will no longer sell USB cords

Batman v Superman' Tops Box office again

News & Views

Transgender Bathroom Map, Toshiba Battery Recall and more..

Movie Reviews

Hyena Road, Meet the Blacks, Eye In The Sky


Comedy Legend Garry Shandling Passes away

Pornhubs top searches prove everyone is really messed up

Man arrested for not returning VHS 14 years ago

What #Easter teaches us about heaven

Batman v Superman' fights off bad reviews for a big $170 million opening weekend

News & Views

Genital Surgery, Seaworld Orcas Skulls in Hollywood News and more..

Movie Reviews

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, The Captive, The Prince, The Voices


Whatcha Gonna Do when Hulk Hogan runs wild on Gawker

Jason Skinner

Director of CONQUER Pro Wrestling's "We Don't Play Fight"

Anonymous VS Trump

Mom Brags about gun safety, shot by 4 year old

Dominos self driving Pizza Car

News & Views

Genital Surgery, Seaworld Orcas Skulls in Hollywood News and more..

Movie Reviews

The Divergent Series: Allegiant & Rise & fall of the Krays


Chumlee arrested

Super Tuesday Part 2

Mom Brags about gun safety, shot by 4 year old

Hogans Penis

News & Views

Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Clinton Sanders News and more..

Movie Reviews

The Brothers Grimsby & 10 Cloverfield Lane <== Website pertaining to Cloverfie;d


Nancy Reagan Passes away

1st uterus transplant

News & Views

Pink Tax, Trump News, Cruz News and more..

Movie & TV Reviews

London Has Fallen & Zootopia


Oscar Review

Chris Rock Hosts Oscars

Super Tuesday Is here. Will Trump Triumph

News & Views

Leap year and more..

Movie Reviews

Race 2016


Visit to Cape May

Daytona 500

Hoverboard Woes

Should Apple be forces to Open San Bernadino Phone

News & Views

Formaer Disney Actor facing charges, Amazon Prime - Things you may not know, 50 Cent not work 50 Cents and more..

Movie Reviews

New Releases



Happy Valentines day & Presidents day

Earth Wind & Fire death

Axl Rotten Death

Viagra Bill

Bill criminalizing transgender bathroom use

News & Views

Tampa Shooting,NY shooting, 8 year old robbery and more..

Movie Reviews

Deadpool & Last witch Hunter



Sonic Boom Heard on east coast

Robin Williams Estate

Michael Jackson palyed be whote actor?

Celebrity Apprentice new host

News & Views

Superbowl News, Opera Man spawns police action, Affluenza news and more..

Movie Reviews

Extraction, American ultra & The Finest Hours


Major Snowstorm burys northeast

Atlantic City may be near bankruptcy

Cheapest gas in America right

The Playboy Mansion Is For Sale

News & Views

SHAQ helped a police officer, Pretty in Pink,
TSA intercepted a record 2,653 guns and more..

Movie Reviews

Condemed 2 & Dirty Grandpa


Oscar Nominees

Glenn Frey, a founding member of the Eagles, dies age at 67

Goldman Sachs reaches agreement to settle US mortgage investigation

Martin Luther King would have turned 87

Actor Dan Haggerty, TV's 'Grizzly Adams, dies age 74

News & Views

Cosby Lawyer trying to get charges dismissed, Microsoft Kill win8 support and more..

Movie Reviews

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, Ride Along 2, The Big short & Shaun the Sheep


Golden Globes

David Bowie Dies at 69

Powerball at 1.3 billion

El Chapo Arrested

News & Views

Affluenza Teen update, 15 year girl faces porn charges and more..

Movie Reviews

The Masked Saint & The Revenant & Green Inferno


Star Wars continues to Breaks Box Office Records

Natalie Cole Dies at 65

'Trapper' John on 'M*A*S*H', has died

Cosby bail set

News & Views

Affluenza Teen found, Motely Crue turned upside down and more..

Movie Reviews

Concussion, Daddy's Home, Point Break (2015), The Hateful Eight