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Celebrating 14 Years of Shows


Last Show of 2017

Who gave their closest friends a million dollars each

CDC gets list of forbidden words

Fl Men Cruely to Sharks

Simpsons made a prediction that came true

Movies Review

Star Wars: The Last Jedi & It, & Mother



Bankrupt Toys "R" Us asks to pay bonuses

Tesla News - Anheuser-Busch first to buy

Instagram is testing a standalone messaging app

Pizza Hut is testing new delivery service

Uber to settle rape lawsuit

Movies Review

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri


Matt Lauer, Geraldo Rivera Newest Sexual assaulters

Tesla News

Wanna be suceesful?
Ray Dalio will tell you how

Legal Pot in Canada?

Florida killer caught at McDonalds

Movies Review

The Star


Mother-of-four who won $188 million

Please help this Vet & his Go Fund Me

Virginia youth pastor held in Thanksgiving slaying

Tesla News

Which Country Banned Transgender People from driving?

Movies Review

Murder on the Orient Express & Bladerunner 2049 & Happy Death Day & Wind River & Geostorm


Thanksgiving Show. What are you thankful for?

Please help this Vet & his Go Fund Me

What's it like in prison for the rich?

There is a dong in the sky

Hair Nah - Wanna Play?

Lots of deaths to talk about

Movies Review

Justice League


Hollywood continues to Shatter. Kevin Spacy is joined by Louis CK, Charlie Sheen and more

Please help this Vet & his Go Fund Me

Plus size Vacation

Is Jazz Jennings being taken advantage of

3 UCLA basketball players could be stuck in China

Danica Roem, the first openly transgender person elected and seated to a state legislature

Movies Review

Daddy's Home 2 & Thor: Ragnarok & A Bad Moms Christmas


Shooting in Texas Church

Please help this Vet & his Go Fund Me

Rich Guzzi Hynotic Review

More Info on the NYC attacker

Papa John's is blaming the NFL

Trump Locked out on Twitter

Movies Review


Where is Ice Road Trucker Polarbear

Pizza Hut found abuse on bill

Woman Zip-Lining Doesn’t See Alligator

Cashier almost scammed by Grandmother

What did we learn about the JFK Files

Movies Review

The LEGO Ninjago Movie


Trump to Release Classified JFK

California hikers found dead, locked in embrace

Alleged 91-Hour Erection Results In Lawsuit

Tesla Reaches Deal

Apple and AT&T activate LTE Band 8

Movies Review


CA burning continues

Boys scouts will be boy scouts and girls will be boy scouts

Get high naturally

Celeb talk openly about Weinsteen

Use an app to check in your flight

Movies Review

The Foreigner


Nevada Shooter Survivor updates

Elon Musk on Puerto Rico

All 5 living former presidents help with Relief

Raphie May and AOL Messenger

FCC calls on Apple to activate FM radio chips

Movies Review

American Made


Attacks in Edmonton & Marseille. Terrorism?

Nevada Shooter info

Update on Irma damage

Monty & Hef Pass

Tom Petty Tribute

Movies Review

The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature


Earthquakes, Floods and Hurricanes

Alexa powered glasses

Equifax - are you covered?

1100 mile Electric Bus

New Travel Restrictions cover 8 countries

Movies Review

Kingsman: The Golden Circle



Vagina made from abdomen

We say goodbye to Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

2 exclusive TTRS Interviews



A cops view on eating in public

Florida Irma aftermath

Ted Cruising on Porn?

Movies Review

American Assassin


Irma vists Florida

$1,000 for the next iPhone?

Equifax data breach may affect you

Biden's daughter thinks the former VP is considering a 2020 run

What do these people have in common?
Donald Fagan
Richard Anderson

Movies Review

All Eyez on Me


Worst flood in Texas history

Bruno, meet your idol, Bruno

Girls Just wanna sell their house

Volkswagen's famous microbus now electric

Movies Review

Good Time


Total Eclipse of the SUN

Confederate flags & statues

What Do Dick Gregory & Jerry Lewis Have in common

Powerball Jumps to more than $650 Million

Movies Review

The Dark Tower & Kidnap & Shot Caller & Alien: Covenant & ?
Annabelle: Creation


Transgender Woman Kicked Out of Miami Beach Grocery store

Cause of accident at Ohio State Fair

World championship for Microsoft Office

For $15,000, a former lighthouse

Movies Review

The Dark Tower & Kidnap & Shot Caller & Alien: Covenant & ?
Annabelle: Creation


Ford adds a "mute" button for the Mustang

Countries that allow transgender individuals to serve

Suicide rate hit a 40-year peak

Woman traveling arrested after hiding drugs ion unique place

Movies Review

The Big Sick & Detroit


Trump Bans Trans Community

Telsa drlivers 30 model 3s

King Cobra Chips?

Kid Rock & Justin Bieber

Movies Review

Atomic Blonde


OJ Parole Hearing

Home alone star & Linkin Park deaths

Justin Bieber banned?

Tons of Texas stories

Movies Review

Atomic Blonde & ?The Emoji Movie


Two men have been charged in homicides of four

Gymboree to close 350 stores

Glass-filled meat Found in their backyards

Verizon confirmed data of 6 million leaked

Movies Review

War for the Planet of the Apes

Celebrating 14 Years of Shows


Trump donated his first paycheck

CEO's self-driving car ride upsets cops

Why gas-powered cars aren't going away

Couple busted for beating restaurant owner over cold chicken.

Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City is being liquidated

Movies Review

Baby Driver


Smartphones for children under 13 illegal?

Pregnant mother of 4 shot & killed by Seattle police

Anger over Otto Warmbier's death builds

Driver killed in Tesla self-driving car crash

167 people paid it forward on Father's Day

New Movies

Baby Driver, Despicable Me 3 & The House



Former ultra-Orthodox rabbi transgender woman

Philadelphia has unveiled a new pride flag

Jailtime or Mistrial for the Cos?

1st state to offer a new gender option on state IDs: X

First person to reach 100 million Twitter

New Movies

Transformers: The Last Knight, Alien Arrival & The Bad Batch



Caped Crusader and Dick Tracy Actress have last curtain Call

Clooney Twins arrive

Jailtime for the Cos?

Deaf Singer wins spot on AGT

Apple announces new product

Movie Reviews

The Mummy



Another terrorist atttack in London

Amazon Patent for Drone Delivery

A man with an AR-15 arrested at Trump Plaza

Kathy Griffin apologizes for head

Ariana Grande's benefit concert

Movie Reviews

Wonder Woman


United falsely accusing a gay father of fondling son

Tribute to Gregg Allman

Rescued woman bound in shipping container

@ArianaGrande will return to Manchester to perform benefit concert

7th-grade student Presented with a 'Most Likely to Become a Terrorist' certificate

Movie Reviews

Baywatch & Space Between us



Chris Cornell Suicide

Times Square Driver/Killer

Fidget Spinner Craze - Do you have yours?

Chelsea Manning freed from prison

Movie Reviews



Tesla begins taking orders for its Solar Roof

Texas bill on transgender students in sports

Oregon could soon offer a third gender option on state IDs

Windows 10 update, hand-held controllers for virtual reality

Movie Reviews

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2



Facebook adding 3,000 reviewers to combat violence

Ohio quadruplets decide to go to Yale

Microsoft is taking on Apple

Bodycam video shows how a police officer's quick actions saved a 4-year-old boy

A gay man is suing a funeral home

Movie Reviews


Tonites in flight entertainment... Kenny G?

How not to Smuggle Cocaine on a flight

Airline news of several airlines

Who pledged $30 Million to house homeless?

Top 10 reasons why top 10 reasons lists are stupid

Movie Reviews

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword



We say goodbye to a Everyones Little Sister and Everybody Plays a fool

Facebook Killer Killed over MCD

420 or not

Aaron Hernandez was found dead

Movie Reviews

Smurfs: The Lost Village & Gifted



United Air changes Policies

Uber posts loss

Easter Sermon with Pope Francis

Free tuition?

David Letterman's Mom Passes

Charlie Murphy Passes

Movie Reviews

Fate of the Furious


We say goodbye to a Comedy Legend

We say goodbye to a wrestling legend

What Reseller is 2x as big as Walmart?

What do HH Greg & Payless have in common?

Movie Reviews

The Boss Baby & Ghost in the Shell



A missing man swallowed whole by a python

UPS deliveries with drones

Teen wants to take his grandma to prom

14-year-old charged sex assault streamed online

Movie Reviews

The Boss Baby & Ghost in the Shell


Boston Says goodbye to member

Wyclef Jean arrested

Vegas Strip Shooting & OH Nightclub shooting

NY $4.1 Million Drug bust


We say goodbye to a Rock N Roll Legend

First death in US from hoverboard fire

Trump Tax Returns

Movie Reviews

The Belko Experiment & Collateral Beauty


A startup Co 3D printed a whole house in 24 hours

Boy gained the strength to free father from being crushed

Burmese pythons in the Florida

Movie Reviews

Fences & Kong: Skull Island



Ellen DeGeneres and Walmart give these students the utlimate prize

Dow soars following Pres. Trump's address

He won't be back

Man willingly posed as Nickelback drummer

Bubba the Love Sponge domestic abuse

Was there abuse on the Set of "A Dogs Purpose"

Movie Reviews

Logan, Moonlight,
John Wick: Chapter Two, Great Wall & A Dogs Purpose



Bill Paxton

Judge Wapner

Naked Maids

1st Transgender Doll

Caitlyn Jenner On Trump



We give tribute to 3 wrestling stars

George "The Animal" Steele Interview (TTRS EXCLUSIVES)



Ivan Koloff Interview (TTRS EXCLUSIVES)



US Household Debt close to 2008

A florist VS Same Sex Couple

Monopoly Says goodbye to Token Piece

Movie Reviews

Fist Fight & Fifty Shades Darker


Happy Valentines Day

Smart TV company sells your info

Border officers find camo Drugs

Tesla to India

Sandusky's Son loves dads hobbby


Biggest comeback in Super Bowl history

Superbowl Ads & Lady Gaga

Melissa McCarthy makes surprise SNL appearance

12 year old marrys 72 year old

Transgender Americans rush to change IDs

Movie Reviews

Hidden Figures, Split, Live By Night, Bleed for This


Trump Works Saturday - Signs Executive Ordera

Thousand sign letter opposing Travel Ban

Mary Tyler Moore
Butch Trucks
John Hurt
Barbara Hale
Mike Connors

Cities with Worst Roach & Rodent Infestation

What Country is going to be Tobacco Free by 2040

Movie Reviews



Trump Takes office and the world didnt stop

"Shark Tank" star Kevin O'Leary Joins Canada race

Pro-LGBT rights protesters hold dance party outside Pence House.

Movie Reviews

Founder & xXx: The Return of Xander Cage


Tribute to Jimmy Snuka

Interview by TTRS in 2009 with Jimmy Snuka

An Interview with Snuka from 2009

Americas Got Talent Update

Where is the fastest Internet connection?

Trump Inaugural News

Movie Reviews

Monster Trucks



End of year Deaths
Pop Singer, Princess, Priest, Dancer, and a whale

Keurig and Anheuser-Busch team up

The #1 reseller is.......

Movie Reviews

Sing, Passengers, Why him?, Underworld: Blood Wars